Friday, October 11, 2019

ALCS & NLCS Predictions

Division Series Record (3-1)


New York Yankees Vs Houston Astros

In my opinion, the Astros have the best roster in baseball from starting pitching, to batting lineup, and all the way on down to the manager. The Astros are a solid team, but with that being said I believe they got heavily exposed in the ALDS against the Rays. I had a feeling it was going to happen at some point in the post season, just not that early against such a mediocre team like the Rays. The mistakes that the starting pitching made during the ALDS were so out of character for them, but if that happens to them against the Rays, I have no idea how they will make it through the Yankees batting order? You cannot make any mistakes when pitching against this Yankees offense because every guy in the lineup is capable of opening up this game, and if the Astros have to rely on their bullpen to get them through this series they may as well pack up and go home now because that is where their biggest weakness lies. The Yankees have played the best baseball out of every team in the league this season from start to finish. Even with all the injuries and the sub-par pitching this team has overcome everything that has been thrown at them. They’ve looked like champs from the jump and I expect that to continue on into the World Series!

Yankees over Astros in 6 games


Washington Nationals Vs St. Louis Cardinals

When the playoffs began I did not expect this matchup, but that is why I love the MLB playoffs because you never know what’s going to happen! This is going to be a fun series to watch because the teams match up well against each other. The Nationals starting pitching has been solid this season led by Max Scherzer who continues to pitch at a dominant level along with Stephen Strasburg. These guys are capable of taking over a game and even if they make a mistake, they shake it off and come back strong. The Cardinals starting pitching isn’t flashy at all and the casual baseball fan wouldn’t even be able to name one of the starting pitchers on the team, but they statistically are better than the Nationals. They are ranked fifth in the league in ERA and are the back bone of this team. The batting lineups for both teams can get hot at any time and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of these games end up back and forth from inning to inning. The edge in this matchup will be the bullpens. The Nationals weakness all season has been there bullpen, they have consistently been let down by the bullpen and I have a feeling that will be their downfall in this series. The Cardinals are on fire right now and they are a team who really believe in themselves. I had a feeling they were going to be a World Series contender before the playoffs began and I think that’s where they will be headed when it’s all said and done.

Cardinals over Nationals in 6 games

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