Sunday, August 31, 2014

AFC & NFC South 2014 Season Predictions

AFC & NFC South 2014 Season Predictions 

NFC South

1          1.       New Orleans Saints (11-5)

The Saints are stacked on offense and defense. They have one of the top receiving core’s in the league led by their tight end Jimmy Graham, but Marques Colston and Kenny Stills ain’t no chumps! They lost Sproles in the running game which I feel like is their only weakness on the offensive side. On defense the secondary should cause a lot of turnovers with the addition of Jairus Byrd who will be playing alongside Kenny Vaccaro who is coming back from his season ending injury . The defense was dominant last year I can only imagine what the second year in a Rob Ryan defense is going to look like for The Saints. I expect The Saints to be one of the most dominant teams in the league this year.

2          2.       Carolina Panthers (10-6)

The Panthers lost one of their biggest leaders in Steve Smith and he will be tough to replace. Honestly I don’t think The Panthers did anything as far as picking up a good receiver to do so, luckily they do have Cam Newton who is an absolute beast! I don’t think he will have lost a step, as a matter of fact I think he will have a great season and carry the offensive side of the team. On defense though they are stacked and I think they will be one of the top defense’s in the league. Led by Luke Kuechly, along with Greg Hardy, this defense will have quarterbacks scrambling for their lives and in turn should cause some turnovers to set the offense up in good position. The Panthers are in a tough division, but should be a fun team to watch and should compete for a playoff spot!

3          3.       Atlanta Falcons (8-8)

The Falcons are such a worthless team and their coach is one of the biggest pansies around. He can’t make the tough decisions and doesn’t know how to use some of the talented players he has on the team or in the past. The Falcons will be middle of the road….once again!

4          4.       Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-12)

I’m not sure why everyone thinks a lot is going on with Tampa just because Lovie Smith took over as coach, sure that’s a good thing but they haven’t done anything else to make me believe that they will go anywhere especially in such a tough division! I mean come on Josh McCown is not your future, he had ONE, I REPEAT……ONE decent season with The Bears! That means absolute SHIT, in this league I can point out numerous instances from the past couple of seasons where a quarterback has had a good season and goes to another team and turns back into a sack of dirty diapers! Do the names Matt Flynn, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Freeman ring a bell??? These are just the ones I thought of off the top of my head, I know there’s more and we will be adding Josh McCown to the list….oh wait he was already there because he’s been around the league AS A BACKUP where he belongs!!

AFC South

1          1.       Indianapolis Colts (10-6)

On the offensive side The Colts are looking good, Andrew Luck has another solid year under his belt and should really thrive in his third season. Reggie Wayne will be back, if you recall their season basically fell apart after he was injured halfway through the season and don’t forget about Trent Richardson, he didn’t do anything amazing last season when he was first traded to the team, but I have a feeling since he will be starting the season with The Colts he may bust out and have a good year! Defensively is where I think they will have the most trouble the secondary is weak and the line will suffer with their top linebacker Robert Mathis being suspended the first four games. Since they are in such a weak division it shouldn’t hurt their chances of winning the division!

2          2.       Houston Texans (8-8)

The Texans defense is going to be a force once again, but their offense is going to be garbage! They have no quarterback, we have no idea if Arian Foster can stay healthy anymore and Andre Johnson is pissed off and knows his offense sucks! This is a rebuilding year for The Texans, it won’t be as horrible as last season, but they won’t be going anywhere either!

3          3.       Jacksonville Jaguars (6-10)

The Jaguars have made some definite improvements with their team and with the addition of Blake Bortles they finally have their quarterback situation figured out, but they still have a lot of work to do! It should be a fairly mediocre year for The Jags, but improved from last year!

4          4.       Tennessee Titans (2-14)

The Titans are not a good team in any way, shape or form! They will be competing for the first pick in the 2015 draft!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

AFC & NFC North 2014 Season Predictions

AFC & NFC North 2014 Season Predictions

NFC North

1          1.       Detroit Lions (12-4)

The Lions are one of my sleeper picks for the season, I think they will end up being one of the most dominant teams in the NFC. They’ve been putting together the pieces over the years and I think they are finally at the point where it will pay off. On the offensive side of the ball they have one of the best players in the league at wide receiver, Calvin Johnson, he’s an absolute beast who seems to get better every season. Outside of him they have numerous weapons for Matthew Stafford to choose from including Reggie Bush in the backfield. On the defensive side Ndamukong Suh is going into a contract year which will benefit The Lions this season because he should end up having one of his best seasons to try and get the big pay day on his next contract, I feel like he will be in the running for The Defensive MVP. There is a lot of depth on this team and I think that gives them an edge in this tough division.

2          2.       Chicago Bears (10-6)

The Bears I feel like will be an under the radar team who will get some surprise upset wins, but also lose games they “should” win. On offense they are loaded with receivers so Jay Cutler shouldn’t look that bad, he’s actually going to look a lot better than he deserves credit for because of all the offensive weapons he will have to choose from. It doesn’t hurt having Matt Forte in the backfield who is a good running back when he isn’t injured. On defense they added Jared Allen who should dominate on this defense, he has some help in the linebacking core led by Lance Briggs and keep your eye on Jonathan Bostic, I think he will have a huge year for The Bears and don’t forget about Tilman in the secondary who is always known to cause turnovers! They lost Devin Hester which will hurt them on special teams, but I think their additions on offense will outweigh that loss and help them stay competitive in the division!

3          3.       Green Bay Packers (9-7)

I’m not sold on The Packers like a lot of people seem to be, I understand Aaron Rodgers is a good quarterback, but how is he going to do anything this season behind an awful offensive line, a depleted receiving core and no ground game? This is a tough division and while they should be pretty good on the defensive side, offensively outside of Rodgers, there ain’t shit going on! Rodgers is good for some wins, but I don’t believe The Packers will be a legit playoff contender. Don’t be surprised if Rodgers gets hurt again because this offensive line will be one of the worst in the league and he will be getting sacked quite a bit!

4          4.       Minnesota Vikings (5-11)

It must suck to be Adrian Peterson, he’s a great running back stuck on a God awful team! This is going to be yet another season of the revolving quarterback for The Vikings, which means it’s going to be a long season full of losing!

AFC North

1          1.       Baltimore Ravens (12-4)

The Ravens are in an awful division which will be helpful to them having such a nice record. Don’t get me wrong The Ravens still have a good team from top to bottom and they are only two years removed from their Super Bowl, but being in such a weak ass division will help them out with playoff seeding at the end of the season. They added Steve Smith, which I think helps from a leadership stand point and will also give Joe Flacco a reliable target who can actually hang onto the ball in the clutch moments of the game. The defense will still be dominant with the addition of Chris Canty that gives them a lot of depth on the defensive line, if they can stay healthy watch out this defense will dominate! 

2          2.       Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7)

The Steelers are just old! Ben Roethlisberger still plays well and will be good for some wins and big plays, but the defense is sooooo OLD!!! They didn’t do anything to solve that problem this offseason so watch them all get injured and hobble around all season, AGAIN, because I can’t stress this enough about The Steelers…they…are…..OLD!!!

3          3.       Cincinnati Bengals (8-8)

The Bengals always seem to disappoint no matter what they do. They have a decent team, but until they prove they can win on a consistent basis I’m not even going to analyze them because it’s a waste of time! They don’t even have anything I can make fun of except for Andy Dalton is a ginge….

4          4.       Cleveland Browns (3-13)

I’m so amused by all this hype surrounding Johnny Manziel, this dude is destined to be the next Tim Tebow, except for he’s SLIGHTLY more talented. But hey at least Tim Tebow was a winner in college UNLIKE “Johnny Football” that dude didn’t even contend for a National Championship let alone win one! I mean has anybody really watched how homeboy throws a football? His elbow sticks out like a WNBA player shooting a basketball, it looks awkward and stupid! The even more amusing thing about all this “Manziel Hype” is that it keeps everybody from talking about that there isn’t anything else going on, on the offensive side of the ball especially now that it looks like Josh Gordon is going to miss the entire season due to a suspension. So have fun being excited Cleveland fans, for the time being, but once the season starts it’s back to the norm losing all the time!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

NFC & AFC East 2014 Season Predictions

NFC & AFC East 2014 Season Predictions

NFC East

1          1.       Dallas Cowboys (10-6)

Now, obviously, since I’m a Cowboys fan there is SOME bias opinion with my prediction, but once again The NFC East is full of garbage and if The Cowboys can some how manage to play decent this season then they should be able to win this division. The Cowboys made improvements to the offensive line, which has been their major problem over the years, this is going to be one of the best offensive lines they have had in Tony Romo’s career so he should have a lot more time to light up an opposing defense. I think that Demarco Murray is going to have a breakout season, one where he finally can stay healthy and take advantage of this beast of an offensive line. On defense there were improvements, but also setbacks with the release of Demarcus Ware (I’m still not happy about that), Sean Lee’s injury in offseason workouts and now stupid ass Orlando Scandrick has gone and got himself suspended for the first four games. I don’t think they can be any worse than last year, but by no means do I think The Cowboys are going to dominate on defense. I think the way The Cowboys will win this season will be behind a high powered offense, but I imagine that defense is going to break our hearts a few times this season!

2          2.       Philadelphia Eagles (9-7)

I’m not really sure why everybody is on “The Nick Foles Train” going into the 2014 season because I don’t understand what he has accomplished to deserve such high praise? Offensively outside of Lesean McCoy and the addition of Darren Sproles, The Eagles don’t have anything going on. The receiving core is mediocre at best and like I said what has Nick Foles proven to be, I question that he’s even going to become a halfway decent quarterback and in 3-5 years he will more than likely be a backup or  a mascot. Not much is going on defensively with this stupid team either so expect yet another season where The Eagles DON’T even come close to touching a Super Bowl Trophy!

3          3.       Washington Redskins (8-8)

For some reason the media thinks The Redskins are going to be a team that’s going to dominate, but I don’t understand where they get these idiotic theories? I mean outside of the addition of Desean Jackson what did they do this offseason? Robert Griffin III can’t read a defense to save his life which is why he always wants to run and then ends up getting injured or just turning the ball over, this will continue to be a problem with him once again. RGIII should just change his name to China Doll because that is what he has proven to be since college, I’d be surprised if he can make it through the entire season. Sure, getting him a new weapon like Jackson is going to help but that’s not going to change the fact that he can’t read a defense! The Redskins defense is old as all hell too, I’ve heard a couple analysts say that this is going to be one of the best Redskins defenses’ they’ve had in awhile which is amusing because there isn’t ANYTHING impressive about their defense! Hell there isn’t anything impressive about this stupid team all I know is I’m going to enjoy watching their season go NOWHERE!!!

4          4.       New York Giants (3-13)

The Giants are going to have an awful season, they have done next to nothing to improve their team this offseason and truthfully I’m excited about that because I HATE The VaGiants! I see A LOT of turnovers coming from Eli Manning this season as his offensive line is absolute garbage and we all know what happens to a Manning when he gets “happy feet”, they tend to make a lot more mistakes when they’re trying to save the game with stupid plays that turn into an interception.  Not much on offense or defense going on with this team, it’s going to be a long season for The Giants!

AFC East

1          1.       New England Patriots (11-5)

I can’t pick against The Patriots in this division, for one because it’s overall shit and two as long as Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are around The Patriots continue to compete and win, it’s just unfortunately the way this league has been over the years (I am not a fan of them if you can’t sense the sarcasm). They actually stocked up on defense this offseason and took care of their biggest weakness from last season they picked up Darrell Revis who I think is going to be back to his old form before his ACL injury and also adding in Brandon Browner in the secondary really sets this team up nicely on the defensive side of the ball. So once again The Patriots will be in my fucking face through January, zip a dee do dah!

2          2.       New York Jets (10-6)

The Jets are one of my sleeper picks, I feel like they had a great offseason picking up some pieces to improve this team and get them on the road to winning. The biggest move they made this offseason was picking up Chris Johnson at running back, he was wasting his talent away in Tennessee and I think can now finally show the league he’s not washed up and can still light up a defense on the ground. Gino Smith is by no means that great of a quarterback, but I think he is good enough to work with this team and get some wins. I like their defense too not many big name guys on the squad, but trust me their linebacking core is deep. The Jets are much improved and on their way to being a good team that will compete for the division.

3          3.       Buffalo Bills (6-10)

Sooooo The Bills drafted Sammy Watkins…….ummmm they also…….ummmmm……..! I’m searching for something to even say about The Bills and that was all I could come up with besides they’re a God awful team who is once again going to go nowhere except for to Toronto!

4          4.       Miami Dolphins (5-11)

The Dolphins suck….I don’t believe I need to go any further than that!