Sunday, January 6, 2019

National Championship Prediction

Semi-Finals Record (1-1)

National Championship Prediction

Clemson Vs Alabama

Well here we are again with the same two teams in the National Championship for the fourth year in a row! I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m sick of this shit! I’m so over this matchup that I almost considered not even making a blog post about it because it seems like a waste of my time, but here I am because I may as well finish what I started. Alabama continues to prove that they are unbeatable this season. They are head and shoulders above every opponent they have faced this season and it will be no different in this matchup. Clemson’s defense is great and it should be able to keep up with Alabama for some of the game, but as it gets deeper into the game around the third or fourth quarter I expect them to fade fast. Alabama’s offense is electric and can score quick. As usual the Alabama defense is solid too and I expect them to keep Clemson’s offense in check and make it very difficult for them to score any points and keep up with Alabama offensively. I don’t see this being much of a game and I already can’t wait for it to be over! I really hope next year we have a different matchup come Playoff time and I don’t care who it is as long it isn’t either one of these teams!

Alabama over Clemson 45-28

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