Monday, September 4, 2017

2017 NFL Season Predictions - NFC & AFC West

2017 NFL Season Predictions

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals (11-5)

The Cardinals are another one of those teams that are difficult to predict from season to season because they are so inconsistent! They do benefit from being stuck in one of the worst divisions’ in the league, so they shouldn’t have a problem getting some wins! On offense, for the most part, they are fairly consistent. Carson Palmer is a solid QB, when healthy, Larry Fitzgerald is still one of the best receivers in the game, and David Johnson is one of the best duel threat running backs in the league. The defense isn’t bad, they have some great players like Patrick Peterson, but the rest of the defense is pretty questionable. I expect the Cardinals to be a competitive team, but we’ll see what happens come playoff time because we all know choking is what they do best!

Seattle Seahawks (9-7)

The Seahawks seem to have a problem with comradery on their team, which is never a good thing going into a season. The Seahawks were fairly mediocre last year and have had plenty of ups and downs, which all seemed to stem from internal fighting. That continued throughout the offseason and seems to have rolled on into this year. The Seahawks still have an amazing defense, but on offense there isn’t much else beyond Russell Wilson, and while he has proven he can carry a team, he really doesn’t have anyone else to help him out on the offensive side of the ball. The Seahawks receiving is exceptionally mediocre, the ground game is garbage, and the offensive line is deteriorating, so all in all I’m not expecting a whole lot from this team!

Los Angeles Rams (5-10)

The Rams are garbage and should be happy that I’m spotting them five wins this season because I’m sure they won’t even make that!

San Francisco 49ers (2-12)

The 49ers are one of the most awful teams coming into this season. I mean seriously there is almost nothing positive you can say about this team on offense or defense! They are in rebuild mode, so if anything at least they will get a top five draft pick in 2018!

AFC West

Oakland Raiders (12-4)

The Raiders are fucking stacked as a team! On offense they were already lights out and then they go and make a trade for Marshawn Lynch. Sure, he took a year off, but I’m still betting he’s got some gas in the tank to help this team out. Lynch won’t be the focal point of the offense like he was in Seattle, he is more of a compliment to the Raiders offense. Derek Carr is the leader of this squad and I think will have an MVP type of season. The defense is a silent killer and I believe will be one of the best in the league. The Raiders are definitely a team everyone will have to keep their eye on!

Kansas City Chiefs (8-8)

Overall the Chiefs are an exceptionally boring ass team and that’s not a shock since Alex Smith is still the starting quarterback. He’s a decent quarterback, but I’ve never believed he would ever lead his team to anything besides mediocrity! I have a feeling he is close to losing his job to the new draft pick Patrick Mahomes and that will probably cost the team a few wins in a tough conference!

Los Angeles Chargers (6-10)

The Chargers will still be just as mediocre in L.A. as they were in San Diego!

Denver Broncos (5-11)

The Broncos have grown progressively worse as a team since they won the Super Bowl and I believe that will continue on into this year. On defense they’re still solid, but on offense, they are still as horrible as ever! The quarterback position has always been up in the air and will probably be a mystery every single Sunday! I have a feeling this will be a long season for Broncos fans!

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