Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bowl Predictions

Alamo Bowl
Texas Vs Oregon St

This is not a BCS Bowl game but since I'm a Longhorns fan I have to do a prediction on the shitty bowl game they are participating in this year! The Longhorns had such a shitty season they were barely even fun to watch this year with all the quarterback issues they had. Oregon St actually had a really good season and have a really good offense, so The Longhorns have their work cut out for them. David Ashe is supposed to be starting at quarterback this game so who the fuck knows what's going to happen here, probably shit, but The Longhorns usually do play well in Bowl games. The Longhorns have a great rushing attack and when the offense is able to get going they can light a defense up. This game could be a shootout with all the offensive power. I am only taking The Longhorns in this game because I am a fan and because they play well in Bowl games. I won't be surprised if David Ashehole is constantly throwing the ball to Oregon St all day long though.

Texas over Oregon St 45-41

Rose Bowl
Wisconsin Vs Stanford

This should be a great game to watch both of these teams matchup very well against eachother. Wisconsin definitely underachieved this season, but I guess that can be expected when you lose such a great player like Russell Wilson. Monte Ball had a great season and broke the FBS touchdown record this year, I think the only reason he wasn't considered for The Heisman this year is just because his team did not play well this year. Stanford, on the other hand, had a surprisingly great year after losing their start quarterback Andrew Luck. The defense had some big games this year and the offense was able to step up when they needed them. Stanford had some big wins against conference opponents and their only losses were at Washington and at Notre Dame and they were very close games. David Shaw has proven he is definitely the man to follow Harbaugh in coaching Stanford, he has kept them on the right track and he is the reason I think they will win this game. Wisconsin will be without their head coach, who accepted another job with Arkansas, and that usually has an effect on teams in a bowl game.

Stanford over Wisconsin 28-17

Orange Bowl
Northern Illinois Vs Florida St

Northern Illinois was the surprise team to get a BCS berth this season and I'm sure they're excited, but too bad for them they're playing The Seminoles! Florida St was one of the best teams this season on offense and defense. I don't even think this game will be close so there isn't much that needs to be said on this one besides.....FLORIDA STATE IS GOING TO KICK NORTHERN ILLINOIS ASS!!

Florida St over Northern Illinois 52-10

Sugar Bowl
Louisville Vs Florida

This is another matchup I just look at and go....LOUISVILLE HAS NO SHOT!

Florida over Louisville 45-13

Fiesta Bowl
Oregon Vs Kansas St

This is a matchup of nothing but offense! Both of these teams have been ranked in the Top 10 all season in contention for The National Championship but just fell short. Kansas St quarterback Collin Klein had one of the best seasons ever at Kansas St and just fell short of winning The Heisman. He carried this team all season and was the main reason why this team went 11-1. Oregon was typical Oregon, high scoring offense all day also with a spectacular quarterback, Marcus Mariota, who threw 30 touchdowns this season and even more impressive only threw 6 interceptions! They also have a great running back, Kenjon Barner, who rushed for over 1600 yards and scored 21 touchdowns. In this matchup I think Oregon has the edge just with their experience they have gained over the past few seasons in bowl games and also I think their offense is more explosive than the Kansas St offense. The theme to Kansas State's season has they just fell short so they will probably do it again! It should be a high scoring game regardless of who wins!

Oregon over Kansas St 54-45

Cotton Bowl
Texas A&M Vs Oklahoma

This was Texas A&M's first season in The SEC Conference and it turned out to be one of their best seasons by far. Johnny Manziel is a red shirt Freshman who came out of nowhere and set College Football on fire! He threw for for over 3400 yards, threw 24 touchdowns and only 8 interceptions and oh yeah he was the first freshman to ever win The Heisman Trophy. Oklahoma had a pretty mediocre season for their standards, yes they were ranked all season and only had 2 losses, but they didn't impress at all they got dominated at home by Kansas St and Notre Dame in their 2 losses at home. The Sooners usually choke in Bowl games and A&M is riding high on Manziel and playing some great football right now so I'm taking A&M in this one....although I wish there was a way they both could lose I hate them both!

Texas A&M over Oklahoma 41-28

National Championship
Alabama Vs Notre Dame

I am not excited to see Alabama in yet another National Championship, I hate them so much that I'm actually rooting for Notre Dame in this one, who I also hate! Alabama is once again dominating on defense, but now have thrown in a decent quarterback so they're even better on offense than they were last year. Notre Dame has also been dominant on defense led by the Heisman Runner Up Manti Te'o who has had a great season, it seems every big play, in every big moment, he is involved. Their quarterback Everett Golson has also been clutch for Notre Dame this year, his stats aren't out of this world or anything but he is smart and seems to make the big play when he needs to. I feel like this year is Notre Dame's year, I've felt that for awhile now and they just keep getting better each and every game. They've proven they can overcome adversity and Alabama is just another test I believe they will pass this season. They have the right mindset and they believe in their coach and the system.

Notre Dame over Alabama 24-21