Tuesday, October 22, 2013

2013 World Series Prediction

Championship Record (2-0)
Divisional Record (3-1)

2013 World Series Prediction

St. Louis Cardinals Vs Boston Red Sox

Well unfortunately the two best teams are set to matchup for The World Series, I say unfortunately because I absolutely HATE The Red Sox and I don’t really care for The Cardinals either, but hey I guess that should make my prediction even easier since there won’t be one ounce of bias! Both of these teams matchup so well against eachother it’s tough to decide who has any type of edge because they both dominate with starting pitching, as well as in the bullpen and they also have power in their batting lineups. Like I said before, in my previous blog,  I thought The Red Sox were the best team in the league in the Summer so I don’t really see them falling apart right now, they are playing some great team baseball and also mistake free baseball! I feel like The Red Sox are more likely to take advantage of The Cardinals mistakes and edge out the close games, they also have a bunch of scrappy veterans who know how to make the big play when needed, just ask Shane Victorino and Big Papi they have had some game changing moments already and I don’t think it will stop until they hoist the trophy.

Red Sox over Cardinals 6 games

Friday, October 11, 2013

2013 MLB Championship Series Predictions

Div Series Record (3-1)

2013 MLB Championship Series Predictions


Detroit Tigers Vs Boston Red Sox

This is going to be one hell of a matchup between these two teams because they are so similar. The Tigers are coming off of a great series against The A’s, Justin Verlander who has had a horrible season for his standards pitched one of the best games of his career in game 5 to get them to this point which I think is a huge confidence builder for him to begin to dominate the rest of the playoffs.  The Red Sox basically dominated The Rays and easily moved onto The Championship Series and looked great even in the one loss they had. Where I think The Red Sox will have the edge in this series will be with their bullpen, I believe The Red Sox bullpen is more reliable than The Tigers. Benoit, the closer for Detroit, tends to get into some trouble by getting guys on base and making things closer than they should be and with the way The Red Sox have been hitting this season that’s not a good thing for The Tigers and I think they will take advantage. 

Red Sox over Tigers 6 games


Los Angeles Dodgers Vs St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals are such a great organization it is amazing how they can just consistently make it to this point in the playoffs on a regular basis and not even have to go after big  name players and pay them a ton of money and then watch them fall apart to injuries. They have silently dominated the NL this year and look to go back to yet another World Series. The Dodgers have been battling through injuries since the start of the season, including the reigning MVP  Matt Kemp who has spent the majority of this season rehabbing injuries one after the other and doesn’t look like he has a shot at playing in this series let alone The World Series if they get that far, but they’ve still managed to play well and get through it. The Dodgers play in a God awful division so that helped them get into the playoffs, where as The Cardinals are in one of the strongest divisions where three of the teams made the playoffs. I think that’s a huge advantage for The Cardinals because they know how to win when it counts and they have been on a tear this second half of the season. They stole their division from The Pirates who owned it from the jump and then stole the playoffs from The Pirates in The NLDS and now they’re going to come in and steal The NL Championship from The Dodgers, at least I hope so because I hate The Dodgers!

Cardinals over Dodgers 6 games

Thursday, October 3, 2013

2013 MLB Division Series Predictions


Los Angeles Dodgers Vs Atlanta Braves

The Dodgers have been on a roller coaster ride all season long, they started playing like shit and were looking like the worst team in baseball, then all of a sudden they start to dominate all behind some great pitching, getting some injured guys back and the emergence of the rookie Yasiel Puig. But heading into the playoffs The Dodgers started to cool off and aren’t looking as dominant as they did this Summer. The Braves on the other hand have been pretty consistent for the most part this season, their batting lineup has been tops in the league Justin Upton led the way by hitting 27 HR and bringing in 70 RBI’s and also the first baseman Freddie Freeman has 23 HR’s and 109 RBI and batted a .319 AVG, those are some great numbers right there! As far as scoring goes both of these teams have no issues with it and are evenly matched up, but where The Dodgers have the edge is with their starting pitching. Clayton Kershaw has been dominant once again this year and Grienke is also having yet another good season, the bullpen has been their problem so if it comes down to that there could be a problem for The Dodgers, but having the pitching edge gets them the win in this series.

Dodgers over Braves 4 games

Pittsburgh Pirates Vs St. Louis Cardinals

This is probably going to be the best matchup of the division series both of these teams know eachother really well since they are in the same division. They battled it out all season long and have had ups and downs against eachother so either team can take this one! The Pirates have been a strong team for the majority of the season, they did start to fall apart the last month but they looked real good in The Wild Card Playoff game against The Reds, once they start hitting the lineup is hard to stop especially because they’re known for hitting a lot of homeruns! Francisco Liriano has also stepped it up since signing with them and is looking to be fully recovered from past injuries and has been one of the most dominant pitchers this season and has really carried this team when most everybody forgot about him. The Cardinals are once again playing well, they always seem to get by with a bunch of nobodies for the most part but they have looked good all season long and crept up to win that division. Right now I think The Pirates are riding a wave of momentum coming in from The Wild Card Round and I think will step it up to get to The Championship Series. I think their batting lineup is better, their bullpen is better and they play better defense.

Pirates over Cardinals 5 games


Detroit Tigers Vs Oakland A’s

So I’m not as avid of a baseball fan like I am football for example, but I definitely keep up on baseball throughout the season and I had no fucking idea that The A’s were dominating their division for the last like month or so! They came out of nowhere and won the division, but I guess that’s not tough when you have two of the biggest choke artist teams in your division (Angels and Rangers).  The Tigers on the other hand have been dominant once again, the pitching has been solid, especially from Max Scherzer who led the league with 21 wins, shockingly Justin Verlander was the one on The Tigers struggling this year and that’s odd coming from him since he’s been one of the best pitchers in baseball over the last 5 years or so. Miguel Cabrera has followed up his triple crown year with almost ANOTHER triple crown, dude has been a beast since the day he stepped into the league and he’s not letting up, he had 44 HR,  137 RBI, and had a .348 avg, those are some insane numbers. Like I said before I’m not too sure what The A’s have going on with their team I have a feeling whatever they’re working with will not be enough to even compete with The Tigers for an entire series.

Tigers over A’s 3 games

Tampa Bay Rays Vs Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox made a huge turn around this year from last year, they have a brand new manager who has had this team dominating for the majority of the season. The pitchers have been pitching lights out this year, the batting lineup has been producing a lot of runs and they’ve even been able to continue to play well even though they’ve had some injuries. The Rays have also had a good season, they’ve had their shaky moments but overall they came into the playoffs strong and should be a strong contender against The Red Sox. These two teams know eachother very well since they’re in the same division and had some great matchups already this season, I’ve felt since the Summer that The Red Sox are the overall best team in baseball and are the team to beat so with that being said I’ve gotta pick The Red Sox in this series. The Rays should give them a run for their money but overall The Red Sox are a better team from top to bottom.

Red Sox over Rays 4 games

Sunday, September 1, 2013

2013 NFL Playoff & Super Bowl predictions

2013 Playoff Predictions
                NFC                                                                     AFC
1.       Atlanta Falcons (13-3)                                      1.   Houston Texans (12-4)
2.       San Francisco 49ers (12-4)                               2.   Baltimore Ravens (11-5)
3.       Dallas Cowboys (10-6)                                     3.   Denver Broncos (11-5)
4.       Chicago Bears (10-6)                                        4.   New England Patriots (11-5)
5.       Seattle Seahawks (10-6)                                   5.   Cincinnati Bengals (10-6)
6.       Green Bay Packers (10-6)                                6.   Indianapolis Colts (9-7)

Wildcard Round

Packers Vs Cowboys                                                    Colts Vs Broncos
Seahawks Vs Bears                                                     Bengals Vs Patriots

Divisional Round

Seahawks Vs Falcons                                                Patriots Vs Texans
Cowboys Vs 49ers                                                    Broncos Vs Ravens

Conference Championships

49ers Vs Falcons                                                     Broncos Vs Texans

Super Bowl XLVIII

Falcons Vs Broncos


Denver Broncos

Friday, August 30, 2013

2013 NFC & AFC South Predictions

NFL 2013 Season Predictions

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons (13-3)

The Falcons made some big moves this offseason to take their team to the next level. Over the past few seasons all The Falcons have been known for are being choke artists, they can dominate in the regular season but come playoff time they fold up and go home! But with the addition of Steven Jackson at running back I really feel like he completes their team. Jackson has been a beast of a running back his entire career and basically wasted his talents in St. Louis with The Rams, but he is now finally on a legitimate team and he’s not going to have to carry the entire offense on his shoulders like he did for The Rams. Also on defense they were able to pick up Osi Umenyiora who I think will be a boost to the defense and bring some veteran leadership along with him. Mike Smith is still a soft ass coach and his pussy ass decisions have literally cost his teams a win by ONE YARD so I’m not quite sure I can pick them as The Super Bowl Champ, but I definitely think this team is going to be one of the best teams in the league, at least during the regular season.

Carolina Panthers (9-7)

The Panthers are a team that’s headed in the right direction, but not yet playoff material. Cam Newton is a beast on offense and he still has “ol’ reliable” Steve Smith to pass the ball to, but The Panthers running game is weak outside of Cam Newton. DeAngelo Williams has not lived up to his big contract he signed a couple years ago and seems to regress more every year and so far in preseason play he has looked lackluster, so I think the majority of the offensive production is going to have to come from Cam and that could be bad thing leading to stupid mistakes or even worse an injury. On defense The Panthers drafted a gem last year in Luke Kuechly, this dude is a BEAST on defense wherever the ball is it seems there he is too. He is great in pass coverage, but is also a threat to rush the quarterback and cause turnovers. The Panthers should make some games very interesting this season, but will just miss out on the playoffs because they are still a few pieces away from being a contender.

New Orleans Saints (8-8)

The only improvement The Saints have made this offseason to their mediocre team from last season is that they have Sean Payton back, but other than that this team is going to be the garbage squad. Drew Brees is about the ONLY thing The Saints have going for them, so back to shitsville New Orleans goes!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-10)

What’s going on in Tampa Bay this year……NOTHING!!!!!

AFC South

Houston Texans (12-4)

I think The Texans are going to once again be one of the best teams in the league this year, they got stronger on defense with the addition of Ed Reed in the secondary and we’re talking about one of the TOP defense’s in the league over the last couple of seasons getting better with a guy who is always where the ball is and if you throw one bad pass or if JJ Watt gets his big ass hand up in the air and gets near the ball Ed Reed will not only intercept the pass, but he also nine times out of ten is running it back for a touchdown. Arian Foster starting the season off injured is not a good thing for The Texans, but so far it seems minor so hopefully it won’t be something that lingers throughout the season because if it does this could be the only problem for The Texans, but luckily for them they are in a weak division so they should get some easy wins and take the division without a problem. We’ll see if this team is legit if they can finally break through during the post season though since they have been known to choke in the playoffs consistently and it’s not even close, they usually get blown out by the really good teams come playoff time so The Texans have a lot to prove this year because if they don’t at least get some sort of big win during the post season they will join that awesome club known as “The Choke Artist Club” I know all about it, I am a Cowboys fan after all!

Indianapolis Colts (9-7)

The Colts are coming off of one hell of a season, they ended up in the playoffs when no one really thought they had a chance, especially once their coach was out with cancer treatments for most of the season. But the team was able to step it up behind the play of the rookie quarterback Andrew Luck who had a great rookie season. The Colts are a decent team headed in the right direction but I still think they have some work to do before they become a legitimate threat. The offense should score some points, but not much is going on on the defensive side of the ball, the good thing for The Colts is they are in a weak division so they should get some good quality wins, but will fall short of the playoffs this time around.

Tennessee Titans (6-10)

Chris Johnson is about the only good thing going on in Tennessee he hasn’t lived up to his big contract he signed a couple years ago, but judging by his preseason I have a feeling he’s going to bounce back big! But outside of that The Titans are God awful and will be going nowhere this season!

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-14)

The Jaguars are seriously the worst team in the league there isn’t much going on here with this team, but hey on a positive note they should get the first pick in the draft next year and maybe they can go after that beast JaDeveon Clowney!