Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tropp's Bracket

Sweet 16

Kentucky Vs Indiana

Baylor Vs Duke

Michigan St Vs Louisville

Marquette Vs Missouri

Syracuse Vs Wisconsin

Florida St Vs Ohio St

North Carolina Vs Michigan

Georgetown Vs Kansas

Elite 8

Kentucky Vs Baylor

Michigan St Vs Marquette

Syracuse Vs Florida St

Michigan Vs Kansas

Final 4

Kentucky Vs Marquette

Florida St Vs Kansas

National Championship

Kentucky Vs Florida St

National Champions:

Florida St

Yes this is definitely an off the wall type of pick. Most people are looking at Florida St as a threat but not a legitimate contender for the Championship. I on the other hand have had my eye on The Seminoles all season long. They play smothering defense, great team ball and have some big playmakers on the team. The Seminoles remind me of Uconn from last year, a team that can step it up in big situations and play very well in the tournament format. Florida St dominated the ACC conference, they absolutely owned North Carolina during the regular season and beat Duke at home! Then they went on into the ACC Tournament and did the same damn thing! Don't sleep on Florida St ya'll and this team is for real!