Monday, July 2, 2012

2012 NBA Season Breakdown

NBA Finals

Well hip hop hooray Lebron James finally got her first Championship!! Yay, ESPN still hasn't shutup about it yet! I'll give it up to The Heat as a team for getting that trophy and dominating The Thunder and Lebron had a great season and finally learned how to not choke, but don't think for one fucking second I enjoyed one minute of that shit! Where in the hell did the rest of The Thunder team go besides Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook? The bench and all of the role players disappeared as soon as The Finals began, they couldn't knock down a shot and played horrible on defense. I do think this was a good learning experience for The Thunder like other teams in the past and that sucks for the rest of The Western Conference because that means that will be even more hungry than they were this year! All in all I hated The Finals because The Thunder didn't make it interesting they let The Heat run right through them! I was gonna be pissed no matter which way The Heat won but The Thunder could have at least made it fun to watch!

Los Angeles Lakers

When you're a Lakers fan you're expectations are always Championship or bust, so to me this season was a failure. But all in all it wasn't a horrible season for The Lakers, I actually think they did better than they should have given the circumstances. They had a brand new coach and system and no off season to work on it due to the lockout, they lost a few key players to free agency or trade and then also got fucked before the season started by that asshole commissioner David Stern who vetoed the trade to send Chris Paul to The Lakers. One of the things that killed The Lakers this year is they were never consistent with anything they did from the offense, to the defense and the bench was just horrendous this season. Both Kobe and Bynum had dominant seasons and it sucks that their good seasons go to waste but they can't do everything!

This offseason I don't think The Lakers need to make any drastic changes, I know everybody wants to throw Pau under the bus and trade his ass but I don't believe that's necessary even though it looks like that is what will be happening. The Lakers need to focus on their bench and sign role players rather than doing anything major. I think having two 7 footers in the middle is a major advantage for them, they just need to get some solid role players who can come in the game and help out when they're needed. A solid point guard is something that The Lakers also need to look into getting maybe someone like Jason Terry.

Quick Hits

  • The Dwight Howard saga with The Orlando Magic is getting so old and it's not going to stop going into next year! Before the trade deadline all the chatter was that Howard would be traded for sure, but for some reason before the trade deadline Dwight decides to opt in for one more year with The Magic and swears that he is going to give it one more year with The Magic. Well guess what now it's another off season of hearing about where Dwight Howard might get traded to because he has requested yet another trade! He could have saved us all the trouble by not opting into the final year of this contract and now he'd be able to sign with whoever the fuck he wants to! Instead the saga lives on!

- I think the biggest effect the lockout had on this season was with all the injuries. This year it seemed we had a different player suffering a major injury at least once a week. Derrick Rose spent the majortiy of his season injured and then ended with the worst injury of them all, a torn ACL, which he most likely will still be rehabbing when next season begins. Chauncey Billups suffered a season ending injury, Manu Ginobili spent a couple months out with injuries, Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, Stephen Curry, Dwayne Wade and many other players suffered some sort of injury that they had to sit out for an extended period of time. My guess is that them not getting the proper amount of conditioning in during the off season and playing so many games in a compacted schedule had an effect on some of these guys ending up with injuries.

MVP: Lebron James
Lebron had a dominant season offensively and defensively and not only was he dominant during the regular season he actually carried it on into the playoffs. He was the leader of his team and they relied on him more since Wade and Bosh were injured throughout the season and playoffs. He won a title so I guess he actually deserved the award this year!

Defensive Player of the Year: Tyson Chandler
Besides Jeremy Lin, Chandler was about the only positive thing about The Knicks this season.

Rookie of the Year: Kyrie Irving
This guy had a great year for The Cavs averaging 18 pts a game, he may not be Lebron but he is definitely a player they can build around. He was by far the most impressive rookie this year.

Coach of the Year: Greg Popovich
At the start of the season nobody thought The Spurs would be as dominant as they were this year. Out of all the coaches in the league I think Popovich handled coaching his team the best given the lockout shortened season. He had to deal with injuries to key players and was able to get his role players to step up when he needed to rest some of the veteran players.

Sixth Man: James Harden
He was by far the best 6th man in the league, overall he had a great season and helped his team get into the playoffs. Too bad he didn't take that into The Finals!