Tuesday, October 23, 2012

World Series Prediction

Division Series Record (4-0)
Championship Series Record (1-1)

World Series

Detroit Tiger Vs San Francisco Giants

The Giants are back in The World Series bitches and they looking good! Pitching has been dominant, the bullpen has been on lockdown and the lineup has been lights out! But the same can be said about The Tigers, in the ALDS they were a little shaky on offense, but they got over that against The Yankees in The ALCS. These teams matchup well against eachother both of their batting lineups are full of power and score a lot of runs in many different ways. The Tigers Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder can light up any pitcher but you also have to watch out for Delmon Young who was the ALCS MVP, he's been on the verge of doing some really big things since he hit the majors a few years ago and I think he has finally found his place with The Tigers. The Giants lineup is full of scrappy players who can come in and get the job done, they will get on base, get steals and most importantly score runs! I think where The Giants will have the edge will be with their pitching, starters and bullpen. The Tigers do have the best pitcher in the league, Justin Verlander, but outside of him the others are a little shaky and the Tigers bullpen has been horrible for most of the season including the playoffs. The Giants starting pitchers have been solid all season besides Tim Lincecum, which is odd since he's been the one carrying the team over the years. The bullpen has also been lights out stepping up with the absence of Brian Wilson. The Giants have overcome A LOT of adversity throughout the season, they've had a ton of injuries, won the division even though they started the season off poor, overcame being down 0-2 to The Reds in the NLCS and came back from being down 3-1 to the defending Champion Cardinals in the NLCS. The Giants are looking good and ready to win another Championship!

Giants over Tigers 6 games

Saturday, October 13, 2012

ALCS & NLCS Predictions

Division Series Record: 4-0


Detroit Tigers Vs New York Yankees

Both of these teams are similar in so many ways so this should be a great matchup to watch. Both teams ace pitchers, CC Sabathia (Yankees) and Justin Verlander (Tigers), stepped it up and carried their teams into The ALCS by pitching some of the best games of their careers. The Yankees offense is slightly better than The Tigers just because their clutch players step it up in the playoffs, where as The Tigers big hitters do not. Cabrera was practically non existent in the last series against The A's and Prince Fielder also played mediocre, but their role players stepped up and made the big plays on offense. Alex Rodriguez also disappeared against The Orioles, but The Yankees have so many options on offense it really did not have on effect on the series, it really just provided headline news for the media. Overall I think The Yankees have a slight edge over The Tigers in pitching, their batting lineup and also mental toughness. Should be a tight series, but The Yankees will win the series.

Yankees over Tigers 6 games


St. Louis Cardinals Vs San Francisco Giants

Here we go the last two World Series Champions are facing off against eachother to go back to The World Series! The Cardinals are doing exactly what they did last season at this time get the big plays when they need to and never give up no matter how bad the situation is. What they did against The Nationals was even more impressive than what they did against The Rangers in The World Series last year! The Giants played sloppy against The Reds, but still managed to win the series, but they are definitely going to have to step it up if they want to beat The Cardinals and move onto The World Series. I think The Giants have the edge with their starting pitchers so if they are able to keep The Cardinals offense in check and if The Giants can keep it up on offense they will be moving onto The World Series.

Giants over Cardinals 7 games

Saturday, October 6, 2012

ALDS & NLDS Predictions


Oakland A's vs Detroit Tigers

First off I gotta start this by saying congratulations to Miguel Cabrera on winning the first triple crown title since the 60's! I'm glad I got to finally see somebody achieve this in my lifetime and I don't hate the guy either, I feel like he is one of the best players in the league and has been since the day he came up from the minor leagues. The Tigers have really stepped it up the last couple of months to overtake their division and get into the playoffs. They have one of the best pitchers in the league, Justin Verlander, a great closer and a killer batting lineup. The A's have been the surprise team of the season, they fought hard to win their division on the last day of the regular season, which was extremely impressive because they were 13 games back at one point. I like the way The A's play, they are a gutsy team that aren't afraid to take chances. I think in this matchup though The Tigers have the edge, I think overall they are a much better team, but this should be a great series!

Tigers over A's 5 games

Baltimore Orioles Vs New York Yankees

The Orioles have been another one of the surprise teams of the season. Their pitching has stepped it up and their batting lineup has been on fire all season. The Yankees have also had a good season, they have had to overcome a lot of injuries this year and played well through them. The Yankees lineup broke a Yankees team record by hitting the most homeruns in one season, that says a lot since they have had some great lineups in the past. Their pitching isn't great, but its not terrible, it has got them by all season long and as of right now all of the pitchers are healthy. These two teams obviously know eachother well since they're in the same division so it should be a fun series to watch, but in the end I think The Yankees will take the series.

Yankees over Orioles 5 games


Cincinnati Reds Vs San Francisco Giants

This is going to be another great matchup to watch, both teams are identical to eachother, they have solid pitching and strong batting lineups. I feel like whoever wins this series will be going to The World Series. I was afraid The Giants might choke once Melky Cabrera got suspended, but I think it actually made the rest of the squad better to prove that Melky was not their only big play maker in the lineup. Buster Posey has come back strong after breaking his ankle last season and led the NL in batting average and even though Tim Lincecum has had a terrible season the rest of the starting pitching are pitching lights out! Even the bullpen has stepped it up with no Brian Wilson and the addition of Hunter Pence has been a huge boost to the offense. The Reds have also had a great year led by Johnny Cueto who has literally had the best season of his career and The Reds have also overcome adversity with all their injuries throughout the season. This is going to be a tough matchup for both teams but I think The Giants will come out on top just because hello I am a Giants fan!

Giants over Reds 5 games

St. Louis Cardinals Vs Washington Nationals

Well The Cardinals are steaming into the playoffs exactly like they did last year when they won it all! This team is once again a huge threat in the playoffs. I think The Nationals are making the biggest mistake ever by shuting down Steven Strasburg because they're afraid he might get hurt again! That is weak as fuck to not only the player but to the fans. This is baseball guys get hurt if you don't like it then get out of the game! No wonder why these morons haven't won shit! If Strasburg were to still be pitching in the playoffs I would consider them the most dangerous team in the playoffs, but since he is not I actually have a feeling they will be one and done. They had a great season outside of Strasburg, but I think The Cardinals veteran experience will outweight The Nationals entire team.

Cardinals over Nationals 4 games