Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2013 NBA Finals Prediction

1st Round Record (6-2)
Conf Semi’s Record (4-0)
Conf Finals Record (2-0)

NBA Finals Prediction

San Antonio Spurs Vs Miami Heat

I really wish another team from The Eastern Conference would learn how to defeat The Miami Heat in the playoffs because I am so sick and tired of seeing them in The Finals! But here we are, the good thing is they’re playing The Spurs and ever since the playoffs began I’ve felt like they were the only team who could beat The Heat in a seven game series. The Spurs have been playing some great basketball all throughout the playoffs, the veteran players have stepped it up in the clutch roles, they have been playing great on defense and Greg Popovich has this team in the zone! Don’t get me wrong The Heat are a good team, but right now everything is on LeBron’s shoulders due to Dwayne Wade’s injuries. Wade has basically been non existent in the playoffs and I think this is The Heat’s biggest weakness because since everybody on ESPN is so obsessed with LeBron people forget that Dwayne Wade is and has been one of the best players in the league and even had a ring before the overhyped “Big 3” era. Their second weakness will be in the paint, Chris Bosh and Birdman won’t be able to outrebound anyone on The Spurs and should get dominated on the defensive side. The Spurs overall are a better team than The Heat, especially without a healthy Dwayne Wade and while they have been able to get by without him playing at full strength I think The Spurs will be too much for The Heat and The Spurs will be The Champions in the end.

Spurs over Heat 6 games

MVP: Tim Duncan