Tuesday, May 17, 2022

NBA Conference Finals Playoff Predictions


First Round Record (8-0)

Conf. Semifinals Record (2-2)


NBA Conference Finals Playoff Predictions

Western Conference

Dallas Mavericks Vs Golden State Warriors

Luka Doncic has been the man this postseason and has led the Mavericks all the way to the conference finals when nobody thought that was possible, including myself. Overall, the Mavericks have a solid team, but it’s completely built around Luka and while that has worked thus far, they have a big task ahead of them with the Warriors. The Warriors have played great this postseason and seem to be playing with a chip on their shoulders because nobody thinks they’re as good as they once were, but so far, they are proving everyone wrong. Steph is knocking down three pointers, Draymond is getting dirty in the paint, Klay is getting healthier, and they have a bunch of young guys stepping it up! The Warriors have been here before and know what it takes to win and I think that gives them a huge advantage in this matchup! The Mavericks will make this a tough series, but the Warriors depth and experience will take them on into the NBA finals, once again!

Warriors over Mavericks in 6 games


Eastern Conference

Boston Celtics Vs Miami Heat

The Celtics have been a silent killer this season because nobody expected them to be this good and be this lethal in the postseason. Nobody looked at Jason Tatum as a superstar player ready to stab the dagger through each of his opponents hearts this season, but that’s exactly what he has done. The Celtics are one of the most complete teams from top to bottom and they have an all around game where they can keep up with on offense, but will lock you down on defense. The Heat are a great offensive team, but they lack on the defensive side of the ball. Jimmy Butler has also had a phenomenal postseason and will be difficult for the Celtics to stop, but if they are able to limit the scoring of everyone else on the Heat that may help them gain the edge in this series. Both teams are on fire, but the Celtics are battle tested and just took out the defending champs. I don’t think the Heat will be able to withstand the Celtics defense for an entire seven game series and the Celtics will wear them down and run up the score. Jason Tatum has proven to be clutch this season and looks like he wants to make his mark in this league and this postseason run is helping him make that case!

Celtics over Heat in 6 games

Sunday, May 1, 2022

NBA Conference Semifinals Playoff Predictions


First Round Record (8-0)


NBA Conference Semifinals Playoff Predictions


Western Conference

Dallas Mavericks Vs Phoenix Suns

Chris Paul is on some right now! He went off in the first round and you can just see it in his eyes that he wants this Championship! Even in the absence of Booker due to injury, CP3 stepped it up and carried this team on into the next round. The Mavericks are also coming in hot led by Luka The Don. He also missed a couple of games in the last round due to injury, but the rest of the team was able to hold it down and keep them in the series until Luka was able to get back on the court. The Mavericks are great on the defensive side of the ball and really put the pressure on their opponent, but on offense Luka is really the only constant. The rest of the team can be sporadic when it comes to scoring and that will work against them in this matchup because the Suns can score anyone out of the building! The Mavericks are a good team, but I don’t think they have the depth on their roster to compete in a seven game series with the Suns. Especially in the paint where Deandre Ayton is dominating on the boards. This should be a good series, but I believe the Suns will be too much for the Mavericks to handle.  

Suns over Mavericks in 6 games


Golden State Warriors Vs Memphis Grizzlies

The Golden State Warriors are probably the most dangerous team left in the playoffs because they are on fire right now and are playing Championship level basketball. Steph Curry can’t miss, Klay Thompson is getting better with each and every game, Jordan Poole has come out of nowhere to add another level of offense to this team, and even Draymond Green is looking like his old self! The Grizzlies did not look that convincing against the Timberwolves in the first round and if they don’t step it up in this round they will be watching the rest of the playoffs from their couch! It should be an interesting series between two top notch teams, but I have a feeling the Warriors experience is going to come into play in this series. They know what it takes to win it all and the Grizzlies don’t, and that really was evident in the first round. While the Grizzlies were able to get it together and move on, this is a much more experienced team that they are going up against and if the Warriors catch fire on offense I think the Grizzlies will have a difficult time trying to play catch up and the series will just get away from them.

Warriors over Grizzlies in 6 games


Eastern Conference

Philadelphia 76ers Vs Miami Heat

I had a completely different outlook on this game up until the announcement that Joel Embiid has an orbital bone fracture and will be out indefinitely. I had them winning this series, but now with this injury that changes everything! Embiid is the backbone of this team and has been playing at an MVP caliber level, and I don’t believe there is anybody who can step it up in his absence. The Heat are a damn good team and it looks like the Jimmy Butler injury isn’t going to be a factor in this one. The Heat are stacked from top to bottom and the only weakness I thought they had coming into this matchup is they didn’t have anyone who could matchup against Embiid and now that looks like it won’t be an issue. If Embiid ends up not playing at all in this series I think this will be a quick and easy series for the Heat. If he is able to maybe come back by Game 2 or 3 then this should be a good series. With Embiid’s status currently at unknown, my prediction is the Heat will win this series a lot quicker than anticipated because I don’t believe the 76ers will be able to keep up with how fast they are able to score. The loss of Embiid is huge for the 76ers and this injury couldn’t come at a worse time for them.

Heat over 76ers in 5 games


Milwaukee Bucks Vs Boston Celtics

This is going to be one hell of a matchup! The Celtics have been dominating the league since Christmas, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Jason Tatum continues to grind and lead this team. He makes the clutch shots and is always reliable down the stretch. The Celtics played some of the best defense Kevin Durant has ever seen in the first round and now the Celtics have yet another, tough task ahead of them with Giannis in this round! Giannis has been playing out of his mind and is in playoff mode and looks like he is ready for another Championship! The Kris Middleton injury could be the difference in this matchup because he is a huge part of the Bucks offense right behind Giannis, but I believe the Bucks Championship experience will help them get past the Celtics in this round. It should be a great battle between two great teams and I expect this one to go the distance.

Bucks over Celtics in 7 games

Saturday, April 16, 2022

NBA First Round Playoff Predictions


NBA First Round Playoff Predictions

Western Conference

New Orleans Pelicans Vs Phoenix Suns

The Suns are by far the most complete team in the league this season and have completely dominated from start to finish. The Pelicans have had their up and downs, but are definitely on the upside at this point. Unfortunately, for them they have to face the best team in the league to start and I really don’t believe they have a shot at winning one game in this series. The Suns have way too much fire power to keep up with, even for the best teams in the league and the Pelicans definitely aren’t that good! Chris Paul is locked in and looking good since he came back from injury and Devin Booker has had an MVP caliber season. The Suns will make this a quick and easy series.

Suns over Pelicans in 4 games


Minnesota Timberwolves Vs Memphis Grizzlies

The Grizzlies have been one of the most dominant teams this season, even when Ja Morant has had to battle through injuries, the rest of the team has stepped it up and maintained their winning ways. The Grizzlies play spectacular team ball and Ja is the spark plug that keeps it moving. The Timberwolves have had their moments this season, but aren’t even on the Grizzlies level. This should be a quick series with a straight up domination from the Grizzlies.

Grizzlies over Timberwolves in 5 games


Utah Jazz Vs Dallas Mavericks

This entire series depends on what happens with Luka’s injury. If he doesn’t play at all this will be a quick and easy series for the Jazz! If he’s able to limit this to only one, possibly two games we may have a series. The Mavericks entire team revolves around Luka Doncic and won’t have a chance against the Jazz if he isn’t able to play in the series. I haven’t been impressed with the Jazz heading into the postseason because they really didn’t look good at all towards the end of the regular season stretch, but they may get lucky with this injury to Luka. Prior to his injury I figured this would be a close battle between the two teams and if he only misses one game that should be the case because the Mavericks are a really good team with him on the court. He has some of the most amazing basketball skills and he makes everyone better around him. The Jazz just don’t seem to be playing well as a team and don’t really have an identity and that could be a problem in this matchup.

Mavericks over Jazz in 7 games


Denver Nuggets Vs Golden State Warriors

Nikola Jokic has picked up right where he left off last year on his MVP run, this dude is a work horse and the backbone of the Denver Nuggets. But that’s where it stops with this team and while Jokic is a great player, especially come playoff time, the Warriors are a better overall team. Steph Curry’s status remains up in the air right now, but even without him I still think they are the better team. Klay Thompson has been getting better as the season moves along and even though Draymond ain’t what he used to be he’s still a dog in the paint and frustrates the hell out of his opponents. The Nuggets should make this a watchable series, but the Warriors have the depth and the veteran leadership to keep it moving on into the next round.

Warriors over Nuggets in 6 games


Eastern Conference

Atlanta Hawks Vs Miami Heat

The Heat have been one of the best teams in the Eastern conference this season and are coming in hot into the playoffs! The Hawks have hung around most of the season, but it is playoff time and that’s when this team usually gets going. Trae Young has had yet another spectacular season and has really got it going over the last month. He is their spark plug come playoff time and this is where he shines the brightest, but unfortunately he doesn’t have much else surrounding him as far as a team goes. The Heat play great team ball, which is why they are the top seed in the Eastern conference and while I believe Trae Young won’t make this an easy one for the Heat, I still think the depth and the experience they have on this team will get them through this series and on into the next round.

Heat over Hawks in 6 games


Brooklyn Nets Vs Boston Celtics

The Nets have caught fire at the right time and will be a tough opponent for the Celtics in this round. Durant is playing great like he always does and Kyrie looks locked in, but beyond the two of them the rest of this team is suspect. The Celtics, on the other hand, have been one of the most dominant teams since January and will be really difficult for the Nets to keep up with. Jason Tatum has been the driving force behind the Celtics winning ways along with Jaylen Brown. The Celtics defense is what gives them the edge in this matchup as well as their depth on the bench. The Nets will give the Celtics a run for their money because I never doubt Kevin Durant come playoff time, but unfortunately I don’t believe the Nets have enough fire power to keep up with the Celtics in a seven game series.

Celtics over Nets in 6 games


Chicago Bulls Vs Milwaukee Bucks

The Bulls have had an up and down season. They started off hot, but the injuries kept piling up and the second half of the season was a roller coaster from week to week. Derozan has been the one constant and is the reason why this team was able to maintain and get a playoff spot. They are about to hit a wall to start the playoffs and that wall is Giannis! He has been on a tear the last month and is in full on Championship mode! You can see the fire in his eyes every time he hits the court and is totally locked in at this point. I don’t believe the Bulls have any player on their roster to attempt to matchup against Giannis and that will be a problem, especially in a seven game series. The Bucks are the defending champs and know what it takes to win and the Bulls haven’t done shit and don’t play consistent basketball at all. The Bucks should make this a quick one and move on to the next round!

Bucks over Bulls in 5 games


Toronto Raptors Vs Philadelphia 76ers

The Raptors have really turned it on this second half of the season. Since the All-Star break they have been a lot more consistent compared to the beginning of the season. Unfortunately, for them they are going up against one of the best teams in the league with one of the most dominant players in the league in Joel Embiid. In my opinion, Embiid is the MVP this year because he has dominated from start to finish and has had his team at the top all season long. He led the league in scoring which is the first time for a Center since Shaq! He is very versatile and I don’t think the Raptors have an answer for him, especially in a seven game series! I have a feeling this will be a very quick series completely dominated by the 76ers!

76ers over Raptors in 4 games