Saturday, May 12, 2018

NBA Conference Finals Predictions

First Round Record (6-2)
Semi-Final Record (2-2)

NBA Conference Finals Predictions

Western Conference Finals

Golden State Warriors Vs Houston Rockets

Well it seems like we’ve all been waiting the entire season for this matchup and now it’s finally here! This will probably end up being the biggest challenge for the Warriors in the postseason. With that being said I have no doubt the Warriors will win this series, it’s just going to be a bit more difficult than the last two opponents. The Rockets are great on offense, but the entire team from Harden, to Chris Paul, to D’Antoni, are all proven choke artists. They should be able to keep up with the Warriors when it comes to scoring, but when it comes to playing great basketball they still have a ways to go compared to the Warriors. Kevin Durant is probably playing the best basketball of his career and it’s not something that is being talked about much this year, and I’m sure because he’s on the best team in the league, but if you just watch how he has played this season it is really impressive! He can’t be stopped when it comes to scoring, nobody will matchup well against him on the Rockets, and to top it off he actually can play defense. Like I said this should be a decent series, but the Warriors are by far the superior team!

Warriors over Rockets in 6 games

Eastern Conference Finals

Cleveland Cavaliers Vs Boston Celtics

This matchup would be so much better if Kyrie Irving wasn’t injured and was going to play in this series because this is exactly why he left! He wanted to prove he didn’t need LeBron to carry a team and he did prove that all the way up until he got injured. The Celtics overall are a much better team than the Cavs and I believe they will make this a tough series for LeBron, but so far no one in the Eastern Conference has been able to prove they can even hang with LeBron and the Bronettes. At some point carrying the entire load on his shoulders will wear down on him, but I’m not quite sure that will be in this round, we may have to wait until the Finals for that one. The Celtics would be a lock in this matchup if Kyrie were playing, but since he’s not I feel like it’s going to bite them in the ass when it matters the most and the Cavs will end up winning this Series. It should be a fun series to watch, but in the end I think we’re gonna see LeBron in the Finals…yet again.

Cavaliers over Celtics in 7 games

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