Saturday, April 19, 2014

NBA 1st Round Playoff Predictions

Western Conference

San Antonio Spurs Vs Dallas Mavericks

I don’t know how The Spurs do it, but here they are once again at the top of The Western Conference. The Spurs were gutted at the end of last season losing to The Heat in The Finals and came back this season and dominated once again, overcoming numerous injuries, Popovich has coached his team flawlessly and they are looking like they’re ready to make another title run.  The Mavericks had a decent season, nothing special, nothing as horrible as my Lakers, but they aren’t  going to be a threat to anyone out West. The Spurs owned The Mavs with a record of 4-0 against them in the regular season I believe that will continue into the playoffs and The Spurs should move on quite easily.

Spurs over Mavericks 5 games  

Houston Rockets Vs Portland Trailblazers

This would have been a better matchup if The Blazers were playing like they were before The All Star Break, they were playing some great basketball up until that point and the whole second half of the season they have looked mediocre. The Rockets on the other hand have been red hot for most of the season, James Harden has been in beast mode all season and has carried this team all the way into the playoffs. Damian Lillard has had an amazing season for The Blazers leading this high powered offense into the playoffs, helping them hang on and overcome some adversity towards the end of the season while the injuries piled up. There should be some high scoring games in this series, but I think The Rockets will have the edge in the paint  and on the boards. LeMarcus Aldridge has been injured for most of the second half of the season for The Blazers and they have not been the same ever since and I think it will be too much for them to overcome against The Rockets who don’t have much of a weakness, well except for Dwight Howard we all know he’s a vagina!

Rockets over Trailblazers 6 games

Los Angeles Clippers Vs Golden State Warriors

This should be the best matchup in this round of the playoffs, both of these teams know eachother very well since they are in the same division, but also these are two of the best teams in the NBA this season who can win in many different ways. Blake Griffin has had an MVP season, he has been a beast on offense, defense and dominating the paint and has done it while his wingman, Chris Paul, has been playing through injuries. The Warriors are lights out beyond the 3 point line, with some of the sharpest shooters in the game, led by Stephen Curry who plays with ice water in his veins and wants the ball in the final seconds because he knows if you even give him an inch he will take it and make it! The edge in this matchup goes to The Clippers, the injury to Andrew Bogut I think will have a huge impact on Golden State because they won’t have an answer for Blake Griffin in the paint and with the way that dude has been playing you need all the help you can get.  The Clippers will have too much fire power for The Warriors to overcome in this one.

Clippers over Warriors 7 games

Oklahoma City Thunder Vs Memphis Grizzlies

Kevin Durant has been playing out of his mind this season, he has carried the load with Westbrook’s battle with injuries throughout the season and helped his team maintain their dominance out West. Durant is obviously the league MVP with how he’s played this season, he led the league in scoring and has been basically unstoppable on the offensive side. The Grizzlies have been mediocre for the most part this season so I don’t really anticipate that this series is going to last long.

Thunder over Grizzlies 5 games

Eastern Conference (Pathetic ass conference)

Indiana Pacers Vs Atlanta Hawks

The Pacers have really fallen off the map the second half of the season, which is so sad because they actually had a shot at winning The East, but now I’m not convinced they can even get past The Hawks in this round. The Hawks have had the exact opposite second half though, they actually both have had the same record in the last month, but The Hawks have been playing good basketball, whereas The Pacers have looked like absolute garbage! No offense, no defense, the blame game all around by guys who are supposed to be leaders, this team is just falling apart, it’s truly amazing that they ended up with the top seed in the East! But I do think The Pacers will some how change their mind set and at least step it up for this round. I think it will be tough and this will actually be a decent series, but The Pacers have worked too hard and are too good of a team to lose in the first round to The Hawks.

Pacers over Hawks 6 games

Chicago Bulls Vs Washington Wizards

So I’m an avid basketball fan and for some reason I was shocked to see that The Wizards were in the playoffs?! Yes I know they’re in The Eastern Conference and if you’re a halfway decent team it’s easy to make the playoffs out East. John Wall had a damn good season I know this, but other than that I can’t tell you what else they’re working with, don’t really care either because I’m pretty sure they won’t be moving on to the next round. The Bulls have overcome a lot of adversity this season, yet another season of injuries taking out many of their starters, but yet they still seem to come out and play every team they face hard no matter who is playing. That kind of mind set comes from their coach Tom Thibodeau, who I think is similar to Greg Popovich minus the rings, but I think eventually he will have some because he knows how to get the best out of every player down the bench and never makes any excuses. I don’t expect that this is going to be a tough matchup for The Bulls.

Bulls over Wizards 5 games

Toronto Raptors Vs Brooklyn Nets

Does anybody really think either of these teams will be going anywhere near The Finals?!?!?! NOPE! I sure don’t!! It doesn’t matter what happens in this series so I’m going with The Nets because I flipped a coin and they won!

Nets over Raptors 6 games

Miami Heat Vs Charlotte Bobcats

This is the easiest matchup for me to make a prediction on…..this really isn’t even going to be a fun matchup to watch, The Heat are going to breeze by The Bobcats. Even if The Heat sat Lebron, D- Wade and Chris Bosh for this series they would still win EASY!

Heat over Bobcats 4 games