Sunday, April 29, 2018

NBA Semi-Final Playoff Predictions

First Round Record (6-2)

NBA Semi-Final Playoff Predictions

Western Conference

Utah Jazz Vs Houston Rockets

I’m sorry I doubted the Jazz in the previous round because they absolutely dominated the Thunder and looked like a great team while doing so. Rudy Gobert is a really underrated player, he’s quiet but if you step in the paint and that dude is there watch out because he’s going to bring it! He’s been the difference in this team so far. The Rockets look great on offense and can outscore anyone, but I’m always skeptical of D’Antoni teams in the Playoffs. His teams have always come on strong, but when they go up against a team with a good defense in a seven game series, it gets pretty easy to figure them out. James Harden has also been known to disappear in the Playoffs in the past so this team has a lot to prove with me before I start crowning them the Champs. I think this will be a tougher matchup for the Rockets than most expect because the Jazz are better on the defensive side of the ball, but I still think the Rockets are the better team and will end up winning the series.

Rockets over Jazz in 6 games

New Orleans Pelicans Vs Golden State Warriors

The Pelicans went on a tear in the last round! They owned every single game from the jump and made it known that this team is for real! The unfortunate thing is now they have to go up against the Warriors and news flash…. they’re really fucking good! Steph Curry hasn’t even stepped foot on the court yet and Kevin Durant has the Warriors looking like they don’t even need Curry’s help at all! If anyone was worried about the Warriors step the fuck back because there is nothing to worry about it. It looks like the Warriors are the Championship favorites, yet again, and there is no argument to be had against that so far. I like what I see from the Pelicans and they won’t lie down in this series, but they ain’t gonna win it either!

Warriors over Pelicans in 5 games

Eastern Conference

Cleveland Cavaliers Vs Toronto Raptors

As an admitted LeBron hater this season has actually been enjoyable for me to watch because he isn’t used to this kind of struggle with his team. In the last round against the Pacers they played like absolute garbage and quite frankly are lucky to have even moved onto this round. Over the last couple of seasons the Raptors have been chasing after the Cavaliers and have never come close to getting over the hump, but this could be the year they do it. This Cavaliers team is in total disarray and they don’t work as a team at all. They only win because LeBron does EVERYTHING! At some point that will end up becoming your downfall. In the past the Raptors are known chokers in the Playoffs so I would not be surprised if that happens again, but the Raptors this time around are the far superior team, emphasis on the word team. Derozan and Kyle Lowry make up one of the top back courts in the league and will be difficult for the Cavs to keep up with. The Raptors also have the advantage in the paint with Serge Ibaka, he should easily dominate anybody, aside from LeBron in the paint. There is no consistency from the Cavaliers at all which is why I believe the time is now for the Raptors to finally get past the Cavs and move on to the next round.

Raptors over Cavaliers in 6 games

Philadelphia 76ers Vs Boston Celtics

I have a feeling this will end up being the best series in this round because of how well these teams matchup against each other. The 76ers are playing some great basketball right now, the entire team is on the same page, and they are young and hungry. They are not afraid of any opponent on the court and back it up with how they play on the court. The Celtics are a solid team, but from what they showed me in the previous round they may not be able to handle what the 76ers will be bringing. They are great on the defensive side of the ball, but the 76ers have a lot of star players who are able to take over a game. Joel Embiid is why I believe the 76ers have the advantage in this one because he can score and play defense. He’s big and tough for anyone to guard, and from what I can see I don’t believe anyone on the Celtics will be able to handle him for an entire series. This should be a good series to watch, but in the end the 76ers should come out on top because they will be way too much for the Celtics to handle.

76ers over Celtics in 7 games

Saturday, April 14, 2018

NBA First Round Playoff Predictions

NBA First Round Playoff Predictions

Western Conference

Minnesota Timberwolves Vs Houston Rockets

This will probably end up being the most boring matchup in the Western Conference! The Rockets mopped the floor with the Timberwolves in the regular season. I’m not sure why things would change in the postseason? The Timberwolves are building a solid foundation. I just don’t think they’re even close to what the Rockets have going on right now, though!

Rockets over Timberwolves 4 games

Utah Jazz Vs Oklahoma City Thunder

The Utah Jazz have been one of the most surprising teams of the season because nobody expected them to even be a decent team, let alone make the playoffs! Donovan Mitchell is the rookie phenom dominating the league. He has burst onto the scene and made tons of noise this season, on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. The Thunder have been up and down throughout the season. Paul George and Carmelo Anthony really haven’t brought much to the table, so everything lies on the shoulders of Russell Westbrook. That really isn’t an issue, at least in this round, but at some point someone else is going to have to step up and help Westbrook out. These two teams are evenly matched. Either team can score a ton of points, they both have big time play makers, and they even finished tied with the same record in their division. These two teams know each other well, so this should end up being a good matchup to watch, but I believe the Thunder have the edge in this one because they have the deeper team from starter to bench, and if you are an NBA fan you know the bench plays a huge part in the playoffs!

Thunder over Jazz 7 games

New Orleans Pelicans Vs Portland Trail Blazers

If Damian Lillard didn’t play in Portland he’d probably be a candidate for the MVP this season because he has carried this team from start to finish! He is on fire and can’t be stopped! You know who else is on fire though? Anthony mother fucking Davis! That guy is balling hard, it’s just too bad he gets injured every other game! This should be an interesting matchup even though most people who aren’t basketball fans really won’t give a shit given the teams. They matchup well against each other, but the difference between the two is the Trail blazers work more as a team led by Lillard whereas the Pelicans solely run through Anthony Davis. If he happens to get injured in one of these games and misses the next the Pelicans have no shot! It’s going to be a tough battle, but the Trail Blazers should walk away with the win in this one.

Trail Blazers over Pelicans 6 games

San Antonio Spurs Vs Golden State Warriors

The Warriors are not looking half as dominant as they have over the past couple of seasons, but they’re still the favorite to win it all, as they should be. The same thing could also be said about the Spurs, except they are not even close to a Championship contender. This matchup would have been fun to watch last season or the year before, but this year the Spurs have been exceptionally mediocre for their standards. I don’t believe the Spurs will make much noise against the Warriors. They haven’t been able to find any consistency this season and I doubt that’s going to change in the postseason!

Warriors over Spurs 5 games

Eastern Conference

Washington Wizards Vs Toronto Raptors

The Wizards are barely a watchable team this season and the only reason why they’re even in the playoffs is because they’re in the Eastern Conference! The Raptors shouldn’t have a problem moving onto the next round!

Raptors over Wizards 4 games

Indiana Pacers Vs Cleveland Cavaliers

No matter how up and down the Cavs season has gone so far…there is no way this matchup is even going to be close! I have a feeling the Pacers won’t even win a game in this one.

Cavaliers over Pacers 4 games

Miami Heat Vs Philadelphia 76ers

The 76ers are probably the biggest surprise this season. We all knew they had a bunch of great players they’ve collected over the years through the draft, but we haven’t seen most of them play due to injury. This season while they still had some injuries to overcome, they have really been one of the more dominant teams in the East. There really isn’t much going on with the Miami Heat these days. Yes they’re in the playoffs, but come on we all know that’s only because the Eastern Conference is garbage! The 76ers are coming into the playoffs strong and on fire, and while the Heat may steal a game or two, this series is going to the 6ers!

76ers over Heat 5 games

Milwaukee Bucks Vs Boston Celtics

The Celtics have pretty much dominated the Eastern Conference all season, and they’ve been able to maintain playing at a high level even though they have had to overcome numerous injuries to some of their star players. I feel like out of all of the teams in the playoffs the Celtics play all around team ball, which is why they’ve been able to overcome the injuries. It will be interesting to see how this plays out for the Celtics because as we all know the postseason is a whole different game! The Bucks are an underrated team because they’re up in Milwaukee and most people forget they even exist. They have a strong foundation, but still could use plenty of work. The Bucks should make this an interesting series, but I still believe the Celtics are the better team.

Celtics over Bucks 6 games