Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bowl Predictions

Alamo Bowl
Texas Vs Oregon St

This is not a BCS Bowl game but since I'm a Longhorns fan I have to do a prediction on the shitty bowl game they are participating in this year! The Longhorns had such a shitty season they were barely even fun to watch this year with all the quarterback issues they had. Oregon St actually had a really good season and have a really good offense, so The Longhorns have their work cut out for them. David Ashe is supposed to be starting at quarterback this game so who the fuck knows what's going to happen here, probably shit, but The Longhorns usually do play well in Bowl games. The Longhorns have a great rushing attack and when the offense is able to get going they can light a defense up. This game could be a shootout with all the offensive power. I am only taking The Longhorns in this game because I am a fan and because they play well in Bowl games. I won't be surprised if David Ashehole is constantly throwing the ball to Oregon St all day long though.

Texas over Oregon St 45-41

Rose Bowl
Wisconsin Vs Stanford

This should be a great game to watch both of these teams matchup very well against eachother. Wisconsin definitely underachieved this season, but I guess that can be expected when you lose such a great player like Russell Wilson. Monte Ball had a great season and broke the FBS touchdown record this year, I think the only reason he wasn't considered for The Heisman this year is just because his team did not play well this year. Stanford, on the other hand, had a surprisingly great year after losing their start quarterback Andrew Luck. The defense had some big games this year and the offense was able to step up when they needed them. Stanford had some big wins against conference opponents and their only losses were at Washington and at Notre Dame and they were very close games. David Shaw has proven he is definitely the man to follow Harbaugh in coaching Stanford, he has kept them on the right track and he is the reason I think they will win this game. Wisconsin will be without their head coach, who accepted another job with Arkansas, and that usually has an effect on teams in a bowl game.

Stanford over Wisconsin 28-17

Orange Bowl
Northern Illinois Vs Florida St

Northern Illinois was the surprise team to get a BCS berth this season and I'm sure they're excited, but too bad for them they're playing The Seminoles! Florida St was one of the best teams this season on offense and defense. I don't even think this game will be close so there isn't much that needs to be said on this one besides.....FLORIDA STATE IS GOING TO KICK NORTHERN ILLINOIS ASS!!

Florida St over Northern Illinois 52-10

Sugar Bowl
Louisville Vs Florida

This is another matchup I just look at and go....LOUISVILLE HAS NO SHOT!

Florida over Louisville 45-13

Fiesta Bowl
Oregon Vs Kansas St

This is a matchup of nothing but offense! Both of these teams have been ranked in the Top 10 all season in contention for The National Championship but just fell short. Kansas St quarterback Collin Klein had one of the best seasons ever at Kansas St and just fell short of winning The Heisman. He carried this team all season and was the main reason why this team went 11-1. Oregon was typical Oregon, high scoring offense all day also with a spectacular quarterback, Marcus Mariota, who threw 30 touchdowns this season and even more impressive only threw 6 interceptions! They also have a great running back, Kenjon Barner, who rushed for over 1600 yards and scored 21 touchdowns. In this matchup I think Oregon has the edge just with their experience they have gained over the past few seasons in bowl games and also I think their offense is more explosive than the Kansas St offense. The theme to Kansas State's season has they just fell short so they will probably do it again! It should be a high scoring game regardless of who wins!

Oregon over Kansas St 54-45

Cotton Bowl
Texas A&M Vs Oklahoma

This was Texas A&M's first season in The SEC Conference and it turned out to be one of their best seasons by far. Johnny Manziel is a red shirt Freshman who came out of nowhere and set College Football on fire! He threw for for over 3400 yards, threw 24 touchdowns and only 8 interceptions and oh yeah he was the first freshman to ever win The Heisman Trophy. Oklahoma had a pretty mediocre season for their standards, yes they were ranked all season and only had 2 losses, but they didn't impress at all they got dominated at home by Kansas St and Notre Dame in their 2 losses at home. The Sooners usually choke in Bowl games and A&M is riding high on Manziel and playing some great football right now so I'm taking A&M in this one....although I wish there was a way they both could lose I hate them both!

Texas A&M over Oklahoma 41-28

National Championship
Alabama Vs Notre Dame

I am not excited to see Alabama in yet another National Championship, I hate them so much that I'm actually rooting for Notre Dame in this one, who I also hate! Alabama is once again dominating on defense, but now have thrown in a decent quarterback so they're even better on offense than they were last year. Notre Dame has also been dominant on defense led by the Heisman Runner Up Manti Te'o who has had a great season, it seems every big play, in every big moment, he is involved. Their quarterback Everett Golson has also been clutch for Notre Dame this year, his stats aren't out of this world or anything but he is smart and seems to make the big play when he needs to. I feel like this year is Notre Dame's year, I've felt that for awhile now and they just keep getting better each and every game. They've proven they can overcome adversity and Alabama is just another test I believe they will pass this season. They have the right mindset and they believe in their coach and the system.

Notre Dame over Alabama 24-21

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

World Series Prediction

Division Series Record (4-0)
Championship Series Record (1-1)

World Series

Detroit Tiger Vs San Francisco Giants

The Giants are back in The World Series bitches and they looking good! Pitching has been dominant, the bullpen has been on lockdown and the lineup has been lights out! But the same can be said about The Tigers, in the ALDS they were a little shaky on offense, but they got over that against The Yankees in The ALCS. These teams matchup well against eachother both of their batting lineups are full of power and score a lot of runs in many different ways. The Tigers Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder can light up any pitcher but you also have to watch out for Delmon Young who was the ALCS MVP, he's been on the verge of doing some really big things since he hit the majors a few years ago and I think he has finally found his place with The Tigers. The Giants lineup is full of scrappy players who can come in and get the job done, they will get on base, get steals and most importantly score runs! I think where The Giants will have the edge will be with their pitching, starters and bullpen. The Tigers do have the best pitcher in the league, Justin Verlander, but outside of him the others are a little shaky and the Tigers bullpen has been horrible for most of the season including the playoffs. The Giants starting pitchers have been solid all season besides Tim Lincecum, which is odd since he's been the one carrying the team over the years. The bullpen has also been lights out stepping up with the absence of Brian Wilson. The Giants have overcome A LOT of adversity throughout the season, they've had a ton of injuries, won the division even though they started the season off poor, overcame being down 0-2 to The Reds in the NLCS and came back from being down 3-1 to the defending Champion Cardinals in the NLCS. The Giants are looking good and ready to win another Championship!

Giants over Tigers 6 games

Saturday, October 13, 2012

ALCS & NLCS Predictions

Division Series Record: 4-0


Detroit Tigers Vs New York Yankees

Both of these teams are similar in so many ways so this should be a great matchup to watch. Both teams ace pitchers, CC Sabathia (Yankees) and Justin Verlander (Tigers), stepped it up and carried their teams into The ALCS by pitching some of the best games of their careers. The Yankees offense is slightly better than The Tigers just because their clutch players step it up in the playoffs, where as The Tigers big hitters do not. Cabrera was practically non existent in the last series against The A's and Prince Fielder also played mediocre, but their role players stepped up and made the big plays on offense. Alex Rodriguez also disappeared against The Orioles, but The Yankees have so many options on offense it really did not have on effect on the series, it really just provided headline news for the media. Overall I think The Yankees have a slight edge over The Tigers in pitching, their batting lineup and also mental toughness. Should be a tight series, but The Yankees will win the series.

Yankees over Tigers 6 games


St. Louis Cardinals Vs San Francisco Giants

Here we go the last two World Series Champions are facing off against eachother to go back to The World Series! The Cardinals are doing exactly what they did last season at this time get the big plays when they need to and never give up no matter how bad the situation is. What they did against The Nationals was even more impressive than what they did against The Rangers in The World Series last year! The Giants played sloppy against The Reds, but still managed to win the series, but they are definitely going to have to step it up if they want to beat The Cardinals and move onto The World Series. I think The Giants have the edge with their starting pitchers so if they are able to keep The Cardinals offense in check and if The Giants can keep it up on offense they will be moving onto The World Series.

Giants over Cardinals 7 games

Saturday, October 6, 2012

ALDS & NLDS Predictions


Oakland A's vs Detroit Tigers

First off I gotta start this by saying congratulations to Miguel Cabrera on winning the first triple crown title since the 60's! I'm glad I got to finally see somebody achieve this in my lifetime and I don't hate the guy either, I feel like he is one of the best players in the league and has been since the day he came up from the minor leagues. The Tigers have really stepped it up the last couple of months to overtake their division and get into the playoffs. They have one of the best pitchers in the league, Justin Verlander, a great closer and a killer batting lineup. The A's have been the surprise team of the season, they fought hard to win their division on the last day of the regular season, which was extremely impressive because they were 13 games back at one point. I like the way The A's play, they are a gutsy team that aren't afraid to take chances. I think in this matchup though The Tigers have the edge, I think overall they are a much better team, but this should be a great series!

Tigers over A's 5 games

Baltimore Orioles Vs New York Yankees

The Orioles have been another one of the surprise teams of the season. Their pitching has stepped it up and their batting lineup has been on fire all season. The Yankees have also had a good season, they have had to overcome a lot of injuries this year and played well through them. The Yankees lineup broke a Yankees team record by hitting the most homeruns in one season, that says a lot since they have had some great lineups in the past. Their pitching isn't great, but its not terrible, it has got them by all season long and as of right now all of the pitchers are healthy. These two teams obviously know eachother well since they're in the same division so it should be a fun series to watch, but in the end I think The Yankees will take the series.

Yankees over Orioles 5 games


Cincinnati Reds Vs San Francisco Giants

This is going to be another great matchup to watch, both teams are identical to eachother, they have solid pitching and strong batting lineups. I feel like whoever wins this series will be going to The World Series. I was afraid The Giants might choke once Melky Cabrera got suspended, but I think it actually made the rest of the squad better to prove that Melky was not their only big play maker in the lineup. Buster Posey has come back strong after breaking his ankle last season and led the NL in batting average and even though Tim Lincecum has had a terrible season the rest of the starting pitching are pitching lights out! Even the bullpen has stepped it up with no Brian Wilson and the addition of Hunter Pence has been a huge boost to the offense. The Reds have also had a great year led by Johnny Cueto who has literally had the best season of his career and The Reds have also overcome adversity with all their injuries throughout the season. This is going to be a tough matchup for both teams but I think The Giants will come out on top just because hello I am a Giants fan!

Giants over Reds 5 games

St. Louis Cardinals Vs Washington Nationals

Well The Cardinals are steaming into the playoffs exactly like they did last year when they won it all! This team is once again a huge threat in the playoffs. I think The Nationals are making the biggest mistake ever by shuting down Steven Strasburg because they're afraid he might get hurt again! That is weak as fuck to not only the player but to the fans. This is baseball guys get hurt if you don't like it then get out of the game! No wonder why these morons haven't won shit! If Strasburg were to still be pitching in the playoffs I would consider them the most dangerous team in the playoffs, but since he is not I actually have a feeling they will be one and done. They had a great season outside of Strasburg, but I think The Cardinals veteran experience will outweight The Nationals entire team.

Cardinals over Nationals 4 games

Sunday, September 2, 2012

2012 NFL Playoff & Super Bowl Predictions

Playoff Predictions

                 NFC                                                                              AFC
  1. Green Bay Packers (12-4)                                     1. Baltimore Ravens (13-3)
  2. Philadelphia Eagles ( 11-5)                                     2. New England Patriots (12-4)
  3. San Francisco 49ers (10-6)                                    3. Houston Texans (12-4)
  4. Carolina Panthers (10-6)                                        4. Denver Broncos (10-6)
  5. Chicago Bears (11-5)                                            5. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6)
  6. Dallas Cowboys (10-6)                                         6. New York Jets (10-6)

Wild Card Round

             NFC                                                                                     AFC

Cowboys Vs 49ers                                                                       Jets Vs Texans

Bears Vs Panthers                                                                     Steelers Vs Broncos

Divisonal Round

               NFC                                                                                     AFC

Cowboys Vs Packers                                                                 Steelers Vs Ravens

Bears Vs Eagles                                                                          Texans Vs Patriots

Championship Round

         NFC                                                                                            AFC

Eagles Vs Packers                                                                       Patriots Vs Ravens

Super Bowl XLVII

Green Bay Packers Vs Baltimore Ravens


Baltimore Ravens

Friday, August 31, 2012

AFC & NFC West Predictions

NFC West

San Francisco 49ers (10-6)

The 49ers are coming off of a great season, they were one fumble away from going to The Super Bowl last season! The 9ers took care of one of their biggest weakness this off season by signing Mario Manningham and Randy Moss at wide receiver to give Alex Smith quite a few weapons and the defense is returning almost everyone they had from last years team. The only problem I see for The 49ers is that crap bag Alex Smith, there is no way this loser is ever going to win them a Championship. If The 49ers had a slightly better quarterback they would be my Super Bowl pick, but I just can't even take him seriously, even with all the weapons he has on offense and the great defense they have. The 9ers should win their division easily since it's pretty weak, but we'll see what happens in the playoffs.

Seattle Seahawks (8-8)

The Seahawks look like they have their quarterback of the future in Russell Wilson the rookie out of Wisconsin. I had a feeling he was going to be a gem for someone in the draft this year and he's already proven that with what he has shown in the preseason. He still has a lot to learn though like every rookie quarterback so don't expect him to be the best yet and The Seahawks still have some missing holes at other positions. Especially on defense, they don't have much going on in the secondary and not much of a pass rush up front.

St Louis Rams (6-10)

The Rams are another crappy team with nothing to talk about besides Stephen Jackson, he's a beast running back stuck on a going nowhere fast team!

Arizona Cardinals (4-12)

The Cardinals have nothing to look forward to this season except for an entire season of the rotating quarterback and oh yeah losing all season!

AFC West

Denver Broncos (10-6)

The Broncos actually made a great move this off season by signing Peyton Manning and shit canning Tim Tebow. With the signing of Manning he immediately elevates this team to another level and they should easily dominate this weak division. On offense they have a decent amount of talent for manning to work with and on defense they are dominant. Last season while everybody was sucking Tebow's dick and acting like he did everything everybody forgot the defense was dominating every offense they played. I think with another season under John Fox as coach and Manning's arrival The Broncos should have a good season.

San Diego Chargers (9-7)

The Chargers are a team that faded out a long time ago in my opinion. First off their coach is still Norv Turner, the dude has turned every single team he's ever coached into a magical pile of shit and he has done the exact same thing with The Chargers, I don't even know how he was able to keep his job this long! Second they lost some key players on offense and defense and I think the biggest loss will be felt on offense with the loss of Vincent Jackson to free agency. Philip Rivers has no offense and the defense is getting older and beat up. The Chargers should have a nice season of mediocrity and I predict Norv Turner is one of the first coach's to lose his job this year.

Oakland Raiders (8-8)

The Raiders have no stability on their team at all. They have no leaders and most of their players are either overrated or past their prime. Darren McFadden is one of their only players who is impressive and he has a problem staying healthy. The Raiders should once again have another mediocre season, but I'm sure every Raider fan swears that they will be winning it all this year because they're the most diluted fans.

Kansas City Chiefs (5-11)

There isn't anything really exciting to say about The Chiefs, they're mediocre at the majority of their positions and they're in a rebuilding mode for now. I don't expect much from The Chiefs this season.

Monday, August 27, 2012

AFC & NFC South Predictions

NFC South

Carolina Panthers (10-6)

Cam Newton is coming off of one of the best statistical seasons that a rookie has ever had and I don't think he will be cooling off at all this season. On Offense they still have their two running backs Johnathan Stewart and Deangelo Williams, Steve Smith is still their top receiver and they boosted their offensive line by drafting Ryan Kalil so Newton will have even more time to make plays. The Panthers improved their defense this offseason which was a big reason why they finished at the bottom of the league. They drafted Luke Kuechly who already has been looking good in the first preseason games. The Panthers are going to be one of the surprise teams this year.

Atlanta Falcons (9-7)

The Falcons are probably never going to go anywhere with Mike Smith as their coach. He is a pussy and a terrible decision maker. The Falcons are full of talent, but yet keep falling short and it's because he's such a shit bag coach. The Falcons should spend this season falling short yet again!

New Orleans Saints (8-8)

The Saints will have no Sean Payton coaching them all season long and I think it will take a HUGE toll on the team. Nothing but drama surrounded The Saints this offseason and I think it will have a huge effect on the team as a whole at every position because they also lost their defensive captain Jonathan Vilma for the season. The only good thing that happened for The Saints during the off season was locking Drew Brees even though it took them a million years to finally sign the only good quarterback they've ever had in the entire team history!! But even with signing him I think all the drama will be too much for them to overcome.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-9)

The Bucs are in a rebuilding/transition phase with a brand new coach. They do have some talent and should get some good wins, but when you're rebuilding it's usually an uphill battle.

AFC South

Houston Texans (12-4)

The Texans are coming off of one of their best seasons as a franchise, they finally made it into the playoffs and did so after Matt Schaub got injured towards the end of the season. The Texans are stacked on offense and defense and also benefit from being in a mediocre division. The Texans should be one of the best teams this season with Schaub's return and even though they lost Mario Williams in free agency I don't believe it's a big deal because he was injured for the second half of last season.

Tennessee Titans (9-7)

The Titans in my opinion are a pretty mediocre team, they're going to start Jake Locker at quarterback who actually looks like he is a decent quarterback, but when it comes to his receiving core he doesn't have much to go to. Chris Johnson should bounce back from his weak season last year, but they won't get many wins if he has to do everything on offense. The Titans will benefit from being in a weak division and get some wins, but I think the majority of their season will be up and down hovering around .500.

Indianapolis Colts (3-13)

The new Colts era begins with Peyton Manning headed to Denver and The Colts drafting Andrew Luck with the first overall pick. So far in the preseason he looks like he is the future of the team, but this is his rookie season so he is going to make mistakes. The Colts offense has absolutely no talent on it outside of Luck and on defense there isn't much else outside of Dwight Freeney. The Colts should have yet another long season and a good draft pick!

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-14)

The Jaguars season has already started off bad with Maurice Jones- Drew holding out with a contract dispute and he is their only good player at this point. The quarterback situation is still suspect because Blaine Gabbert hasn't proven he is the guy to lead this team and they did draft Justin Blackmon who should help the offense but there are a lot of things to fix with The Jaguars. On defense they're pretty pathetic and I think it's going to be a long season for The Jaguars, even if they get Jones- Drew back during the season he's not going to be able to do it all!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

AFC & NFC North Predictions

NFC North

Green Bay Packers (12-4)

This year The Packers are back and better than ever! They have the reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers coming back and looking sharp in the preseason, the defense is still looking dominant and they actually took care of one of their few weaknesses by signing Cedric Benson to actually give them a rushing attack. I have no reason to believe that The Packers are going to be anything but dominant this season and I'm not thrilled about it!

Chicago Bears (11-5)

Over the past couple of season The Bears have been a halfway decent team they just get screwed over by injuries. One of their biggest problems has been at wide receiver, Jay Cutler has had nobody to throw to and they finally took care of that problem by trading for Brandon Marshall. Yeah dude has issues off the field, but on the field he is a beast and he and Cutler worked out very well during their time in Denver so they already have chemistry. Matt Forte finally got paid and he should benefit from the addition of Marshall because now all the offensive production won't rely on him. The defense is still solid led by one of the best defensive ends out there, Julius Peppers! But they still have not taken care of the offensive line which has not been helpful to Cutler at all! If they don't keep Cutler upright not only does he turnover the ball but also is prone to injuries like in the past couple of seasons! But outside of that I think The Bears will be one of the surprise teams and really dominate The NFC.

Detroit Lions (9-7)

The Detroit Lions are coming off of one of their best seasons in a long time, but all off season the entire team has spent more time behind bars than playing football. Overall I think The Lions are a strong team but I feel they lack a lot of discipline and I think that will hold them back this season.

Minnesota Vikings (2-14)

There really isn't much to say about The Vikings going into this season. Adrian Peterson is coming back from a major knee injury and yeah he's looking strong right now in rehab, but who knows what's going to happen once he gets on the field. I still think he will be a great running back none the less, but outside of him who else do The Vikings have on offense? Christian Ponder? Ummm no thanks! On defense they have a great defensive end in Jared Allen, but the rest of the defense is mediocre at best. The Vikings are going to have a long and terrible season, they should get a good draft pick though.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens (13-3)

I think The Ravens are going to be the team to beat this year. The last couple of seasons they have come close to winning it all but have just fallen short. Hell last year they were a dropped pass away from The Super Bowl! This year they bring back the majority of their team from last year on offense and defense. On defense they are getting old, but Ray Lewis and Ed Reed still ball hard when they're healthy and they are stacked on defense outside of those two guys! Even though Terrell Suggs, the reigning defensive MVP, will be lost for the majority of the season due to injury they still have a good defense! On offense they locked in Ray Rice giving him the long term deal he was looking for and I think Joe Flacco is going to have a big year because this is the last year of his contract and most guys in a contract year tend to play better. The Ravens are a mentally tough team and I think losing over the past couple of seasons in the playoffs will only make them better. Watch out for Baltimore!

Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6)

The Steelers should be dominant on defense again this season, even though James Farrior is starting the season off injured. They still have that crazy mother fucker Troy Polamalu leading the defense so he should hold it down as usual. On offense is where they will have the most problems Ben Roethlisberger and his receiving core should be lighting up every opposing defense this year, but Rashard Mendenhall is coming off an ACL injury so who knows when he'll be back and if he will effective and also the offensive line is still terrible. The Steelers play in a tough division so they will get beat up in a few games, but I still expect them to competitive throughout the year!

Cincinnati Bengals (9-7)

The Bengals are a team that are headed in the right direction, but not there yet. I think they will have an up and down season, on offense Andy Dalton and AJ Green are lighting up everybody on defense but outside of them the rest of the offense is mediocre. They lost Cedric Benson in the offseason so now they have no ground game and the offensive line is pretty weak. On defense they made improvements and that will definitely help, but this division is going to beat up on eachother and I don't think The Bengals can hang with the big boys just yet.

Cleveland Browns (1-15)

The Browns suck! But at least they figured out what I figured long before he took over as starter at Texas is that Coltina McCoy sucks and he should be dick riding the bench! Trent Richardson is already having issues with injuries and the season hasn't even begun! They will be one of the worst teams in the league playing in one of the best divisions in the league. Have fun Browns!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

AFC & NFC East Predictions

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles (11-5)

The NFC East is once again going to be a tough division this year, not only are the NFC East teams going to be beating up on eachother throughout the season but they have to face two other tough divisions the AFC North and the NFC South! It pains me to say it but unfortunately I think The Eagles will be the best team in the division this year. If Michael Vick is able to stay healthy their offense is going to be tough to stop and on the defensive side of the ball they have the corners to lock you down and the pass rushers to keep your quarterback down. They made a big upgrade at the linebacker position by trading for DeMeco Ryans and also on their defensive line by drafting the rookie lineman Fletcher Cox. Overall The Eagles have a solid team and should be competitive this year!

Dallas Cowboys (10-6)

It's hard for me to believe in The Cowboys because every year they start out with these high hopes and then there's Tony Romo to dash all my dreams! I know he isn't the only reason why they've been terrible the past million years but he definitely has not been a help! The Cowboys have a talented squad but that don't mean shit unless they actually stop with the stupid penalties and bone head plays. They took care of the biggest problem from last year which was the secondary, they drafted the top cornerback in the draft, Morris Claiborne, and also picked up free agent Brandon Carr. But once again did absolutely NOTHING to improve the offensive line. It's tough for a qaurterback to make decent plays when he's running around and has no time to set up a play and that's been a huge problem of theirs for awhile now and just refuse to even fix the problem! The Cowboys should be a better team than last year and should be competitive throughout the season, but I don't have my hopes set on a Super Bowl...maybe they can surprise me.

New York Giants (9-7)

The Super Bowl Champs are practically the same team they were last year just with a few players rotated out and the only player they lost to free agency that even mattered was Mario Manningham who wasn't that great to begin with. With that said The Giants did not play that well all last season, they were just able to get it together at the right time of the year and make a run to The Super Bowl, there is nothing wrong with that because hey they walked away with The Championship, but I don't think they will be as lucky this year! They have a tough schedule and offensively they don't really impress me. The defense will be what carries them through the season like it has over the past couple of seasons. But I don't think they will come close to repeating as Super Bowl Champs!

Washington Redskins (6-10)

The Redskins made a huge improvement to their team by drafting Robert Griffin III as their quarterback, I think he is the real deal and is going to take The Redskins in the right direction in the future. But for now outside of that who else does Washington have on their team?! They have a weak ass offense, with a mediocre receiving core and ground game. On defense there isn't much to write home about either. I don't expect much from The Redskins this year.

AFC East

New England Patriots (12-4)

The Patriots piss me off because they will probably always be competitive every single season until Tom Brady retires. The Patriots focused most of their off season bulking up their defense since that was their biggest weakness last year. They also added Joseph Addai in their backfield to give Tom Brady yet another weapon to work with. The Patriots do have a weakness though and that is their offensive line, for the most part The Patriots can get by with a weak offensive line because they have Tom Brady at quarterback but it will cost them some games. But outside of that I'm sure it's going to be yet another year of Tom Brady ripping apart each and every defense he faces.

New York Jets (10-6)

Well the most glorified backup of all time Tim Tebow has arrived in New York and of course ESPN is all over it! They just can't get enough of this douchebag for some reason, dude looks like a ballerina everytime he tosses up the ball that barely has any zip on it and he's lucky if it catches a spiral! One thing I will say is I don't believe at any point he will take over in place of Mark Sanchez unless he happens to get injured. Sanchez is not a great quarterback, but he is most definitely better than girlfriend Tebow! The Jets should be dominant on defense like they usually are, but I still think they will have problems on offense. The offensive line is pretty weak and the receiving core isn't deep at all. If Sanchez is running around he has been known to throw interceptions, so if they don't keep him comfortable in the pocket The Jets will go nowhere!

Buffalo Bills (8-8)

The Bills made a big move this offseason by signing defensive end Mario Williams, but they're still The Bills! They are a mediocre team in a division with The Patriots and they have no shot at winning anything this year or ever. The End!

Miami Dolphins (6-10)

The Dolphins are such a God awful team I can barely name three players from their roster. Who knows what they're going to do at quarterback, they have nobody to throw to, the ground game is also suspect, but hey at least they have Jake Long on that offensive line so he can block for....some loser! The Dolphins suck and I'm sure will have a different quarterback starting each game this year!

Monday, July 2, 2012

2012 NBA Season Breakdown

NBA Finals

Well hip hop hooray Lebron James finally got her first Championship!! Yay, ESPN still hasn't shutup about it yet! I'll give it up to The Heat as a team for getting that trophy and dominating The Thunder and Lebron had a great season and finally learned how to not choke, but don't think for one fucking second I enjoyed one minute of that shit! Where in the hell did the rest of The Thunder team go besides Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook? The bench and all of the role players disappeared as soon as The Finals began, they couldn't knock down a shot and played horrible on defense. I do think this was a good learning experience for The Thunder like other teams in the past and that sucks for the rest of The Western Conference because that means that will be even more hungry than they were this year! All in all I hated The Finals because The Thunder didn't make it interesting they let The Heat run right through them! I was gonna be pissed no matter which way The Heat won but The Thunder could have at least made it fun to watch!

Los Angeles Lakers

When you're a Lakers fan you're expectations are always Championship or bust, so to me this season was a failure. But all in all it wasn't a horrible season for The Lakers, I actually think they did better than they should have given the circumstances. They had a brand new coach and system and no off season to work on it due to the lockout, they lost a few key players to free agency or trade and then also got fucked before the season started by that asshole commissioner David Stern who vetoed the trade to send Chris Paul to The Lakers. One of the things that killed The Lakers this year is they were never consistent with anything they did from the offense, to the defense and the bench was just horrendous this season. Both Kobe and Bynum had dominant seasons and it sucks that their good seasons go to waste but they can't do everything!

This offseason I don't think The Lakers need to make any drastic changes, I know everybody wants to throw Pau under the bus and trade his ass but I don't believe that's necessary even though it looks like that is what will be happening. The Lakers need to focus on their bench and sign role players rather than doing anything major. I think having two 7 footers in the middle is a major advantage for them, they just need to get some solid role players who can come in the game and help out when they're needed. A solid point guard is something that The Lakers also need to look into getting maybe someone like Jason Terry.

Quick Hits

  • The Dwight Howard saga with The Orlando Magic is getting so old and it's not going to stop going into next year! Before the trade deadline all the chatter was that Howard would be traded for sure, but for some reason before the trade deadline Dwight decides to opt in for one more year with The Magic and swears that he is going to give it one more year with The Magic. Well guess what now it's another off season of hearing about where Dwight Howard might get traded to because he has requested yet another trade! He could have saved us all the trouble by not opting into the final year of this contract and now he'd be able to sign with whoever the fuck he wants to! Instead the saga lives on!

- I think the biggest effect the lockout had on this season was with all the injuries. This year it seemed we had a different player suffering a major injury at least once a week. Derrick Rose spent the majortiy of his season injured and then ended with the worst injury of them all, a torn ACL, which he most likely will still be rehabbing when next season begins. Chauncey Billups suffered a season ending injury, Manu Ginobili spent a couple months out with injuries, Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, Stephen Curry, Dwayne Wade and many other players suffered some sort of injury that they had to sit out for an extended period of time. My guess is that them not getting the proper amount of conditioning in during the off season and playing so many games in a compacted schedule had an effect on some of these guys ending up with injuries.

MVP: Lebron James
Lebron had a dominant season offensively and defensively and not only was he dominant during the regular season he actually carried it on into the playoffs. He was the leader of his team and they relied on him more since Wade and Bosh were injured throughout the season and playoffs. He won a title so I guess he actually deserved the award this year!

Defensive Player of the Year: Tyson Chandler
Besides Jeremy Lin, Chandler was about the only positive thing about The Knicks this season.

Rookie of the Year: Kyrie Irving
This guy had a great year for The Cavs averaging 18 pts a game, he may not be Lebron but he is definitely a player they can build around. He was by far the most impressive rookie this year.

Coach of the Year: Greg Popovich
At the start of the season nobody thought The Spurs would be as dominant as they were this year. Out of all the coaches in the league I think Popovich handled coaching his team the best given the lockout shortened season. He had to deal with injuries to key players and was able to get his role players to step up when he needed to rest some of the veteran players.

Sixth Man: James Harden
He was by far the best 6th man in the league, overall he had a great season and helped his team get into the playoffs. Too bad he didn't take that into The Finals!

Monday, June 11, 2012

NBA Finals Prediction

1st Round Record (6-2)

Conf Semi Record (3-1)

Conf Finals Record (1-1)

Miami Heat Vs Oklahoma City Thunder

I am so fucking pissed off I have to see Lebron James stupid face playing in The NBA Finals, I mean I am going to love when he loses again, but man the ass kissing from ESPN and the rest of the media is going to be even more annoying! This will be a fun matchup to watch though, these two teams matchup very well against eachother and I'm expecting high scoring games in the majority of the series. We are going to see the top two players of the season, Durant and Lebron, go one on one against eachother and do what they can to carry their team to a Championship. The deciding factor in this will be whose bench will step it up when they need them to and I think that Oklahoma City plays team ball, where as The Heat like to play a lot of individual ball and get flustered easily. The Thunder also have an edge with their coach Scott Brooks, Erik Spoelstra doesn't do well under pressure and tends to make dumb decisions and overthink things kind of like with Chris Bosh and his minutes when he came back from his injury. Home court is also helpful for the Thunder since they are undefeated at home in the playoffs, their fans are much better and louder too because they are REAL fans unlike the majority of the bandwagon fans in Miami! In the end I've had The Thunder winning it all from the start and I can't jump off the bandwagon now, I think they're the better team and we all know Lebron chokes in the end!

Thunder over Heat 6 games

MVP: Kevin Durant

Sunday, May 27, 2012

NBA Conference Finals Predictions

1st Round Record (6-2)

Conf Semi Record (3-1)

Eastern Conference

Boston Celtics Vs Miami Heat

God this is such a horrible matchup for me personally because these are the two teams I can't stand the most! But oh well one will lose this round and hopefully the other will lose in The Finals! This is where I thought The Eastern Conference playoffs would end up when the playoffs started. The Celtics have really stepped up their game since the second half of the season and have been back to their dominant defensive ways. Even if The Heat had a healthy Chris Bosh in the middle this would be an uphill battle for them, but with an injured Bosh or no Bosh at all Kevin Garnett is going to own The Heat in the paint! Garnett has really stepped his game up since the playoffs began and I think a lot of it has to do with him actually being healthy for once, he looks really hungry to get back to The Finals and I don't see him letting Lebron or D Wade just run around all over him like some of these other teams in The East. The Celtics have owned The Heat during the regular season and can easily match what The Heat are doing on offense because they have more weapons, a deeper bench, and play better on defense. The Heat have no one at all who will be able to play one on one against Rondo for the entire game, let alone an entire series that could end up going 7 games! The Celtics aren't intimidated by The Heat at all and actually thrive on moments like these where as The Heat, especially Lebron, crumble in the crucial moments. I never bought into The Heat hype at the start of the season, the end of the season, anytime during the playoffs and still won't even if they move onto The Finals. That's not just hater talk either, that's real talk, this team has not fixed their issues from their loss in The Finals last season and the remaining teams in the playoffs are all teams capable of taking advantage of them like The Pacers ALMOST did! This should be a good series to watch but The Celtics are going to shut a lot of people up!

Celtics over Heat 6 games

Western Conference

Oklahoma City Thunder Vs San Antonio Spurs

This series is going to be so much fun to watch if you're a basketball fan. These are the two best teams in the NBA this season, between the two of them they have only lost one game in the playoffs! Hell The Spurs are on an 18 game winning streak going back to the regular season. These teams are pretty much equal from top to bottom, two great point guards (Tony Parker and Russell Westbrook), two 6th men that come off the bench and make a difference (Manu Ginobili and James Harden) and two leaders who have been dominating all season (Tim Duncan and Kevin Durant). These are two of the top teams on offense and defense and both teams are about as healthy as you can be at this point in the season. So the winner of each game is going to be the one who takes advantage of all the little things like steals and fast break points. The Spurs have owned The Thunder ever since they moved to OKC so The Thunder have a lot to prove in this series. I picked The Thunder from the start of the season to win it all and even though The Spurs are playing really well and have Championship pedigree from coach to players, I'm going to stick with my gut on this one and go with The Thunder. I think they are finally ready to take that next step and become a Champion and become one of the elite teams in the league by beating all of the Champions before them in the Western Conference. But with all that said WHOEVER wins this matchup WILL be the Champion when it's all said and done!

Thunder over Spurs 7 games

Sunday, May 13, 2012

NBA Conference Semi Finals Predictions

1st Round Record (6-2)

Eastern Conference

Indiana Pacers Vs Miami Heat

The Pacers have been one of the surprising teams out in The East not only because they're winning, but how they're winning. They play a very paced game and once they get going they are hard to stop, so they should be able to keep up with The Heat. But unfortunately I don't think they are good enough to win a seven game series against The Heat. The Pacers won't be a chump team for The Heat to run over like most of the garbage teams in The Eastern Conference, this will actually be a good test for them and offensively they should be able to keep up, but on the defensive side that's a completely different story. That's where The Heat have the edge in this series and that will be the deciding factor in the series.

Heat over Pacers 6 games

Philadelphia 76ers Vs Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are playing some great basketball right now. They are back to their old ways playing great on defense and scoring on offense. I don't know what has got into Kevin Garnett but dude is ballin hard! Everybody was ready to count this guy out and now that he's healthy he is back to full form and talkin mad ass shit! Paul Pierce is still coming up with the clutch shots and Rondo is dishing the ball, scoring and rebounding, he does it all. The 76ers have had a good season but I don't think they have a chance against The Celtics. The Celtics are on a whole other playing level compared to them and they will make the series interesting but that's about it!

Celtics over 76ers 5 games

Western Conference

Los Angeles Clippers Vs San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs have been resting up and patiently waiting for their next opponent in the playoffs. They are a team who benefits from all this time off too because they do have a veteran squad. The Clippers were pushed to the brink in a tough series against The Grizzlies, a few of their guys got banged up in the series too. That is not a good way to be coming into a series with the way The Spurs have been playing this season. Like I said in the last series I don't believe in The Clippers and never have so I think their run will be over in this round. I think The Spurs will dominate The Clippers and it won't even be that great of a series to watch unless you're a Spurs fan!

Spurs over Clippers 5 games

Los Angeles Lakers Vs Oklahoma City Thunder

From the start of the season I picked The Thunder to be The Champions so I am not surprised at all to see how much they dominated The Mavs in the first round of the playoffs. If The Lakers want any chance of winning this series Gasol and Bynum have to play well and the bench has to step it up. We never have to worry about Kobe, he comes out and does his job night in and night out, but he needs the rest of his team to step it up and play with the same heart or else they will get run over by this fast paced Thunder squad! There will be a little more animosity due to Artest and his elbow to Harden's head, so if there wasn't already enough hatred between these two teams it got worse with that! This will be a good series to watch and I'm sure I will have a million heart attacks throughout. I am picking The Lakers to win the series but that's only because I'm a fan of them. I won't be shocked at all if they lose this series. But when you have Kobe anything is possible!!

Lakers over Thunder 7 games

Monday, April 30, 2012

NBA 1st Round Playoff Predictions

Eastern Conference

Chicago Bulls Vs Philadelphia 76ers

I feel so bad for the reigning MVP Derrick Rose, he has been battling injuries all season long and then in the first game of the playoffs dude tears his ACL! But with that said The Bulls have been able to still play dominant basketball without their star player. The Bulls play smothering defense and spread the ball around on offense. At some point I think being without Rose is going to kill The Bulls in the playoffs, but I think they are a much better team with our without Rose, than the 76ers. The 76ers have been a surprise team this year and they play really good ball so they could make some of these games interesting, but I don't expect them to even have a shot at winning this series.

Bulls over 76ers 5 games

Miami Heat Vs New York Knicks

A lot of people are calling The Knicks a surprise team to beat The Heat. Well not me, even though I'd love nothing more than to see The Heat knocked out in the first round, The Knicks are not going to be the team to do that. The Knicks are definitely headed in the right direction, but The Heat are a much better team than them right now. The Knicks have no shot.

Heat over Knicks 5 games

Boston Celtics Vs Atlanta Hawks

This is probably going to be the best matchup in this round of the Eastern Conference. Both teams matchup well against eachother and have also been playing well the second half of this season. The Celtics are a bit beat up right now which has kind of been the theme all season for them so that can hurt them in a few of these games. But for some reason I just don't see The Hawks winning a seven game series against The Celtics. The Celtics are a bunch of scrappy vets who know how to get it done, while every year The Hawks choke in the playoffs.

Celtics over Hawks 7 games

Indiana Pacers Vs Orlando Magic

The Pacers have been the surprise team out in the East. They have played consistently well from the get go and have been doing it against legitimate teams. The Magic have had the complete opposite season, it's been full of nothing but drama and now they lost Dwight Howard to injury and he won't play in the playoffs. If Howard was playing this would be a much better series to watch, but I don't think The Magic have a shot without him. The Pacers are too fast, they can keep up in scoring with The Magic and also will dominate them in the paint.

Pacers over Magic 6 games

Western Conference

Los Angeles Lakers Vs Denver Nuggets

The Lakers have finally got their shit together at the right time. They started the season off up and down, but it looks like they finally put it all together. The defense has been great and the bench has finally started to step it up. Bynum has been having a monster season and was able to dominate even when Kobe was out due to injury. The only thing I'm not happy about is Ron Artest (I refuse to refer to him as Metta World Peace) his suspension is something that could hurt The Lakers in a few games in this series because he also has finally stepped up his game and been playing some of his best basketball the second half of this season. The Nuggets are a team that have always played The Lakers well especially in the playoffs so this should be a good series and it won't be no cake walk for The Lakers. But when you have Kobe Bryant you don't worry too much about the first round of the playoffs he won't be letting them lose this early!!

Lakers over Nuggets 6 games

San Antonio Spurs Vs Utah Jazz

The Spurs have been one of the most dominant teams all season long. Most people had them written off at the start of the season but even when they had injuries and Popovich resting his top 3 players because of the shortened season, they are still dominating. They kill people with their 3 point shot and they also play great defense. Tony Parker has had an MVP calibur season and has literally been carrying this team on his back. Everybody has been calling Tim Duncan old but the dude can still ball and he's a leader, oh yeah he also has four rings so he knows what it takes to win! The Jazz backed their way into the playoffs and I don't think they have a shot!

Spurs over Jazz 4 games

Los Angeles Clippers Vs Memphis Grizzlies

I am probably one of the few people who has not fallen into this stupid trap with The Clippers. Everybody has been acting like this is one of the greatest teams of all time when they have accomplished NOTHING!! Yes they can be a fun team to watch but dunks do not win Championships! The Clippers are nothing but a highlite reel and at some point they will have to step up the defense. The Grizzlies picked up right where they left off in the playoffs last year. They are tough on the defensive side and are hard to beat in the paint with Randolph and Gasol in there. They did blow their wad in the first game to The Clips, but I still think they will take the series.

Grizzlies over Clippers 7 games

Oklahoma City Thunder Vs Dallas Mavericks

The Thunder are probably so happy they get The Mavs in the first round so they can avenge the loss from last years Western Conference Finals! Durant has been having an MVP calibur year, Russell Westbrook has been playing the best basketball of his career, and James Harden is most definitely the 6th man of the year because he has also played lights out. Also don't count out Derek Fisher, the man may be old but he does have 5 rings and he's played alongside some of the greatest players in the game and his leadership alone is big especially in the playoffs, the man is clutch! The Mavericks season has been the exact opposite. They haven't been able to get it together at all this season and I don't see them getting it together in the playoffs. They have Dirk so he's always going to keep The Mavs in it as long as he can, but the rest of his team will let him down.

Thunder over Mavericks 6 games

Sunday, April 1, 2012

NCAA Basketball National Championship Prediction

Kansas Vs Kentucky

Kentucky has been one of the most dominant teams all season long, they are very talented and John Calipari is a good coach, but for some reason I never really saw them as The Champion when it was all said and done. When The Tournament started I had a feeling a not so obvious team would be the winner and Kansas is a team that can do it. Kansas has dominated teams on the defensive side of the ball, but they have also had their ups and downs throughout the seasons and lost some close games. But the same can be said about Kentucky. Earlier in the season when they played it was a close game until the end when Kentucky pulled away with the win and I expect this game to be similar in many ways, except this time around I think Kansas will walk away with the win. John Calipari teams seem to choke in the big games, remember when he coached for Memphis and they went to the National Title game and lost to none other than Kansas back in 2008? His Memphis team was almost identical to this team, they were dominant all the way up until The Championship and blew it. Bill Self has been in this position before and knows how to get the job done and has his team prepared for this matchup. This should be a good game overall and I'll enjoy it no matter what happens because Thomas Robinson is playing for Kansas and he is fine as hell!

Kansas Over Kentucky 66-63

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tropp's Bracket

Sweet 16

Kentucky Vs Indiana

Baylor Vs Duke

Michigan St Vs Louisville

Marquette Vs Missouri

Syracuse Vs Wisconsin

Florida St Vs Ohio St

North Carolina Vs Michigan

Georgetown Vs Kansas

Elite 8

Kentucky Vs Baylor

Michigan St Vs Marquette

Syracuse Vs Florida St

Michigan Vs Kansas

Final 4

Kentucky Vs Marquette

Florida St Vs Kansas

National Championship

Kentucky Vs Florida St

National Champions:

Florida St

Yes this is definitely an off the wall type of pick. Most people are looking at Florida St as a threat but not a legitimate contender for the Championship. I on the other hand have had my eye on The Seminoles all season long. They play smothering defense, great team ball and have some big playmakers on the team. The Seminoles remind me of Uconn from last year, a team that can step it up in big situations and play very well in the tournament format. Florida St dominated the ACC conference, they absolutely owned North Carolina during the regular season and beat Duke at home! Then they went on into the ACC Tournament and did the same damn thing! Don't sleep on Florida St ya'll and this team is for real!

Friday, February 24, 2012

2011 NFL Season breakdown

Super Bowl XLVI

Well I picked the wrong team from New York to win The Super Bowl at the start of the season. I never thought at any point this season the stupid ass Giants were going to even have a chance at winning The Super Bowl, until they beat The Green Bay Packers in the playoffs. Congrats to them though they proved a lot of people wrong and turned their entire season around and showed everyone that you don't have to have the greatest regular season, all you have to do is do enough to get into the playoffs and then kick some ass come playoff time! Overall this Super Bowl was terrible for me because I hate both The Giants and Patriots so I was going to be pissed with the end result no matter what. But it was hilarious watching The Patriots lose another Super Bowl! Hopefully next year's Super Bowl is better with a Cowboys win!

Tropp You Stupid!

I made predictions on the season before it started so now it's time to recap on all the stupid shit I said that came back to bite me in the ass!
~ My Super Bowl prediction was way off, I picked The Jets to beat The Falcons! Both teams failed miserably this season! Way to go!
~ I hopped onto that Eagles bandwagon thinking they would actually be decent but they weren't! They were a garbage ass team and I love watching The Eagles lose, so I'm glad I was wrong!
~ I didn't think The Giants would even make the playoffs, I said Eli isn't anywhere near an elite quarterback...hehe.
~ I was WAY off on The Bengals I thought they'd be God awful and they ended up making the playoffs.
~ I laughed at The Lions and said they wouldn't do shit this year, and I'll still think the same next year! It will take a Christmas miracle for me to believe in them!
~ Completely wrong about The 49ers didn't think they had a chance to win their crappy division, let alone get all the way to the NFC Championship game!
~I actually believed in The Cowboys....

Giving Myself Props

I was right about a few things too!
~ The Redskins sucked ass, I knew their qb situation would fuck them over and I predicted they'd go 4-12 and they ended up 5-11 so you go Rex Grossman you were terrible once again!
~ I predicted The Texans would finally make the playoffs for the first time in their franchise history
~ I predicted The Patriots would go 13-3, would be the #1 seed overall and would not win The Super Bowl
~ I picked 3 of the 6 NFC playoff teams at the beginning of the season correctly: Falcons, Packers & Saints
~ I picked 4 of the 6 AFC playoff teams at the beginning of the season correctly: Patriots, Ravens, Texans & Steelers

Dallas Cowboys

Once again another let down for us Cowboys fans! You think I'd be used to this shit by now since it's happened on such a consistent basis, year in and year out, but the bleeding has got to stop at some point. Not this year though. For once all the blame can't be put on Romo overall he had a good season, but the offensive line wasn't any help to him. That has got to be a big focus in the offseason as well as getting help in the secondary. The defense was a huge disappointment this year because they kept getting beat in coverage and leaving guys wide open in the secondary to get the big play! One of the few bright spots this season was Demarco Murray, he was The Cowboys third round pick and came through to have a monster rookie season, as soon as he got injured The Cowboys offense changed dramatically. I knew The Cowboys season was done as soon as he was lost for the rest of the season. Demarcus Ware also had his best season in a Cowboys uniform, he played with a neck injury for the majority of the season and managed to stay at the top of the league in sacks. But all of that was for nothing, we gave the division away to The Giants and now here they are Super Bowl Champions...LAME! Maybe next year......

MVP: Aaron Rodgers
I can't argue with that, Rodgers tore up just about every defense that he faced this season. He threw for 45 touchdowns, over 4600 yards, and only had 6 interceptions! Those are some spectacular stats that you absolutely want to see from your quarterback. Rodgers carries The Packers offense and can work with whatever he is given, he doesn't even need a good ground game to help him out, give him time and he's going to find his man and deliver ball in the right spot at the right time or just take off and run!

Offensive POY: Drew Brees
Drew Brees had one of the best season's a quarterback has ever had statistically in the history of the NFL. He broke Dan Marino's record for most passing yards in a season ending up with 5476 yards and threw for 46 touchdowns. I hate Drew Brees and the growth on his ugly ass face but I'm glad he broke Dan Marino's record because at least he has a Super Bowl ring and I hate Dan Marino and always thought he was overrated!

Defensive POY: Terrell Suggs
Suggs has been a beast linebacker his entire career in Baltimore and he had his best season of his career this year. He had 14 sacks, 70 tackles, and 7 forced fumbles. Suggs was the leader of one of the top defense's in the league and carried them into the playoffs.

Offensive ROY: Cam Newton
DUUUUHHHHH!!! No question this award should have gone to Newton, he had a great season and it's going to be crazy when The Panthers get him some more weapons. He proved all the critics wrong by breaking records and doing things no other rookie quarterback has done (not even Tebow) and he looks like he will have a great future in the NFL and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it because hes hot as hell!

Defensive ROY: Von Miller
Von Miller missed quite a few games this season due to injury and still ended up with 11.5 sacks, 64 tackles, and 2 forced fumbles. Even though everything was all about Tebow for The Broncos this season, Von Miller is one of the big reasons why they had that big win streak! The defense stepped up big and he was the leader of that defense!

Comeback Player: Matthew Stafford
Stafford passed for over 5000 yards and 41 touchdowns coming off of his two previous seasons of injuries, I'd say that's a pretty nice comeback!

Coach Of The Year: Jim Harbaugh
Yeah this was an easy choice he not only took one of the worst teams in the league and turned them into one of the best, but he also made Alex Smith look like a half way decent quarterback. That in itself is a miracle!