Thursday, October 4, 2018

MLB Division Series Predictions

2018 MLB Division Series Predictions


New York Yankees Vs Boston Red Sox

One of the best rivalries in sports is Yankees and Red Sox and I feel like this one will be another classic! In the past playoff matchups between these two, the Yankees usually rolled in and looked like the more dominant team, but not this time around. The Yankees are a solid team, but they have had their struggles, and I am not convinced their starting pitching or bullpen will be able to handle the Red Sox. The Red Sox have been one of the best teams in the league by far, they can kill you on offense and they will kill you on defense. They are difficult to score against and difficult to stop once they start loading up the bases. The starting pitching is one of the best in the league and we all know that is where it all begins if you want a championship. I don’t expect the Yankees to lay down, they will give it their all, but unfortunately for them I think the Red Sox are a much more consistent team than the Yankees and that gives them the edge in this matchup.

Red Sox over Yankees in 5 games

Cleveland Indians Vs Houston Astros

This matchup in the Division Series will probably be better than the actual World Series. I believe whoever wins this matchup will be the Champion when it’s all said and done because I believe these are the two best teams in the league. They both showcase some of the best pitching in the league, along with a batting lineup that has been known to score a lot of runs. The problem for the Astros this season has been the never ending injuries to some of their key players, so they just haven’t looked as dominant as they were last season. I don’t even think most people beyond legitimate baseball fans even realize how good the Indians are, they have probably the best starting pitching staff in the league and the bullpen is solid as well. I believe the edge in this matchup will go to the Indians because of their power house batting lineup. I believe they will come through in the clutch and will be able to pound away at the Astros pitchers and take this series.

Indians over Astros in 5 games


Atlanta Braves Vs Los Angeles Dodgers

The Braves have been a big surprise this season with a nice group of homegrown talent taking the league by storm. The Dodgers on the other hand have been all over the place. They haven’t had one ounce of consistency at any point in the season. One minute they look amazing and can kick your ass, then the next they are getting blown out and look like an absolutely pathetic squad. The Dodgers on paper are a really good team and should actually breeze right on through the playoffs, but because of their inconsistency it’s hard to imagine they won’t have a difficult time against the Braves. While I like what the Braves have been able to accomplish this season, I still think they have some work to do and have really cooled off over the past couple of months. I believe the Dodgers have the edge in this matchup just because they seem to actually be playing well and came in hot into the playoffs and seem to be firing on all cylinders…for now!

Dodgers over Braves in 4 games

Colorado Rockies Vs Milwaukee Brewers

I don’t believe most people thought the Brewers were going to dominate like they did this season. They have been on fire from start to finish and overall have been one of the most consistent teams in the National League. The batting lineup is killer and the starting pitching has been very solid. The Rockies caught fire the last couple of months and almost ended up taking the division away from the Dodgers! The Rockies are a solid team and should give the Brewers a tough fight, but in the end I think the Brewers are a much better team and will be able to take advantage when it matters the most. I don’t believe the Rockies starting pitchers will be able to handle the Brewers batting order and could be in trouble if the starters get chased out of the game early and they have to rely on the bullpen.

Brewers over Rockies in 3 games

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