Saturday, January 19, 2019

NFL Conference Championship Predictions

Wild Card Record (3-1)
Divisional Record (2-2)

NFL Conference Championship Predictions


Los Angeles Rams Vs New Orleans Saints

The both of these teams are pretty much who we expected to end up in the NFC Conference Championship because these two teams dominated the NFL from start to finish, so it’s only fitting that this is how it ends up. It was a crazy game between them in the regular season and I’m expecting more of the same when they face off for a chance to play in the Super Bowl! The Rams offense is back in business and some how got even better with the addition of C.J. Anderson in the backfield. He is the perfect compliment to Todd Gurley and has opened up this offense even more for everyone else. The defense stepped it up last week, but this week they are facing off against an offensive powerhouse. The Saints, to me, are the most complete team remaining in the Playoffs. It’s really tough to pick against Sean Payton because he is not afraid to run the risky plays that get his team going when they need a kick in the ass. It’s always nice to have the veteran Drew Brees as your quarterback because you know you always have a chance because he’s able to get it going it any moment even if things aren’t going his way to start the game. The Rams are coming into this game pissed off about the last game while the Saints seem focused on this matchup and that can be a big factor on the outcome of this game. Like I keep saying the Saints are the most complete team this season and since they’ve already given us one example of how to kick the Rams ass this year, I’m pretty sure they can do it a second time!

Saints over Rams 42-35


New England Patriots Vs Kansas City Chiefs

The Patriots are playing in their EIGHTH consecutive AFC Championship game, that is an insane statistic whether you like this team or not! Tom Brady still continues to play at a high level and has his eyes set on another Championship. The Patriots will be coming into Kansas City to face the highest scoring offense in the league led by Patrick Mahomes. He has been on fire and has yet to have a horrible game, although it does help to have Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce out there catching the ball and making some big plays. The Patriots defense is definitely going to have their hands full in this matchup, but if they play anything close to the way they did last week against the Chargers then they should be able to make some big plays to keep their offense in it! One of the things the Patriots have always done best is when one of the great players begins to fall off like Rob Gronkowski, they always have a new player who emerges out of nowhere to come in and step up like the rookie running back Sony Michele. Many people have started to write the Patriots off as being washed up, but they have proven time and again that they are not. The exact opposite can be said of the Chiefs, especially their coach Andy Reid. He is a proven choke artist when it comes to the Playoffs and I believe the edge in this matchup is going to come down to the coaches and how they game plan. With that being said the Patriots have the edge and I don’t even need to present any stats because at the end of the day the best game planner in the NFL is Bill Belichick and you best believe this dude is ready to shut down the Kansas City Chiefs and their high powered offense.

Patriots over Chiefs 38-31

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