Wednesday, May 29, 2019

NBA Finals Prediction

First Round Record (7-1)
Semifinals Record (2-2)
Conference Finals Record (2-0)

NBA Finals Prediction

Golden State Warriors Vs Toronto Raptors

If there is one thing that I have learned during the NBA playoffs is that Kawhi Leonard is the truth!  This dude has single-handedly carried the Raptors the entire way through the playoffs. He seems to get better with each and every game and he leaves it all out there on the court. You can even see how hobbled he is towards the end of the game because he’s played so hard. He has led the Raptors all the way into the NBA Finals, a place that they have come so close to, but fell short while LeBron dominated the Eastern Conference. The unfortunate thing for the Raptors is they’re about to face off against the defending Champs, who are playing in their fifth straight NBA Finals. I don’t think it makes a difference if Kevin Durant ends up playing or not because the Warriors are still head and shoulders above the Raptors! This is not a shot at KD because I also think he is a killer on the court, it’s just a testament to the Warriors team as a whole and how good they are.

The Warriors are not playing their fifth straight NBA Finals series by luck or by chance. It’s because they have been the best team for that long because they have the most depth. The Warriors have bench players who could be starters for other NBA teams, that’s how fucking good that they are. Steph Curry is still balling out of his mind, Klay Thompson continues to step up and make all the clutch shots (I don’t know why everyone forgets about him), and no one plays harder in the paint than Draymond Green. Draymond is currently and has always been their secret weapon, and one of the main reasons why they continue to win Championships! Most people do not realize that he is the engine that keeps this train moving because of what he does for them in the paint. I don’t believe the Raptors even have a chance in this one. They do not have the fire power to keep up and while Kawhi is a killer, he will need the rest of his team to help him out and I don’t believe he has enough surrounding him to keep up with Golden State. The Warriors have basically breezed through the playoffs and I expect the same in the Finals.

Warriors over Raptors in 5 games

MVP: Draymond Green

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