Friday, December 28, 2018

College Football Playoff Predictions

Oklahoma Vs Alabama

Over the years it’s been amusing anytime Oklahoma gets a Bowl game that matters like this one because they always blow it in some hilarious fashion! Now I understand those were Bob Stoops teams, so his bad juju may be removed, but that has yet to be determined. Unfortunately for Oklahoma their first matchup in the College Football Playoff is Alabama and they are better than they have ever been. That statement is not an exaggeration, it’s a fact because this team finally has a solid starting quarterback. Usually Alabama has some kind of weakness, but this year’s squad is stacked from offense, to defense, and special teams. Tua Tagovailoa has carried this offense and even though he has battled through injuries his backup is more than qualified to take this squad over and be just as effective. Oklahoma in my opinion is lucky to even be here because they were a fairly mediocre team. While yes they have the Heisman Trophy winner, I don’t believe Alabama’s defense even gives a shit about that and will probably make that decision look like a stupid one in the end. If you can’t already see which way my opinion sways on this matchup I’ll clear it up for ya…Alabama all the way in this one!

Alabama over Oklahoma 48-31

Notre Dame Vs Clemson

I feel like this matchup is going to be the exact opposite of the Alabama vs Oklahoma matchup. Notre Dame has been a solid team from start to finish, but for some reason the majority of the analysts are overlooking that and don’t think they really even belong in the Playoff. I feel it’s mostly because a lot of people have this high scoring fantasy football mindset that they forget how real football is actually played and what I like about Notre Dame is they play real football. The defense can get the big stops when they need them and the offense knows how to make the big plays when under pressure. This year’s Clemson Tigers are very different from the past couple of seasons because they dominate on the defensive side of the ball as opposed to the high scoring offenses they have had before. With that in mind I think this will end up being a close defensive matchup that will be won on some type of fluke play like a blocked kick or turnover for points. I believe Notre Dame has been put to the test throughout the season and had to play tougher opponents and been placed in some situations they have had to climb out of to get the win, where-as Clemson has pretty much kicked the asses of every one of their opponents thus far and Notre Dame is probably the best team they have faced up until this point in the season. Overall I believe Notre Dame is the better team in this matchup and I think they will come out on top in a close battle.

Notre Dame over Clemson 24-21