Saturday, January 18, 2020

NFL Conference Championship Predictions

Wild Card Record (1-3)
Divisional Round Record (2-2)

NFL Conference Championship Predictions


Green Bay Packers Vs San Francisco 49ers

This matchup right here is what the playoffs are all about! The top two teams in the conference face off for a chance to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl and I expect this to be a battle until the end. When these two teams played each other during the regular season the Packers got completely embarrassed on the field and had their worst game of the season, but it was also the turning point for them as a team and I think they learned a lot from that loss. If anything they know what NOT to do this time around. The 49ers defense had a dominating game last week against the Vikings, but they are facing a much better quarterback this week who can absolutely handle the pressure. This game is perfectly setup for Aaron Rodgers to get some revenge on the 49ers. If you don’t remember many years ago the 49ers stupidly passed up on drafting Aaron Rodgers and went with the garbage can Alex Smith. Rodgers fell to the Packers which was a blessing for them, but Rodgers was basically embarrassed on national television because he was expected to be taken early in the draft, but ended up being left to kick it by himself for quite some time in the green room and just wait until his name was finally called. I think that’s always stuck with him and this game is the perfect opportunity to show them what they missed out on. I think this will be a much better game this time around with a back and forth battle until the bitter end. The edge in this matchup is Aaron Rodgers he can take over a game at any time and if you need one quarterback to win you a game even if it ends up being a hail mary with a second left on the clock he has proven time and again that he’s that guy! If this game ends up as close as I think it will and Rodgers has the ball on the final drive it’s all over with and I think this dude is hungry for his second Super Bowl and would love nothing more than to take the 49ers down along the way.

Packers over 49ers 28-27


Tennessee Titans Vs Kansas City Chiefs

It has been so much fun to watch the run that the Titans have been on during the postseason. They have been playing old school, smash mouth football and that to me is the best kind of football to watch. I know everyone jerks off all over themselves with all this offense, but not me! I love to see a running back like Derrick Henry dominate behind this great offensive line and the defense has held it down. This should be another big game for Henry because the Chiefs defense does not play well against the run and this guy is coming in having a historic postseason. The Chiefs are also coming into this game hot and playing some great football. The offense is firing on all cylinders and can score at will. The defense has had its moments, but has really stepped it up when they need to the most. These two teams couldn’t be more different because the Titans like to run the ball and dominate the line and run the clock, while the Chiefs like to score fast and score a lot of points! While I like what the Titans have done this postseason, I’m still not a believer. The Chiefs offense is tough for even the best defense to attempt to stop and while the Titans took care of an amazing offense last week in the Ravens, I still think the Chiefs will be far too much for the Titans defense to handle and the Chiefs will be moving onto the Super Bowl!

Chiefs over Titans 31-21

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