Friday, August 31, 2012

AFC & NFC West Predictions

NFC West

San Francisco 49ers (10-6)

The 49ers are coming off of a great season, they were one fumble away from going to The Super Bowl last season! The 9ers took care of one of their biggest weakness this off season by signing Mario Manningham and Randy Moss at wide receiver to give Alex Smith quite a few weapons and the defense is returning almost everyone they had from last years team. The only problem I see for The 49ers is that crap bag Alex Smith, there is no way this loser is ever going to win them a Championship. If The 49ers had a slightly better quarterback they would be my Super Bowl pick, but I just can't even take him seriously, even with all the weapons he has on offense and the great defense they have. The 9ers should win their division easily since it's pretty weak, but we'll see what happens in the playoffs.

Seattle Seahawks (8-8)

The Seahawks look like they have their quarterback of the future in Russell Wilson the rookie out of Wisconsin. I had a feeling he was going to be a gem for someone in the draft this year and he's already proven that with what he has shown in the preseason. He still has a lot to learn though like every rookie quarterback so don't expect him to be the best yet and The Seahawks still have some missing holes at other positions. Especially on defense, they don't have much going on in the secondary and not much of a pass rush up front.

St Louis Rams (6-10)

The Rams are another crappy team with nothing to talk about besides Stephen Jackson, he's a beast running back stuck on a going nowhere fast team!

Arizona Cardinals (4-12)

The Cardinals have nothing to look forward to this season except for an entire season of the rotating quarterback and oh yeah losing all season!

AFC West

Denver Broncos (10-6)

The Broncos actually made a great move this off season by signing Peyton Manning and shit canning Tim Tebow. With the signing of Manning he immediately elevates this team to another level and they should easily dominate this weak division. On offense they have a decent amount of talent for manning to work with and on defense they are dominant. Last season while everybody was sucking Tebow's dick and acting like he did everything everybody forgot the defense was dominating every offense they played. I think with another season under John Fox as coach and Manning's arrival The Broncos should have a good season.

San Diego Chargers (9-7)

The Chargers are a team that faded out a long time ago in my opinion. First off their coach is still Norv Turner, the dude has turned every single team he's ever coached into a magical pile of shit and he has done the exact same thing with The Chargers, I don't even know how he was able to keep his job this long! Second they lost some key players on offense and defense and I think the biggest loss will be felt on offense with the loss of Vincent Jackson to free agency. Philip Rivers has no offense and the defense is getting older and beat up. The Chargers should have a nice season of mediocrity and I predict Norv Turner is one of the first coach's to lose his job this year.

Oakland Raiders (8-8)

The Raiders have no stability on their team at all. They have no leaders and most of their players are either overrated or past their prime. Darren McFadden is one of their only players who is impressive and he has a problem staying healthy. The Raiders should once again have another mediocre season, but I'm sure every Raider fan swears that they will be winning it all this year because they're the most diluted fans.

Kansas City Chiefs (5-11)

There isn't anything really exciting to say about The Chiefs, they're mediocre at the majority of their positions and they're in a rebuilding mode for now. I don't expect much from The Chiefs this season.

Monday, August 27, 2012

AFC & NFC South Predictions

NFC South

Carolina Panthers (10-6)

Cam Newton is coming off of one of the best statistical seasons that a rookie has ever had and I don't think he will be cooling off at all this season. On Offense they still have their two running backs Johnathan Stewart and Deangelo Williams, Steve Smith is still their top receiver and they boosted their offensive line by drafting Ryan Kalil so Newton will have even more time to make plays. The Panthers improved their defense this offseason which was a big reason why they finished at the bottom of the league. They drafted Luke Kuechly who already has been looking good in the first preseason games. The Panthers are going to be one of the surprise teams this year.

Atlanta Falcons (9-7)

The Falcons are probably never going to go anywhere with Mike Smith as their coach. He is a pussy and a terrible decision maker. The Falcons are full of talent, but yet keep falling short and it's because he's such a shit bag coach. The Falcons should spend this season falling short yet again!

New Orleans Saints (8-8)

The Saints will have no Sean Payton coaching them all season long and I think it will take a HUGE toll on the team. Nothing but drama surrounded The Saints this offseason and I think it will have a huge effect on the team as a whole at every position because they also lost their defensive captain Jonathan Vilma for the season. The only good thing that happened for The Saints during the off season was locking Drew Brees even though it took them a million years to finally sign the only good quarterback they've ever had in the entire team history!! But even with signing him I think all the drama will be too much for them to overcome.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-9)

The Bucs are in a rebuilding/transition phase with a brand new coach. They do have some talent and should get some good wins, but when you're rebuilding it's usually an uphill battle.

AFC South

Houston Texans (12-4)

The Texans are coming off of one of their best seasons as a franchise, they finally made it into the playoffs and did so after Matt Schaub got injured towards the end of the season. The Texans are stacked on offense and defense and also benefit from being in a mediocre division. The Texans should be one of the best teams this season with Schaub's return and even though they lost Mario Williams in free agency I don't believe it's a big deal because he was injured for the second half of last season.

Tennessee Titans (9-7)

The Titans in my opinion are a pretty mediocre team, they're going to start Jake Locker at quarterback who actually looks like he is a decent quarterback, but when it comes to his receiving core he doesn't have much to go to. Chris Johnson should bounce back from his weak season last year, but they won't get many wins if he has to do everything on offense. The Titans will benefit from being in a weak division and get some wins, but I think the majority of their season will be up and down hovering around .500.

Indianapolis Colts (3-13)

The new Colts era begins with Peyton Manning headed to Denver and The Colts drafting Andrew Luck with the first overall pick. So far in the preseason he looks like he is the future of the team, but this is his rookie season so he is going to make mistakes. The Colts offense has absolutely no talent on it outside of Luck and on defense there isn't much else outside of Dwight Freeney. The Colts should have yet another long season and a good draft pick!

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-14)

The Jaguars season has already started off bad with Maurice Jones- Drew holding out with a contract dispute and he is their only good player at this point. The quarterback situation is still suspect because Blaine Gabbert hasn't proven he is the guy to lead this team and they did draft Justin Blackmon who should help the offense but there are a lot of things to fix with The Jaguars. On defense they're pretty pathetic and I think it's going to be a long season for The Jaguars, even if they get Jones- Drew back during the season he's not going to be able to do it all!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

AFC & NFC North Predictions

NFC North

Green Bay Packers (12-4)

This year The Packers are back and better than ever! They have the reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers coming back and looking sharp in the preseason, the defense is still looking dominant and they actually took care of one of their few weaknesses by signing Cedric Benson to actually give them a rushing attack. I have no reason to believe that The Packers are going to be anything but dominant this season and I'm not thrilled about it!

Chicago Bears (11-5)

Over the past couple of season The Bears have been a halfway decent team they just get screwed over by injuries. One of their biggest problems has been at wide receiver, Jay Cutler has had nobody to throw to and they finally took care of that problem by trading for Brandon Marshall. Yeah dude has issues off the field, but on the field he is a beast and he and Cutler worked out very well during their time in Denver so they already have chemistry. Matt Forte finally got paid and he should benefit from the addition of Marshall because now all the offensive production won't rely on him. The defense is still solid led by one of the best defensive ends out there, Julius Peppers! But they still have not taken care of the offensive line which has not been helpful to Cutler at all! If they don't keep Cutler upright not only does he turnover the ball but also is prone to injuries like in the past couple of seasons! But outside of that I think The Bears will be one of the surprise teams and really dominate The NFC.

Detroit Lions (9-7)

The Detroit Lions are coming off of one of their best seasons in a long time, but all off season the entire team has spent more time behind bars than playing football. Overall I think The Lions are a strong team but I feel they lack a lot of discipline and I think that will hold them back this season.

Minnesota Vikings (2-14)

There really isn't much to say about The Vikings going into this season. Adrian Peterson is coming back from a major knee injury and yeah he's looking strong right now in rehab, but who knows what's going to happen once he gets on the field. I still think he will be a great running back none the less, but outside of him who else do The Vikings have on offense? Christian Ponder? Ummm no thanks! On defense they have a great defensive end in Jared Allen, but the rest of the defense is mediocre at best. The Vikings are going to have a long and terrible season, they should get a good draft pick though.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens (13-3)

I think The Ravens are going to be the team to beat this year. The last couple of seasons they have come close to winning it all but have just fallen short. Hell last year they were a dropped pass away from The Super Bowl! This year they bring back the majority of their team from last year on offense and defense. On defense they are getting old, but Ray Lewis and Ed Reed still ball hard when they're healthy and they are stacked on defense outside of those two guys! Even though Terrell Suggs, the reigning defensive MVP, will be lost for the majority of the season due to injury they still have a good defense! On offense they locked in Ray Rice giving him the long term deal he was looking for and I think Joe Flacco is going to have a big year because this is the last year of his contract and most guys in a contract year tend to play better. The Ravens are a mentally tough team and I think losing over the past couple of seasons in the playoffs will only make them better. Watch out for Baltimore!

Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6)

The Steelers should be dominant on defense again this season, even though James Farrior is starting the season off injured. They still have that crazy mother fucker Troy Polamalu leading the defense so he should hold it down as usual. On offense is where they will have the most problems Ben Roethlisberger and his receiving core should be lighting up every opposing defense this year, but Rashard Mendenhall is coming off an ACL injury so who knows when he'll be back and if he will effective and also the offensive line is still terrible. The Steelers play in a tough division so they will get beat up in a few games, but I still expect them to competitive throughout the year!

Cincinnati Bengals (9-7)

The Bengals are a team that are headed in the right direction, but not there yet. I think they will have an up and down season, on offense Andy Dalton and AJ Green are lighting up everybody on defense but outside of them the rest of the offense is mediocre. They lost Cedric Benson in the offseason so now they have no ground game and the offensive line is pretty weak. On defense they made improvements and that will definitely help, but this division is going to beat up on eachother and I don't think The Bengals can hang with the big boys just yet.

Cleveland Browns (1-15)

The Browns suck! But at least they figured out what I figured long before he took over as starter at Texas is that Coltina McCoy sucks and he should be dick riding the bench! Trent Richardson is already having issues with injuries and the season hasn't even begun! They will be one of the worst teams in the league playing in one of the best divisions in the league. Have fun Browns!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

AFC & NFC East Predictions

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles (11-5)

The NFC East is once again going to be a tough division this year, not only are the NFC East teams going to be beating up on eachother throughout the season but they have to face two other tough divisions the AFC North and the NFC South! It pains me to say it but unfortunately I think The Eagles will be the best team in the division this year. If Michael Vick is able to stay healthy their offense is going to be tough to stop and on the defensive side of the ball they have the corners to lock you down and the pass rushers to keep your quarterback down. They made a big upgrade at the linebacker position by trading for DeMeco Ryans and also on their defensive line by drafting the rookie lineman Fletcher Cox. Overall The Eagles have a solid team and should be competitive this year!

Dallas Cowboys (10-6)

It's hard for me to believe in The Cowboys because every year they start out with these high hopes and then there's Tony Romo to dash all my dreams! I know he isn't the only reason why they've been terrible the past million years but he definitely has not been a help! The Cowboys have a talented squad but that don't mean shit unless they actually stop with the stupid penalties and bone head plays. They took care of the biggest problem from last year which was the secondary, they drafted the top cornerback in the draft, Morris Claiborne, and also picked up free agent Brandon Carr. But once again did absolutely NOTHING to improve the offensive line. It's tough for a qaurterback to make decent plays when he's running around and has no time to set up a play and that's been a huge problem of theirs for awhile now and just refuse to even fix the problem! The Cowboys should be a better team than last year and should be competitive throughout the season, but I don't have my hopes set on a Super Bowl...maybe they can surprise me.

New York Giants (9-7)

The Super Bowl Champs are practically the same team they were last year just with a few players rotated out and the only player they lost to free agency that even mattered was Mario Manningham who wasn't that great to begin with. With that said The Giants did not play that well all last season, they were just able to get it together at the right time of the year and make a run to The Super Bowl, there is nothing wrong with that because hey they walked away with The Championship, but I don't think they will be as lucky this year! They have a tough schedule and offensively they don't really impress me. The defense will be what carries them through the season like it has over the past couple of seasons. But I don't think they will come close to repeating as Super Bowl Champs!

Washington Redskins (6-10)

The Redskins made a huge improvement to their team by drafting Robert Griffin III as their quarterback, I think he is the real deal and is going to take The Redskins in the right direction in the future. But for now outside of that who else does Washington have on their team?! They have a weak ass offense, with a mediocre receiving core and ground game. On defense there isn't much to write home about either. I don't expect much from The Redskins this year.

AFC East

New England Patriots (12-4)

The Patriots piss me off because they will probably always be competitive every single season until Tom Brady retires. The Patriots focused most of their off season bulking up their defense since that was their biggest weakness last year. They also added Joseph Addai in their backfield to give Tom Brady yet another weapon to work with. The Patriots do have a weakness though and that is their offensive line, for the most part The Patriots can get by with a weak offensive line because they have Tom Brady at quarterback but it will cost them some games. But outside of that I'm sure it's going to be yet another year of Tom Brady ripping apart each and every defense he faces.

New York Jets (10-6)

Well the most glorified backup of all time Tim Tebow has arrived in New York and of course ESPN is all over it! They just can't get enough of this douchebag for some reason, dude looks like a ballerina everytime he tosses up the ball that barely has any zip on it and he's lucky if it catches a spiral! One thing I will say is I don't believe at any point he will take over in place of Mark Sanchez unless he happens to get injured. Sanchez is not a great quarterback, but he is most definitely better than girlfriend Tebow! The Jets should be dominant on defense like they usually are, but I still think they will have problems on offense. The offensive line is pretty weak and the receiving core isn't deep at all. If Sanchez is running around he has been known to throw interceptions, so if they don't keep him comfortable in the pocket The Jets will go nowhere!

Buffalo Bills (8-8)

The Bills made a big move this offseason by signing defensive end Mario Williams, but they're still The Bills! They are a mediocre team in a division with The Patriots and they have no shot at winning anything this year or ever. The End!

Miami Dolphins (6-10)

The Dolphins are such a God awful team I can barely name three players from their roster. Who knows what they're going to do at quarterback, they have nobody to throw to, the ground game is also suspect, but hey at least they have Jake Long on that offensive line so he can block for....some loser! The Dolphins suck and I'm sure will have a different quarterback starting each game this year!