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NFL Divisional Round Playoff Predictions

Wild Card Record (1-3)

NFL Divisional Round Playoff Predictions


Minnesota Vikings Vs San Francisco 49ers

When the playoffs began I really didn’t think much of the Vikings. I just assumed they’d be demolished right off the bat, but not only did the Vikings show up, they kicked the Saints ass! The Vikings are a tough team to believe in because while they are overall a good team with tons of talent, they tend to lay eggs when they are faced with adversity. Last weeks’ win has given me a much different perspective on them this week, meaning I actually think they have a shot. The 49ers have dominated the regular season with one of the best defenses in the league. Nick Bosa their first round pick has been a beast and has been pretty much unstoppable against every offense he has faced this season. Offensively they are a bunch of no-names aside from Jimmy Garappolo and George Kittle, but the play calling is on point and it gets everyone involved when necessary. While both of these teams have a lot of firepower on offense, I believe this matchup will be all defense. These are two of the best defenses in the league with some excellent pass rushers and lock down secondary’s who can cause turnovers at a moment’s notice. I don’t believe in either quarterback from either team. Kirk Cousins and Jimmy Garappolo have proven absolutely nothing when it comes to the postseason and I expect both of them to have mediocre games at best. The edge in this matchup I believe will be the Vikings ground game with Dalvin Cook and their defense. The Vikings have been playing some great football the last month and are coming off of a big win in New Orleans. If this defense can make Drew Brees look like an average quarterback, I wonder what they will make Jimmy G look like?

Vikings over 49ers 17-13

Seattle Seahawks Vs Green Bay Packers

The Packers have been a silent, but deadly team this season. Overall the Packers haven’t really blown anyone out of the water this season with stats and they have won games in multiple different ways with different players dominating. Usually, Aaron Rodgers carries this team and is typically an MVP candidate, but for once he has a consistent rushing attack with Aaron Jones in the backfield. The Packers receivers are a bunch of no-names, but know how to make the big plays when it counts the most. The biggest surprise with the Packers this season is their defense. The defense has had opposing quarterbacks running for their lives and caused nothing but confusion on offense. The Seahawks have battled through injuries this season and once again Russell Wilson has to shoulder the load. That’s not a bad thing considering he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, but at some point this weak ground game and battered offensive line is going to cost them and I think this will be the week they find that out the hard way. As I mentioned before the Packers defense is tough and while Russell Wilson is extremely effective on the run I think they will be able to contain him and make it a rough day for him to find anyone to get the ball to. This should be a fun game given these are two good teams, but I think the Packers defense will be the deciding factor in this game and will get them the win.

Packers over Seahawks 24-21


Tennessee Titans Vs Baltimore Ravens

The Titans are coming off of a huge win in New England and I hope they enjoyed that win because it’s about to get REAL this week against Baltimore! The Ravens have been one of the most dominant teams this season led by Lamar Jackson who is having an insane season and should end up with the league MVP award when it’s all said and done. While Jackson has been the main attraction for the Ravens, their defense is who is really killing their opponents. Overall the Ravens are just stacked and will be difficult for any team they face on the way to the Super Bowl! I don’t think the Titans have a chance in this game because the Ravens are a far superior team. Outside of Derrick Henry the Titans offense is weak and won’t be able to handle what the Ravens will bring on defense. In contrast, I also believe the Titans defense is going to have a lot of trouble trying to contain Lamar Jackson. This game is going to get out of control for the Titans and the score will keep climbing, I don’t believe this game will be close at any point.

Ravens over Titans 38-13

Houston Texans Vs Kansas City Chiefs

Well, I thought last week was when the Texans were going to have their playoff chokefest, but apparently they wanted to save that for this week! If you can’t tell by my sarcasm my opinion remains unchanged on the Texans. I don’t think they have a shot in hell at beating the Chiefs this week. I’m fully aware that the Texans beat the Chiefs earlier in the regular season, but the Chiefs were beat up then and are a much different team this time around. The Chiefs have been playing some really solid football and the defense has only got better in the second half of the season. The Texans defense is not that great and is going to have a difficult time containing the multiple ways that this offense can score and since the Chiefs defense has really started to come together I feel like DeShaun Watson is going to be running for his life, and not in the good way for him, but with a day where he will probably be on his ass quite a bit. The Chiefs defense is going to be the deciding factor in this matchup.

Chiefs over Texans 28-14

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