Friday, August 30, 2019

2019 NFL Season Predictions - NFC & AFC South

2019 NFL Season Predictions

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons (10-6)

The Falcons are a team that can be easy to forget because they don’t know how to win on a consistent basis. One year they’re in the Super Bowl then the next they’re trash. Last season they dealt with a lot of injuries from Week 1 on and it was difficult for them to find any rhythm. I expect them to bounce back this season and compete for the top spot in one of the toughest divisions in the league. On offense they have probably the best receiving core led by Julio Jones who continues to dominate any defense that attempts to cover him. Even if you triple cover him, if that ball is anywhere near Julio that dude is getting it! The Falcons have a solid offensive line and if Davonta Freeman can stay healthy he will add another layer to this offense. On defense they have a strong secondary, but the front line has some questions. If the Falcons are able to start the season off hot they will be difficult for the rest of the division to keep up with.

New Orleans Saints (10-6)

The Saints are a team you can’t count out as long as they have Drew Brees at quarterback and Sean Payton as the head coach. Brees continues to play at a high level and bring out the best in every player on the offensive side of the ball. Alvin Kamara will be taking over as the starting running back this season and will have to carry the load on offense. I believe he will shine in that role, but my only problem with the Saints is their offensive line. It’s mediocre at best and could end up being a problem in the long run for both Brees and Kamara. On the defensive side of the ball Cameron Jordan has the line on lockdown and has opposing quarterbacks running for their lives. The secondary has some holes and it will be interesting to see if they’re able to lock it down for four quarters or end up gassed towards the end.

Carolina Panthers (8-8)

The Panthers have not been the same since they lost the Super Bowl a few seasons ago. Cam Newton is a good quarterback and the offense looks good when he’s playing well, but unfortunately the dude hasn’t been able to stay healthy. Christian McCaffrey is a beast of a back, but I’m not sure he can carry the offense if there is no stability at quarterback if Newton keeps getting injured. The defense has fallen off the face the Earth and I expect that freefall to continue this year. I have a feeling it’s going to be an up and down season for the Panthers.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-10)

Jameis Winston has turned out to be a total bust so far for the Bucs. I’m honestly surprised they ended up keeping him this season because he’s been such a waste. I don’t believe that gamble will pay off for the Bucs and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets benched at some point in the season due to poor play. Even if Winston wasn’t a garbage pile of a quarterback the offense, overall is trash and this team has no chance at anything other than a high draft pick in the 2020 draft!

AFC South

Tennessee Titans (10-6)

Some team has to win this shit division and the Titans have more promise with their entire team from top to bottom than everyone else in this horrible, awful, garbage can division. Starting with their coach Mike Vrabel, in comparison to the rest of the division he seems like he has the best grasp on his team. Derrick Henry is a beast of a back and will shoulder the load on offense, but outside of him the offense is pretty weak. Not much is going on with the defense either, but like I said this is a garbage division so a mediocre team can easily win this division.

Houston Texans (9-7)

The Texans are just garbage. The only reason why I’m giving them a halfway decent record is because their division is just the absolute worst and they should get some wins just for that reason alone. The Texans have never had any direction as a team, which is why they’re an epic fail year in and year out. It should be another classic snoozefest for Texans fans this year!

Jacksonville Jaguars (5-11)

The Jaguars kicked Blake Bortles ass to the curb and are now starting over at quarterback with Nick Foles. While Foles filled in quite nice at backup quarterback in Philly I’m intrigued to see how this is going to go for him as the starter in Jacksonville. I believe Foles was a product of the system in Philly and that will be exposed this season in Jacksonville. The only weapon he has on offense is the running back Leonard Fournette, who is a beast, but is also injury prone. The Jags defense used to be one of the best in the league, but fell off horribly last year, and I’m not sure they will be able to bounce back this season since they will have to carry the load for this team given the weak ass offensive situation. I’m not expecting much from the Jaguars this season except for a whole lot of losing!

Indianapolis Colts (3-13)

Prior to Andrew Luck’s retirement I had the Colts going to the Super Bowl, after he retired this team went from first to worst in the division! Luck was the engine that ran this train and now the Colts season has been derailed and I don’t believe they have enough time to recover. This season has started off horribly and I anticipate that’s how the rest of the season will go for them.

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