Monday, October 19, 2020

World Series Prediction


Wild Card Record (6-2) 

Division Series Record (1-3)

Championship Series Record (0-2)


World Series Prediction

Tampa Bay Rays Vs Los Angeles Dodgers 

This was, by far, one of the best baseball seasons I have watched in my life and the culmination of this season is finally here with a great matchup of two great teams to end this season. The Dodgers have absolutely dominated from start to finish. They have made winning look really easy this season and they have done it behind solid pitching and even better offense. The Rays are doing the exact same thing which will make this a great matchup. As I said in the previous round when two evenly matched teams go up against each other in a seven game series you are put to the test in every way and only the team that is able to take advantage of the small chance of error their opponent offers up will come out on top. Both teams were put to the test in the Championship Series and came out on top which means we are going to get another great series to end the season. Both teams have had great starting pitching, a bullpen that can step it up when called upon, defense that can make the big play and offense that can score the big run. It’s difficult to figure out which team has the edge over the other, but there is an advantage the Dodgers do have and that is postseason experience. Over the years the Dodgers have been notorious chokers in the playoffs and even when they dominate the regular season they fall hard in the postseason, but sometimes that can be a good thing to help build for your future. As much as it pains me to say this because I absolutely hate everything about the Dodgers, I still think they are the better team and will finally win a World Series. The Rays will put up a good fight, but the Dodgers have made baseball look really easy this season and they’ve looked like the best team from start to finish and I think they will finally come out on top.

Dodgers over Rays in 6 games

MVP: Corey Seager

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