Friday, December 30, 2016

College Football Semifinal Predictions

Washington Vs Alabama

I almost feel like there is no point in analyzing this matchup because it’s not even fair. Alabama is basically a pro football team and Washington is a good College football team, but I don’t expect them to even really compete in this matchup! This game will more than likely be over by halftime.

Alabama over Washington 55-13

Ohio State Vs Clemson

This matchup is going to be the opposite of the other playoff game! I’m expecting a close matchup between Ohio State and Clemson because they matchup very well against each other on offense and defense. Urban Meyer has turned the Ohio State Buckeyes back into a powerhouse football team that has been able to consistently dominate since he took over as the coach. On offense this team can absolutely take over a game and if you let them get too far ahead they will not look back! One team I believe that will be able to keep pace with the Ohio State offense is Clemson. Their offense is almost identical to Ohio State’s and the quarterbacks, J.T Barrett and DeShaun Watson mirror each other. They are both duel threat quarterbacks who can light you up through the air and on the ground. Barrett only has five interceptions this season, so he seems to take better care of the ball. I believe the edge in this matchup will be the Ohio State defense. They are far superior on defense compared to Clemson, especially when it comes to takeaways. The Buckeyes are notorious for not only forcing a turnover, but also scoring off of the turnover! Clemson’s defense has multiple holes and will begin to wear down as the game goes on and if this game ends up as close as I believe it will, this will be a huge advantage for Ohio State!

Ohio St. over Clemson 45-41