Wednesday, May 30, 2018

NBA Finals Prediction

First Round Record (6-2)
Semi-Final Record (2-2)
Conference Finals Record (2-0)

NBA Finals Prediction

Cleveland Cavaliers Vs Golden State Warriors

Well, no surprises here in the 2018 NBA Finals! We are right where we expected to be at when the season began, the Cavaliers versus the Warriors! A few teams tried to shake things up, but then everything snapped back to reality and here we are! Now out of all the times we’ve seen these two play against each other in the Finals, this by far is the WORST Cavaliers team compared to the others. This team is ALL LeBron! He is their offense, defense, heart, soul, brain, literally he’s their EVERYTHING! Now if he had just one other solid player to step it up this would actually be a good series to watch, but I have a feeling it’s going to end quick!

 The Warriors are just unstoppable and are going to be way too much for the Cavaliers to even keep up with. Even though LeBron continues to silence the doubters and pull his team through every single series in the post season at some point it is going to be too much for him to carry. Kevin Durant continues to score with ease. I’d like to figure out who besides LeBron on the Cavaliers will even be able to guard him in the slightest bit. Even if you can guard him, there’s still Steph Curry who has been on fire as of late, there is also the forgotten Klay Thompson who has been known to come out of nowhere and absolutely dominate a game, and I know everyone loves to the hate the dude, but Draymond Green is also playing great you just don’t hear about it because he’s doing the dirty work! I really have no faith in the Cavs in this matchup. LeBron is balling uncontrollably, but the entire Warriors team is balling uncontrollably and that is not a good thing for LeBron and the Bronettes!

Warriors over Cavaliers in 5 games

MVP: Kevin Durant

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