Saturday, January 19, 2019

NFL Conference Championship Predictions

Wild Card Record (3-1)
Divisional Record (2-2)

NFL Conference Championship Predictions


Los Angeles Rams Vs New Orleans Saints

The both of these teams are pretty much who we expected to end up in the NFC Conference Championship because these two teams dominated the NFL from start to finish, so it’s only fitting that this is how it ends up. It was a crazy game between them in the regular season and I’m expecting more of the same when they face off for a chance to play in the Super Bowl! The Rams offense is back in business and some how got even better with the addition of C.J. Anderson in the backfield. He is the perfect compliment to Todd Gurley and has opened up this offense even more for everyone else. The defense stepped it up last week, but this week they are facing off against an offensive powerhouse. The Saints, to me, are the most complete team remaining in the Playoffs. It’s really tough to pick against Sean Payton because he is not afraid to run the risky plays that get his team going when they need a kick in the ass. It’s always nice to have the veteran Drew Brees as your quarterback because you know you always have a chance because he’s able to get it going it any moment even if things aren’t going his way to start the game. The Rams are coming into this game pissed off about the last game while the Saints seem focused on this matchup and that can be a big factor on the outcome of this game. Like I keep saying the Saints are the most complete team this season and since they’ve already given us one example of how to kick the Rams ass this year, I’m pretty sure they can do it a second time!

Saints over Rams 42-35


New England Patriots Vs Kansas City Chiefs

The Patriots are playing in their EIGHTH consecutive AFC Championship game, that is an insane statistic whether you like this team or not! Tom Brady still continues to play at a high level and has his eyes set on another Championship. The Patriots will be coming into Kansas City to face the highest scoring offense in the league led by Patrick Mahomes. He has been on fire and has yet to have a horrible game, although it does help to have Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce out there catching the ball and making some big plays. The Patriots defense is definitely going to have their hands full in this matchup, but if they play anything close to the way they did last week against the Chargers then they should be able to make some big plays to keep their offense in it! One of the things the Patriots have always done best is when one of the great players begins to fall off like Rob Gronkowski, they always have a new player who emerges out of nowhere to come in and step up like the rookie running back Sony Michele. Many people have started to write the Patriots off as being washed up, but they have proven time and again that they are not. The exact opposite can be said of the Chiefs, especially their coach Andy Reid. He is a proven choke artist when it comes to the Playoffs and I believe the edge in this matchup is going to come down to the coaches and how they game plan. With that being said the Patriots have the edge and I don’t even need to present any stats because at the end of the day the best game planner in the NFL is Bill Belichick and you best believe this dude is ready to shut down the Kansas City Chiefs and their high powered offense.

Patriots over Chiefs 38-31

Friday, January 11, 2019

NFL Divisional Round Playoff Predictions

Wild Card Record (3-1)

NFL Divisional Round Playoff Predictions


Philadelphia Eagles Vs New Orleans Saints

Well damn who woulda thought Nick Foles would be back at quarterback for the Eagles and winning the big games just like he did last year?! We’ll see if he can keep this up because the Saints will be a tough test! The Saints were one of the most dominant teams in the NFL and that’s because they are a complete team from top to bottom. Drew Brees has had an MVP type season and continues to show why he is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time because he is still playing at a high level. He does have some help in the backfield with the duel threat running backs, Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram. They compliment each other well and are difficult for any team to contain. Brees has found another weapon in Michael Thomas at wide receiver which has really opened up this offense. The Eagles are coming in with some strong momentum and that should help make this a much more interesting matchup than when they played in the regular season, but I don’t think they have nearly enough fire power to keep up with the Saints on offense or defense. The Eagles are too beat up at this point and the Nick Foles magic will eventually wear off. If you take a look at how he played last week against the Bears he wasn’t that impressive until the fourth quarter, and hey it helped get them on to the next round, but they’re facing a team that will take advantage of that weakness and make them pay. The Saints are too good of a team for me to sleep on in this matchup.

Saints over Eagles 31-17

Dallas Cowboys Vs Los Angeles Rams

The Rams were one of the top teams on offense this season and they dominated most of the regular season, but cooled off in the month of December. It didn’t help that their running back Todd Gurley has been injured because it’s obvious that the offense runs through him. If he isn’t playing well this offense doesn’t play well and it becomes easy to expose Jared Goff because he cannot carry the load if it’s all on him. The Cowboys are coming into the Playoffs riding a huge wave of momentum. This looks to be a good matchup for the Cowboys because the Rams defense is not good at stopping the run which means Ezekiel Elliott is going to have another big day! Zeke has proven he is one of the toughest backs in the league and is difficult for any defense to contain because he is a threat in the passing game as well. The Cowboys defense has their hands full with the Rams offense, but they have been tested plenty of times throughout the season so they should be able to handle what they’ve got coming at them. I think the edge in this matchup will be the Cowboys defense. The defense plays with confidence and they bounce back even after they make a mistake. The front seven is going to be able to contain Gurley and force Goff under pressure and the Cowboys will be headed to the NFC Championship!

Cowboys over Rams 21-20


Indianapolis Colts Vs Kansas City Chiefs

One of my favorite things about the Playoffs is that the fraudulent teams get exposed quick and my other favorite thing is the history of chokers who can’t ever do anything besides choke! I believe I will have both of my favorite things in this matchup! From the start of the season everybody has been on the Chiefs hypetrain because of their high powered offense and Patrick Mahomes, but I have yet to buy into any of this and the reason why is because the Chiefs have done this before. As a matter of fact they have done it so many times before that I literally can’t even count! The Chiefs have historically been that team to dominate the regular season and then come Playoff time lay a big fat egg in the first matchup. I think we will see this same scenario play out again this weekend. The Colts are coming in with some great momentum and playing some really good football. Andrew Luck is on fire and this defense can straight up dominate. The Chiefs defense is one of the worst in the league so I have a feeling T.Y. Hilton and Andrew Luck will be lighting them up, which will put the pressure on Mahomes and the offense to keep up. The Colts defense is what gives them the edge in this matchup because I believe they will come up with the big stops in the end and come out of Kansas City with a win.

Colts over Chiefs 28-17

Los Angeles Chargers Vs New England Patriots

It’s Playoff time and they’re back again! The mother fucking Patriots are back for more Vince Lombardi Trophies because they don’t seem to have enough! This is the time of year the Patriots always play their best so get ready Chargers I hope you’re ready for it. The Chargers have had a great season, especially on the road, and overall I feel like the Chargers are the better team, but this is still the Patriots. The Chargers defense is absolutely good enough to keep Tom Brady in check, but the question is will they actually step it up and keep him on his ass for the entire game? Or will the Patriots do what they always do and score when they need to? The Chargers offense is one of the best in the league in the passing game and on the ground, but over the years the Chargers have proven to choke when it matters the most and the Patriots do the exact opposite. So until I see some proof that the Chargers can actually win the big game I will have no faith in them.

Patriots over Chargers 28-24

Sunday, January 6, 2019

National Championship Prediction

Semi-Finals Record (1-1)

National Championship Prediction

Clemson Vs Alabama

Well here we are again with the same two teams in the National Championship for the fourth year in a row! I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m sick of this shit! I’m so over this matchup that I almost considered not even making a blog post about it because it seems like a waste of my time, but here I am because I may as well finish what I started. Alabama continues to prove that they are unbeatable this season. They are head and shoulders above every opponent they have faced this season and it will be no different in this matchup. Clemson’s defense is great and it should be able to keep up with Alabama for some of the game, but as it gets deeper into the game around the third or fourth quarter I expect them to fade fast. Alabama’s offense is electric and can score quick. As usual the Alabama defense is solid too and I expect them to keep Clemson’s offense in check and make it very difficult for them to score any points and keep up with Alabama offensively. I don’t see this being much of a game and I already can’t wait for it to be over! I really hope next year we have a different matchup come Playoff time and I don’t care who it is as long it isn’t either one of these teams!

Alabama over Clemson 45-28

Friday, January 4, 2019

NFL Wild Card Playoff Predictions

NFL Wild Card Playoff Predictions


Seattle Seahawks Vs Dallas Cowboys

The both of these teams have had similar paths to the Playoffs. They started out shaky and have lost some tight games but, have finally found an identity at the right time of the year! The Cowboys defense has been one of the best in the league led by DeMarcus Lawrence, Jaylon Smith, and the rookie linebacker Leighton Vander Esch. It has been extremely difficult for any offense that they have faced to get around any one of those guys. The defense has really carried the Cowboys throughout the season, even though they also have a stout offense ever since the trade for Amari Cooper. The trade for Cooper has opened up this offense and taken it to another level. The Seahawks are pretty much all Russell Wilson at this point and there is nothing wrong with that, but at some point it will cost you games because one player can’t win it all. The “Legion of Boom” is over and this Seahawks defense looks like a shell of themselves. Don’t get me wrong they have had their moments and can hold their own, but overall this defense lacks that swagger and confidence that we’ve grown used to over the years. I have a feeling this game is going to be a battle in the trenches and whichever team is able to overpower the other one on the line is going to get this win. The Cowboys have the leading rusher Ezekiel Elliott and he is the perfect running back for this type of matchup. If Zeke can dominate in this game like I believe he can the Cowboys should come out on top.

Cowboys over Seahawks 28-24

Philadelphia Eagles Vs Chicago Bears

With the way the Eagles have played this season I am really surprised they were able to back their way into the Playoffs, but here they are! Led by Nick Foles yet again because Carson Wentz is injured…again! I know the Philly fans are hoping for some more Foles magic, but I don’t think that is going to happen this year! The Eagles are not a good team at all. The ground game is non-existent, the passing game has not been consistent, and the defense is weak. The Bears on the other hand are a strong team with a killer defense and I think they are going to give Nick Foles hell! If that dude was hurting last week, I don’t know how he’s going to feel after he faces the Bears defense! Khalil Mack has made all the difference for this team and was obviously the last piece they needed to complete this defense. The offense is not flashy, but they are solid and can get the job done. I don’t think this is going to be much of a game because I don’t anticipate the Eagles are going to actually have a chance in this one!

Bears over Eagles 27-7


Los Angeles Chargers Vs Baltimore Ravens

I smell a revenge game coming in this matchup! In the regular season the Chargers were embarrassed in their own stadium when they got kicked to the curb by the Ravens. This time around I think it will be a much different result. The last time they played seemed like the typical trap game for the Chargers, and they fell for it and now have learned from it. The Chargers offense has been tops in the league and Philip Rivers has been having a career year. Melvin Gordon is a huge part as to why this Chargers offense works so well because not only can he take you head on up the middle and break for day light, but he is also a weapon in the passing game and can open things up for everyone else on the offense. The Ravens defense has been tops in the league and is the main reason why they were able to get into the Playoffs. On offense Lamar Jackson looks like he has potential to become a good quarterback in the future, but I have a feeling this game will be one he remembers forever, and not for good reasons. The Chargers defense has also been one of the best in the league and I believe they will keep Lamar Jackson in check all day. The Ravens don’t have any other offensive weapons to fall back on to pick them up, so this will not be a pretty game.

Chargers over Ravens 35-10

Indianapolis Colts Vs Houston Texans

I think the Houston Texans are the most fraudulent team to make the Playoffs! They do have some really good players like J.J. Watt, DeShaun Watson, and DeAndre Hopkins, but last time I checked teams won football games, not individuals. Overall as a team the Texans are mediocre and soft. The offensive line is garbage, they have absolutely no ground game besides the quarterback, and the only time the defense looks dominant is when they play subpar teams. The Colts on the other hand are a very strong team who seem to have finally found their identity as the season has moved along. Now that Andrew Luck finally has a good offensive line he has plenty of time to get the ball to one of his many offensive weapons. T.Y. Hilton is probably one of the most underrated receivers in the league because he is consistent game in and game out, and has been ever since he was drafted. The Colts defense has been the biggest surprise thus far and while they will have their hands full against the Texans I believe they will be able to lock down the Texans offensively and make sure that their defense is stuck on the field getting lit up by Luck and the Colts offense.

Colts over Texans 24-13