Saturday, September 2, 2017

2017 NFL Season Predictions - NFC & AFC South

2017 NFL Season Predictions

NFC South

Carolina Panthers (10-6)

The Panthers are coming into this season under the radar because last season was so horrible. I believe they are happy with that role and it will help them focus on winning rather than having to defend themselves while in the spotlight. The defense is still as solid as a rock and I expect them to stomp every opponent they face into the ground. On offense they added Christian McCaffrey at running back to give Cam Newton some much needed relief on the ground. Newton has been the teams’ leading rusher just about every season and that is a problem! It’s nice to have a quarterback who can run, but he should never lead the team in rushing! With an energized ground game this should open up the passing attack and make the Panthers a much stronger force on the offensive side of the ball.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10-6)

The Bucs are a team on the rise who made some slight adjustments over the offseason that I believe will pay off this season! The biggest addition they made was on offense by adding a solid weapon at wide receiver in DeSean Jackson. He has had some issues with injuries, but if he can stay healthy he and Jameis Winston should make a nasty combo! The defense is solid as a rock up on the line, they should have every quarterback they face running for days!

Atlanta Falcons (9-7)

The most consistent thing the Falcons have done throughout their history is be inconsistent, and since they blew their wad in the Super Bowl last season I anticipate they will have a shitty season this year! It’s going to be a battle in this division and we are all fully aware the Falcons are terrible at trying to overcome any type of adversity…ask Tom Brady about that! (Haha!). The Super Bowl hang over will be felt all throughout Atlanta and they will be stinking up that brand new stadium of theirs!

New Orleans Saints (8-8)

The Saints are old and hobbled, and eventually Drew Brees won’t even be able to save them! The defense is total garbage and on offense they added Adrian Peterson, but who knows what they are actually going to get with that guy? Peterson has had injury issues and we’ve already seen how well (sarcasm) the Saints medical staff is at taking care of their players! To top it off this is one of the best divisions’ in the league and every game is at stake!

AFC South

Tennessee Titans (10-6)

The Titans are my surprise team for the upcoming season. I believe this team is finally ready to make a run at this mediocre division! The Titans are a strong, young team, who played really well last season, but were held back due to some serious injuries to key players. Marcus Mariota has shown improvement every season since he has come into the league and while his season was cut short due to injuries last year, this year I believe he will elevate his game and take the league by surprise. Demarco Murray in the backfield will be a huge help and don’t be shocked if he comes out and leads the league in rushing. The foundation the Titans have built over the past couple of seasons is growing stronger and this will be the year the rest of the league takes notice.

Houston Texans (9-7)

Ladies and gentleman I think the Texans have finally found themselves a decent quarterback! They drafted Deshaun Watson in this past draft and so far in the preseason he has shown quite a bit of promise. I’m sure he will suffer from the rookie growing pains throughout this season, but I think this guy is definitely the future of the franchise! In the present though, I believe the Texans will struggle this season as they still have not found their identity under Coach Bill O’Brien. Combine that with a rookie QB, the Texans are bound to have a roller coaster of a season!

Indianapolis Colts (6-10)

The Colts have no idea where they are going as a team? This has been the case for about three seasons now and this injury to Andrew Luck makes their season look all the more murky. It’s going to be one LONG season for the Colts!

Jacksonville Jaguars (3-13)

Get ready for the season of the rotating quarterback in Jacksonville! It’s already begun and I can tell it will be the problem that continues to bite the Jags in the ass until it can actually be addressed! The Jaguars have only one positive thing I can say about their team going into this season, and that is that Leonard Fournette is definitely the future of the NFL. I’m excited to see where this guys’ career ends up, he could be a rookie of the year candidate. The problem is he plays for the Jaguars one of the worst teams in the league with an atrocious offense that will give him no help at all, so he is bound to be overlooked even if he plays at a high level!

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