Wednesday, August 28, 2019

2019 NFL Season Predictions - NFC & AFC North

2019 NFL Season Predictions

NFC North

Minnesota Vikings (11-5)

The Vikings are a team everyone is sleeping on because of how poorly they played last season, but I think a lot of that can be blamed on the injuries to key players who are now back this year. They have an explosive offense with two of the best receivers in the league with Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs and, if Dalvin Cook is able to stay healthy this season he can add an extra layer to this offense. Kirk Cousins isn’t a horrible quarterback and if all of the weapons on the offense are healthy he should be able to keep this offense rolling. On defense they are a bunch of no names the casual fan couldn’t point out, but they are physical and tough on the defensive side of the ball and should give any opposing offense nightmares. I think the Vikings are going to bounce back strong this season and make some noise during the playoffs.

Chicago Bears (10-6)

The Bears surprised everyone las season by absolutely dominating the regular season. I expect them to continue to build off of what they started last season. Starting with the defense and the beast that is Khalil Mack, he is a killer on the defensive line and has every quarterback he’s up against running for their lives! Right behind him there is a strong lockdown secondary that make it very difficult for any opposing receiver to get open. The Bears on offense are still pretty weak at the wide receiver position, but have a very strong offensive line which will help build the ground game. The Bears are a solid team and should have another strong showing this season led by their defense which will be one of the best in the league.

Green Bay Packers (8-8)

I’m always amused every season when the Packers are the supposed front runner as one of the top teams in the NFC, when they shouldn’t even be considered one of the top teams in their own division. Don’t get me wrong Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback, but the problem for the Packers over the years has been they refuse to get him any help at all! They expect him to literally do everything on offense and that’s impossible! Going into this season this is shaping up to be Aaron Rodgers worst group of offensive weapons he could possibly receive. He has a new coach, he has no top wide receiver to be seen, his offensive line is garbage, and the running back position continues to remain a mystery. Aaron Rodgers is only getting older and seems to get beat up more and more every season, and from what I can see that won’t change this season. I have a feeling the Packers will have a tumultuous season with no consistency at all on offense or defense.

Detroit Lions (4-12)

The Lions have done a good job at wasting the career of Matthew Stafford. It’s been awhile since he’s had a decent receiver and it’s been an even longer while since he’s had a decent offensive line or a ground game to turn to. The defense is mediocre at best and I have a feeling the Detroit Lions of old who ruled the league as losers have come back for their crown!

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4)

I think a lot of people are sleeping on the Steelers because of what went down with Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown this offseason. I have the opposite thoughts and believe that getting rid of the both of them will be a blessing in disguise. It was already proven last season that the Steelers are fine without Le’Veon Bell because James Conner stepped in and dominated and, I only expect him to get better this season. Antonio Brown will not be missed. I always thought that dude was a total cunt! This new wave of player who has to arrive to training camp in some stupid “look at me” type of fashion has ALWAYS pissed me off and you are nothing but a diva cunt who is a cancer to your locker room. So, the loss of Antonio Brown is no loss at all because you’ve gained plenty by getting his stupid ass out of that locker room. The Steelers offense should do just fine, it’s the defense where there problems have been over the last couple of years. Their linebackers are stout and will be tough for any offense they’re up against. TJ Watt is coming off of a strong season last year and I only expect him to improve and take on more of a leadership role this season. The Steelers should dominate the AFC this season!

Cleveland Browns (10-6)

This the first time in pretty much ever that the Browns have actual expectations on them to be a good team. For me, the Browns ain’t shit until they have proven otherwise. They are building a solid nucleus with the additions through the draft, free agency and trades, but they have not proven a damn thing. They should be a good team this year, but I expect them to have some growing pains along the way. They are a young team with a new coach and no identity has taken shape as of yet and with all of that I can’t say they are a clear cut favorite to win their tough division. They should make some noise and compete for a spot in the playoffs.

Baltimore Ravens (9-7)

This year’s Ravens team will be the definition of mediocrity because they don’t have a lot going on with the offense or defense. Lamar Jackson looks like he has a promising future as a quarterback, but he’s going to have a tough time behind that offensive line this season. Then you take a look at his options at wide receiver and think who the fuck is this guy going to complete a pass to if he even gets the chance to throw up a prayer? Mark Ingram was a good addition to the ground game, but there’s always the question of whether or not he can stay healthy for an entire season. On defense they picked up Earl Thomas who is one of the best safeties in the game, but has also been having issues with injuries over the last couple of seasons. The Ravens come into this season with too many questions at too many positions which usually doesn’t translate well onto the field, especially in this division.

Cincinnati Bengals (1-15)

The Bengals are by far one of the worst teams in the league. I predict they will have the first pick in next year’s draft because they are going to have a difficult time finding any wins this season!

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