Friday, January 18, 2013

NFL Conference Championship Predictions

Wildcard Record: 3-1
Divisional Record: 2-2

Conference Championship


San Francisco 49ers Vs Atlanta Falcons

Not only were The Falcons able to score more than 2 points in last weeks playoff game, but they actually got the win too! But I still don't have faith in them, they really wanted to give last weeks game away to Seattle but really just lucked out by getting just enough time on the clock to make a couple big plays to get in line to make the game winning field goal. The 49ers on the other hand had a huge win last week against The Packers, Colin Kaepernick stepped it up and had a great game for his playoff debut and the defense also stepped it up and had a great game and kept the high powered Packers offense in check. I expect this game to be a high scoring offensive shootout and even though The Falcons play the duel threat quarterbacks very well, I still can't pick The Falcons in this matchup. They're notorious choke artists and until they prove otherwise I think The 49ers will be able to come into Atlanta and play a great game and if it comes down to the wire like it did against Seattle, I think The 49ers will come out on top. Kaepernick probably won't have the stats he did last week, The Falcons won't get embarrassed, and Matt Ryan does play great at home, but I'm pretty sure they're going to choke once again.

49ers over Falcons 35-31


Baltimore Ravens Vs New England Patriots

At the beginning of the season I predicted that The Ravens would win The Super Bowl and so far they are looking like they could do it! They are headed to New England where they already beat The Patriots earlier in the season in a close game. The Ravens at times have looked like a great team and other times look like they have no idea what they're doing, but so far in the playoffs they have really stepped it up, they dominated The Colts in the Wildcard round and had an insane comeback double overtime win in Denver against one of the best teams during the regular season. The Patriots have basically been the same old Patriots, Tom Brady dominates on offense and the defense just manages to get by. The defense is much better than it has been in season's past, but they still aren't that impressive. Ever since Ray Lewis announced he will be retiring after the playoffs, I had a feeling that would give his team a bit more motivation and I feel like this matchup will be perfect for them. The Ravens defense is healthy so they should be on the attack with Tom Brady and have him running around all day. Joe Flacco has been lighting up defenses the past two games so he should a field day with The Patriots secondary, and obviously The Ravens have no problem playing on the road this season. I was pissed at myself for going against what I predicted at the beginning of the season and picking against The Ravens, this week I am sticking by them and I think they're moving onto The Super Bowl!

Ravens over Patriots 28-27

Friday, January 11, 2013

NFL Divisional Playoff Predictions

Wildcard Record: 3-1

NFL Divisional Round Playoff Predictions


Baltimore Ravens Vs Denver Broncos

The next stop on the Ray Lewis farewell tour is Denver, this is going to be a great game, probably the best of the weekend. Peyton Manning is spending his first season in Denver doing the exact same thing he did in Indy, lighting up every mother fucking defense he faces! Manning is having yet another MVP type season and is showing the league that he isn't suffering any problems from his neck surgery. The Denver defense is also playing some great football this year and Von Miller is leading the pack with 18.5 sacks and seems to be in on every big play made on the field, he is a nightmare for any quarterback he's coming after so Flacco better watch out. Earlier this season The Broncos opened a can on The Ravens, but they are getting quite a few guys back who were injured during that game so I think this game should be more competitive. Ray Lewis announcing his retirement after the playoffs I think is a huge motivating factor for his team so I have a feeling the defense is going to have a good game and give Manning all they've got. I'd love to see Ray end his career with another Super Bowl, but The Broncos are way too good for me to pick against and are playing some of the best football in the league! The Broncos are the most complete team in the league and I think they are going to win it all so of course I have to pick them in this game!

Broncos over Ravens 21-17

Houston Texans Vs New England Patriots

Well here The Texans are again, back in the same stadium, playing the same team that knocked them back down to reality a few weeks ago. The Patriots kicked the living hell out of The Texans and I don't expect to see anything different this time around. It's possible The Patriots might not score as many points this time around, but usually when The Patriots have a break they come out strong. Tom Brady had yet another great season throwing 34 touchdowns and only 8 interceptions and over 4800 yards and he actually has a ground game helping him out this season so everything is not on him to score the points. Tom Brady is one of the winningest quarterbacks of all time in the playoffs too, if they win this game he will pass Joe Montana for the most playoff wins all time, so that says a lot about Brady. The defense has also stepped it up this season, they aren't the greatest defense in the league, but they definitely are improved from last season especially in the pass rush. The Texans played a weak ass game against The Bengals last week and got lucky that Andy Dalton played more horrible than them. On offense they have definitely cooled off and Matt Schaub is throwing interceptions like his name is Tony Romo! The defense is still playing well and getting them wins but they will once again have their hands full with Tom Brady. The Texans really need this win to earn some respect and prove to everyone they are a legitimate contender. Like I said before I don't think this matchup will be any different from the previous one, The Patriots should stomp The Texans to the curb!

Patriots over Texans 38-17


Green Bay Packers Vs San Francisco 49ers

A lot has changed for both of these teams since they faced off in Week 1, The 49ers kicked their ass up in Green Bay and really have been riding high ever since. The Packers started the season off shaky, but have really turned it up the last couple of months and look like they are back to where they were when they won The Super Bowl. Alex Smith was the quarterback in the first matchup, but things have changed and Colin Kaepernick has taken over the starting role and is doing really well. Both of these teams matchup well, but where I think The Packers have the edge is with Aaron Rodgers, he is better than both Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick combined, and he is playing some great football. They are also getting back a ton of their key players back from injury and seem to play better each and every week. I think this is going to be a tough, hard fought game and it's going to come down to the end of the game and in that case I have to go with Aaron Rodgers and The Packers, I don't think Kaepernick can carry his team to a Super Bowl win...yet.

Packers over 49ers 21-20

Seattle Seahawks Vs Atlanta Falcons

Well here you go Falcons, now is your time to finally prove all of the haters wrong. The Falcons have pretty much dominated during the regular season but nobody, including myself, believes that they are a legitimate Super Bowl contender. The Falcons have been in this position before and have choked on every single occasion so I don't really think it will be any different. Matt Ryan has yet to even win a playoff game yet and Mike Smith has always struck me as a soft coach so we'll see what happens with this team. The Seahawks are coming off of a big win in Washington DC against The Redskins overcoming a 14 point deficit, so they are coming in with a lot of momentum. But for some reason this season The Seahawks play different on the road as opposed to when they are at home and while yes they did beat The Redskins in DC, I think overall The Falcons are a better team. I think The Falcons will get the win but this should be a good game to watch, but that does not mean I believe in The Falcons what so ever, they still have a lot to prove and I'm not even convinced they will win this week. I'm just picking them because overall they are a better team, they play well at home and Seattle is shaky on the road. I won't be surprised AT ALL if The Falcons choke though!

Falcons over Seahawks 24-21

Friday, January 4, 2013

NFL Wild Card Predictions


Cincinnati Bengals Vs Houston Texans

The Texans started off the season looking like they were going to be one of the toughest teams to beat, until they played The Patriots and they kicked their ass and snapped them back to reality. The Bengals have actually surprised me this season, they were a lot better than I anticipated them being. AJ Green and Andy Dalton are very dangerous to any defense that faces them and if you don't contain them then they will make you pay. The Bengals have won the last 7 out of 8 games so that's a great streak to be riding into the playoffs, where as The Texans were a win away from homefield advantage and blew their wad in December by losing 3 out of their last 4 games. It's never good coming into the playoffs on a losing streak in December, but it's great when you're winning. The Bengals may not be the better overall team, but The Texans have not been the same team since The Patriots stomped them to the curb and I still think they've been shook up ever since. Matt Schaub has been throwing nothing but interceptions and the defense has not been as dominant like they were in the beginning of the season. I'm taking the upset in this game and going with The Bengals, there's always an upset in the first week of the playoffs and I think this will be it!

Bengals over Texans 24-21

Indianapolis Colts Vs Baltimore Ravens

The Colts are the most surprising team to me that made the playoffs. I figured they would have some growing pains since they are in a rebuilding year, but they flipped the script on all of us and actually had a great season. They won a lot of games playing sloppy football, but hey a win is a win and Andrew Luck is already clutch and setting rookie records as a quarterback. There really isn't a ton of talent on this team, but they just find a way to win. The Ravens are a good team but haven't figured out how to play consistently. Sometimes on offense they'll light a team up and then the next week they won't score shit, on defense they still have some great players, but injury and age seems to be catching up to them in some games. The sad news is that Ray Lewis has announced he will retire after the playoffs, but I think that's a good thing for the team, I have a feeling that will motivate them a little more to get one more ring for Ray to send him out on a high note. The Colts, I think, will be getting a wake up call in this game, I don't think they are even on The Ravens level right now and I think they are a much superior team on many levels. The Ravens defense should have Andrew Luck on his ass all day and I think The Ravens offense should have a field day with The Colts mediocre defense. This should be the biggest blowout of the weekend!

Ravens over Colts 42-10


Minnesota Vikings Vs Green Bay Packers

Adrian Peterson is a bad mutha fucka!!! That dude blew out his knee at the end of the season and everyone assumed he'd be lucky to be back the first month or two of the season, well that bad ass showed us! Not only did he come back, but he came back with a vengeance, he single handedley is carrying this team to wins and carried them into the playoffs. He still runs hard and when you get him in the open field he is GONE!! I love watching him play and am so happy that I get to see more of him in the playoffs. The Packers just lost a close one to The Vikings last week and the game they played back in Week 13 was a win but also a close game. Both games came down to the end and were back and fourth the whole way, so this should be another great matchup. The Packers started the season off shaky, but got back on track and are playing some good football. They have only lost one home game this season so that is definitely an advantage for them against The Vikings. I think the factor in this game will be Christian Ponder, if he plays bad then The Vikings have no chance if he plays decent then they do, but The Packers are getting healthy and also getting Charles Woodson and Randall Cobb back this week. I think the defense will have Ponder running around all day and forcing turnovers, Adrian Peterson I'm sure will still do his thing but I don't think he will be enough for them to move on.

Packers over Vikings 28-24

Seattle Seahawks Vs Washington Redskins

Who would have thought that the top three rookie quarterbacks from the 2012 draft would all be in the playoffs? Now we get to see two of them play against eachother, both Russell Wilson and RGIII have been doing some great things this season and have really carried their teams into the playoffs. Griffin isn't the only rookie doing big things on his team though, Alfred Morris is a sixth round pick who just set the team rushing record for most rushing yards by a running back in a season for The Redskins, that's a big deal and he's obviously been a big part of the offense. The Seahawks are just an overall awesome team, on offense Russell Wilson has a cannon of an arm and can also make big plays with his legs, but he also has that beast back Marshawn Lynch who is just having a great season rushing over 1,500 yards and 11 Tds. Lynch runs hard and will take on any defensive player straight up and always seems to make his way out of the pack, he is very tough to tackle! I think overall The Seahawks are a better team than The Redskins and should get this win. The Redskins have a lot of injuries on defense, so Lynch and Wilson should have big days and The Seahawks defense hits hard and I'm sure they have RGIII and his hurt knee on lockdown this week.

Seahawks over Redskins 24-13