Tuesday, August 29, 2017

2017 NFL Season Predictions - NFC & AFC East

2017 NFL Season Predictions

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys (12-4)

The Cowboys are coming off of a very unexpected season, so it should be interesting to see how they bounce back. They made some improvements this offseason on defense in the pass rush and secondary. Both, Orlando Scandrick and Jaylon Smith are coming off of injury and I believe will make a huge impact on the defense this season. Offensively the Cowboys should pick up right where they left off. Even in the absence of Ezekiel Elliot the Cowboys have two veteran backups, Darren McFadden and Alfred Morris, who will be able to take advantage of this great offensive line and give Prescott two more weapons to work with on offense. I don’t believe Prescott will suffer any set backs as this offense is essentially the same as last year. Defense is where the Cowboys have had the most issues and I believe will finally make an impact to help propel the Cowboys to become a legitimate playoff contender this season.

New York Giants (10-6)

The Giants are always such an unpredictable team. They made a great move this offseason by signing Brandon Marshall to give Eli yet another big play wide receiver to work alongside Odell Beckham Jr. The problem is they still have no ground game and the defense is questionable, but for some reason I still believe they will make some noise in the NFC. They will more than likely have a roller coaster season with some drastic highs and lows, but I believe that’s the way the Giants like it, they seem more motivated when they hit rock bottom midway through the season. It should be another interesting year from the Giants, you know I’m always hoping for the worst with them!

Philadelphia Eagles (9-7)

The Eagles have made some improvements to their team during the offseason, but I still don’t believe they will be good enough to make a playoff run. On offense they have a ton of weapons and this will make them a tough team to outscore, but on the defensive side of the ball they aren’t that great. They don’t have much of a pass rush and the secondary is questionable at best. If they run into a high powered offense, or even a pretty good offense it won’t be difficult for the Eagles to be outscored. The NFC East is more than likely going to end up being one of the toughest divisions in the league and I think the Eagles will end up falling short due to how competitive the division is. The Eagles will make some noise this year, but not enough to even sniff the playoffs!

Washington Redskins (4-12)

For some reason there are people who actually think this team is going to be competitive this season, but I don’t see it! On offense they’re mediocre and on defense they’re old…so what do they have going for them? Bunk ass Kirk Cousins? Sorry bout ya Redskins fans your team is going to be horrendous this season!

AFC East

New England Patriots (13-3)

The Patriots are the defending Super Bowl Champions and haven’t lost a step in the offseason! The loss of Julian Edelman sucks, but the Patriots have always been able to deal with the loss of someone due to an injury. As long as they have Tom Brady everything works out well for the Pats! It helps that the division is terrible, but even if it wasn’t the Patriots are still one of the best teams in the league and until they have proven otherwise I can’t expect anything less than another run at the Super Bowl for the Patriots.

Miami Dolphins (9-7)

The Dolphins are always on the cusp of doing something and then the season begins and they end up going nowhere. Jay Cutler is not going to make this team any better than they were prior to Ryan Tannehill’s injury, both quarterbacks are fairly mediocre and have proven next to nothing. The Dolphins have some talent and are in a weak division so they should get some garbage wins that don’t really matter, but we all know this division belongs to the Patriots until another team finally steps it up and proves otherwise.

Buffalo Bills (4-12)

Not only do the Bills have an exceptionally mediocre team, but they are also in a division with the Patriots! I’m not quite sure what the Bills have to play for this season, but then again that’s how I’ve always felt about the Bills since I was a child!

New York Jets (1-15)

I predict the Jets will be the absolute WORST team in the league this season! There isn’t one positive thing that can be said about this team, except for they will have the first pick in the draft in 2018!

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