Sunday, January 12, 2020

College Football National Championship Prediction

Semi-Final Record (1-1)

College Football National Championship

Clemson Vs LSU

Clemson did not make as much noise as they usually do during the season, but here are they yet again to defend their title as champions! They will have their hands full with the LSU Tigers, but they should give them a run for their money. This is basically the same team that won the championship last year and Trevor Lawrence seems to be even better so I’m expecting that type of experience to make them a tough opponent. LSU is by far the best team in the league and this is exactly where they belong. The offense is lights out and extremely difficult to contain which is why I’m expecting this game to be a shootout. I believe both quarterbacks will be poised and make the big plays when it counts and this game will more than likely come down to whoever has the ball last. While I’m not expecting a whole lot of defense in this game I would not be surprised if the LSU defense is able to cause a couple turnovers to help gain the edge in this matchup. LSU has been the team to beat since the beginning of the season and keep proving it and I expect more of the same in this matchup. It should be a great game with two evenly matched teams, but LSU has been on a mission and I don’t see them losing this one.

LSU over Clemson 54-51

MVP: Joe Burrow

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