Saturday, January 20, 2018

NFL Conference Championship Predictions

Wild Card Record (3-1)
Divisional Round Record (1-3)

NFL Championship Round Playoff Predictions


Minnesota Vikings Vs Philadelphia Eagles

I think this will finally be the week Nick Foles luck runs out on him and he costs his team the win. I’ve never believed in this dude since he took over for Carson Wentz. The Eagles offense was insane with Wentz in at quarterback, but ever since Foles took over they’ve been exceptionally mediocre! They’ve been able to get by with Foles, but this week they will be up against the best defense in the league. The Vikings defense is going to have a field day with Nick Foles. They will have him on his back all day and I’m sure will cause a turnover or two. The Vikings offense is really diverse and any player is capable of making a big play at any given moment. I feel like the Vikings are a much more complete team than the Eagles, at least without Wentz, and should be able to go into Philly and send those Eagles fans home crying once again!

Vikings over Eagles 28-14


Jacksonville Jaguars Vs New England Patriots

The yellow brick road continues on for the New England Patriots in their quest for yet another Super Bowl. The Jaguars have been very impressive this season, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Now, I’m not going to completely write the Jags off like I did the Titans last week, but in my heart of hearts I don’t believe they will be able to get the win in New England. The Jags have the type of defense that should make this an interesting game because they should be able to make Tom Brady uncomfortable at times, but in the end I feel like New England will make the adjustments in game to get the win. The Patriots defense has been a silent killer for the most part and I feel is going to play a big part as to why the Patriots end up winning this game. I think this will be a defensive battle between both teams. The Patriots are great at taking away your biggest threat and for the Jags that is their running back Leonard Fournette. If they can limit his productivity and place all the pressure on Blake Bortles to win the game, this should be the perfect formula for a Patriots victory. It’s looking like another Super Bowl with the mother fucking Patriots representing the AFC!

Patriots over Jaguars 20-10

Friday, January 12, 2018

NFL Divisional Round Playoff Predictions

Wild Card Record (3-1)

NFL Divisional Round Playoff Predictions


Atlanta Falcons Vs Philadelphia Eagles

This is going to end up being a total waste of a season for the Eagles because they don’t have Carson Wentz. Their offense is completely different when he is running it and ever since his injury it’s been difficult for the Eagles to score. Nick Foles is an awful excuse for a quarterback, he has shown with his play EXACTLY why he is a bench rider because this dude over throws his receivers on just about every play! The Falcons are coming in strong and off a huge win against the Rams! The thing about this Falcons team is their defense has slowly been getting stronger every week and really been carrying this team throughout the season. This is going to be a huge problem for the Eagles. Nick Foles is going to be on his back the entire game and I imagine will have a couple of turnovers as well! This will help set up the already lights out Falcons offense for some easy scores and they should be headed right back to the NFC Championship game!

Falcons over Eagles 28-10

New Orleans Saints Vs Minnesota Vikings

This is going to be probably the best game of the weekend! These two matchup very well against each other at just about every position on the field. Defensively they are both lights out and I expect it to be very difficult to score against either of them. The Vikings have had a solid season overall and have overcome a ton of adversity throughout the season with all the major injuries they have had. I just don’t think they will be able to keep up with the Saints. The Saints have a slight edge on the offensive side of the ball because Drew Brees is a veteran and tends to shine in the postseason. He has had a quiet season compared to the seasons of past, but who gives a shit?! If you really look at it, his receivers are dropping a lot of passes and not being smart with their routes. With that being said I believe the Saints defense will dominate the Vikings offense because they don’t have a lot of experienced players on offense and you can’t possibly tell me Case fucking Keenum is going to lead this team to the Super Bowl?! I’ll believe it when I see it!

Saints over Vikings 20-13


Tennessee Titans Vs New England Patriots

As if the Patriots needed their path to the Super Bowl made any easier, now they get to start their postseason by kicking the ass of the Titans! I don’t believe this game will be close at any point except for the coin toss! This should be a nice little warm up for Tom Brady and the Pats! I don’t think much analysis is necessary for this matchup because we all know this won’t be much of a game!

Patriots over Titans 42-0

Jacksonville Jaguars Vs Pittsburgh Steelers

There is no way in hell this game is going to be like the first time these two teams faced off against each other earlier this season. I felt like that game was more of a wake up call for the Steelers than anything because they went on a huge tear right after that! This time around the Steelers will not overlook their opponent. The Jags defense continues to dominate, but this Steelers offense will be tough to stop. The Steelers have some of the best offensive players in the league, and even though Antonio Brown is coming off of injury, they still have other wide receivers who can step up in his absence. Ben Roethlisberger has always been great in the postseason throughout his career and I expect him to avenge his horrible performance from earlier in the season against the Jags and he will have a different game this time around. The Jags had a good run and have plenty to build on from this season, but their season will come to a close in Pittsburgh.

Steelers over Jaguars 28-13

Sunday, January 7, 2018

2018 College Football National Championship Prediction

CFP Record (1-1)

National Championship Prediction

Georgia Vs Alabama

Well once again another college football season dominated by the SEC! It’s only fitting that the National Championship ends up with two SEC teams playing for the title! Georgia played one hell of a game against Oklahoma and lit up the score board, but in this matchup they will not be playing a bunch of chokers, they will be going up against a team that has played in the last three National Championships (including this one). Georgia can’t give up a huge lead and expect to come back in this one because if you give Alabama an inch they will be gone and there will be no looking back. The Alabama defense is more than capable of containing the Georgia offense and should help set the offense up for some easy scores. This will put all the pressure on the Georgia defense, which is good, but they won’t be able to do much if they can’t catch their breath. I don’t expect this game to be that close. The first half may be a battle, but after halftime Alabama will make the adjustments and dominate the second half. The edge in this matchup I believe is what it always is when dealing with Alabama and that is Nick Saban. He always has his team prepared for the big moments and they tend to shine when the pressure is on, and they’re coming in with a chip on their shoulder. That all is a recipe for disaster if you are the Georgia Bulldogs.

Alabama over Georgia 28-13

Friday, January 5, 2018

NFL Wild Card Playoff Predictions

NFL Wild Card Round Playoff Predictions


Carolina Panthers Vs New Orleans Saints

Division matchups are always some of the best matchups you will see in the playoffs because both teams know each other so well and tend to elevate their game when they face off against each other. This will definitely be one of those games! The Panthers have been a silent killer all season long, they really haven’t been talked about much even though they went 11-5. If they were in the AFC they could easily walk into the Championship game! The Panthers defense has carried them all the way up to this point because the offense has been very suspect. Outside of Cam Newton they have no offensive weapons at all! The Saints on the other hand I believe are the most complete team walking into the playoffs this season. They are led by a phenomenal defense, they have an excellent ground attack with Kamara and Ingram, and Drew Brees continues to have another solid season! I expect this to be a very close matchup and whoever is able to take advantage of the few opportunities given will win. I believe the Saints are a better team and more poised than the Panthers and will come out on top in this one!

Saints over Panthers 21-17

Atlanta Falcons Vs Los Angeles Rams

The Rams have probably been one of the biggest surprises of the season. Not only did they win their division, but they absolutely dominated for the entire season. The Rams have been really consistent on offense and defense, and play a well-balanced game. The Falcons are on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. There has been no consistency at all in any way, you never know what the hell you’re going to get from the Falcons on game day! I do think this will be a fun game to watch because I think both teams matchup well against each other and both teams have a ton of fire power on offense. I have a feeling this game could end up being a shootout and if that’s the case I give the edge to the Falcons. While the Rams have a lot of offensive weapons, I think the Falcons are much better suited to win an offensive battle because of the connection between Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. The two of them really know how to zone in and I think are one of the best quarterback to wide receiver duos in the league. Julio Jones is by far the best receiver in the game because of his awareness on where he needs to be at every moment in the game, from his hands to his feet he is always reliable. The margin is slim in this game and the Falcons have a huge advantage with a player like Julio Jones!

Falcons over Rams 37-27


Tennessee Titans Vs Kansas City Chiefs

This will probably be one of the worst games of the weekend because it will be so one sided. The Chiefs started off strong, but have really cooled off the second half of the season. They are a Jekyll and Hyde team because you never know what team you will get on any given Sunday, but with that being said the Titans have consistently been mediocre all season. They backed their way into the playoffs and haven’t been consistent in any way, shape, or form. I expect the Chiefs to dominate this game from start to finish.

Chiefs over Titans 35-13

Buffalo Bills Vs Jacksonville Jaguars

The only people who care about this game are Bills and Jaguars fans, other than that this looks like a total snoozefest! The Jags have been one of the surprise teams this season and have done so with a dominating defense! This defense will dominate you at the line, have your quarterback running for days or on his back, and they can cause turnovers for points. On the offensive side of the ball they’re fairly mediocre and have been up and down throughout the season, but have played well enough with this stacked defense to get the wins. I have no idea how or why the Bills are in the playoffs? I guess that just goes to show how awful the AFC was this season, but here they are fighting for a chance at the Super Bowl. This one is real simple, for me at least. The Jaguars are a much better team in my opinion than the Bills because of their defense. I believe the defense will take over this game and set the offense up with great field position for the easy score and the Jags will run away with this one.

Jaguars over Bills 28-10