Friday, January 31, 2020

Super Bowl LIV Prediction

Wild Card Record (1-3)
Divisional Round Record (2-2)
Conference Championship Record (1-1)

Super Bowl LIV Prediction

Kansas City Chiefs Vs San Francisco 49ers

This year’s Super Bowl is going to be one hell of a matchup between two excellent teams! The Chiefs started the season off a little shaky and things looked bleak once Patrick Mahomes dislocated his kneecap, but they stuck to their game plan and once the team got healthy they became unstoppable. The defense was questionable at the beginning of the season, but has turned into a brick house the second half and has played a big part as to why this team is in the Super Bowl. This Chiefs offense can score at will and cannot be counted out until the game is over, but the team they are up against may just be the team to contain this beast.

The 49ers have had one of the greatest turn arounds in NFL history because they ended last season with only four wins and here they are the most dominant team in football. Kyle Shanahan is such a great play caller on offense. He calls the most old school type game plan, but yet this offense can still light you up and keep pace with any team they face.  The ground game is the best in the league and they don’t even have a true starting running back, it’s a running back by committee with three very skilled and elusive backs. The 49ers greatest strength is their defense. This front seven has been tops in the league with every guy up front sacking the shit out of everyone and if they don’t sack you, they will disrupt the play in some way. The edge in this matchup is the 49ers defense because they are the best in the league and have proven it all season long. They have faced some great teams with some great quarterbacks and have passed the test each time. Even if they didn’t get the win, they still were able to play a solid game and give themselves a chance to win it. They have one more test with another great quarterback in Patrick Mahomes and while I expect him to still have a solid day, I expect the 49ers to make the big plays and get the win in the end.

49ers over Chiefs 35-31

MVP: Richard Sherman

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