Monday, December 26, 2011

Bowl Predictions

Holiday Bowl
Cal Vs Texas

Obviously this is not a BCS Bowl game, but since The Longhorns are my fave team I gotta give my thoughts on this matchup! The Longhorns had a disappointing season that's why they're playing the weak ass Holiday Bowl, but it's a definite improvement over last year! The Longhorns major weakness this season was at quarterback. All season they juggled between three quarterbacks and none of them were that impressive. Case McCoy was the best of the three, but he has a lot to work on! Cal also had a mediocre season, not that they've ever really been that good but they have had better seasons. I think The Longhorns defense will be what gives them the edge in this matchup. They get at the opposing quarterback and are able to create turnovers. I really don't think The Longhorns are going to have any trouble with Cal.

Texas over Cal 35-17

Rose Bowl
Wisconsin Vs Oregon

This is going to be one of the best matchups in all of the bowl games this year! These are two evenly matched teams that play solid defense and are lights out on offense. Oregon's offense is led by LaMichael James who is a beast of a running back, their quarterback Darron Thomas has also had a stellar year by passing for 30 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions. Wisconsin also has a sick duo on offense, Russell Wilson has passed for 31 touchdowns, ran in 6 and only has 3 interceptions! They also have a Heisman nominated running back in Montee Ball who rushed for 1,759 yards and 32 touchdowns, so there should be nothing but offense in this matchup! Oregon has been somewhat of a disappointment this season where as Wisconsin has stepped up in big games and I think that gives Wisconsin the edge in this matchup.

Wisconsin over Oregon 55-51

Fiesta Bowl
Stanford Vs Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State had a great season, one of their best ever and actually made a case to play for the National Title, but fell short. Their only loss this season was at Iowa St in overtime, it was their only game they did not dominate other than that they absolutely owned everybody they played and were unstoppable on offense! They scored over 50 points in 6 of their games, that's pretty impressive!Stanford was an early National Title favorite, but also came up short due to their one loss for the second season in a row to Oregon, which also cost them a shot at the Pac 12 title. Stanford overall is a solid team on offense and defense and have a leader in Andrew Luck and I believe that will be the edge in this matchup. Oklahoma St has a ton of weapons on offense but I think they will fall short against the experienced Stanford squad. Oklahoma St should make it an interesting game, but Stanford will get the win in the end.

Stanford over Oklahoma St 41-30

Sugar Bowl
Michigan Vs Virginia Tech

Michigan has had a great season under their first year coach Brady Hoke, he has Michigan back up to their winning ways and has them back in a BCS Bowl game! Michigan is led by the versatile quarterback Denard Robinson who has been making big plays over the last couple of seasons through the air and on the ground. He makes smart plays and is trust worthy in the clutch moments. Virginia Tech is also coming off of a great season, their only two losses this season were to the same team, Clemson. Both of these teams matchup well against eachother so it should be fun to watch, Logan Thomas the quarterback of Virginia Tech is very similar to Robinson scoring through the air and on the ground. Both of these teams have played in very close matchups and I expect the same in this one, back and fourth scoring up until the last minute. I give the edge to Michigan because I think they have a better defense that is capable of making the big play when they need to.

Michigan over Virginia Tech 31-30

Orange Bowl
West Virginia Vs Clemson

This will probably end up being the only runaway bowl game. I don't believe West Virginia is even close to Clemson's level. Clemson has faced much tougher opponents and beaten them, where as West Virginia has just skated by in a weak ass division. I don't think this game will be close, Clemson has too many weapons for West Virginia to stop!

Clemson over West Virginia 41-10

Cotton Bowl
Kansas St Vs Arkansas

This matchup is going to be nothing but offense. These are two of the highest scoring teams in the nation, so it should be fun to watch! Kansas St came out of nowhere this season led by their versatile quarterback who can not only get points through the air but also on the ground, he actually has more rushing touchdowns than passing touchdowns! Arkansas has a balanced offense with a ton of weapons, they can score points in many different ways, with a lot of different players. I think overall Arkansas is a better team and will get the win.

Arkansas over Kansas St 41-31

National Championship
Alabama Vs LSU

When these two teams faced off earlier this season it was one of the most boring games of all time! I really hope this one is better. These were definitely the two best teams in college football and they deserve to be playing for a National Title. LSU has played through a lot of adversity this year, they had quite a few of their top players suspended at different times during the season and they still whooped everybodies ass! Alabama has played well all season with their only loss being to LSU in their closest and toughest game of the year. They have a solid defense and their running back Trent Richardson has been carrying the offense! But I don't think LSU can be stopped this year, they are on fire and have played some great football from start to finish. Their defense creates nothing but turnovers and their offense does nothing but score. This should be a close, hard fought game between two great teams, but I give the edge to LSU.

LSU Over Alabama 24-21

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fuck You Lockouts!

For the first time in my adult life a lockout fucked with not one, but two of my favorite sports! I don't count the baseball strike in 94-95 because I was only 9 years old and really didn't give a rats ass about baseball it was ALL about football, the BEST sport EVER! It seems like for months on Sportscenter all I have seen are stories about the percentage of this money, the owners want this, the players want that, we're suing eachother, and crappy stupid countdown clocks keeping track of how many days we have been without football and basketball, but thank God this is finally over!

The NFL lockout fortunately didn't create any delays in the regular season, but the off season was absolutely ripped away from us! And I don't care how stupid and sports obsessed I sound, I care about the off season as much as the mother fucking regular season! It matters just as much even though no games are being played. The draft was effected by it because no players could be traded for picks, free agency was all messed up because everybody had to scramble for players they wanted to sign, and you can tell it has taken a toll on the players because of all the injuries this season! I swear every week there is a new major injury to some big time player and it can't help but make me think what would have happened had there not been a moronic lockout and all these guys were practicing on a regular basis?

The NBA lockout was absolutely rotten, I honestly thought I was never going to get to see any basketball played this year the way things were going. When they canceled the preseason I started to get worried, when they canceled the first 2 weeks of the season I was pissed, and then when they just kept on canceling games the more the hopes of seeing my man Kobe Bryant go off this season were starting to look slim! But finally some how the owners and players came to an agreement and we are finally going to get to see some basketball! A shorter season unfortunately but hey it's better than nothing! It will be interesting to see how the lockout effects the season in other ways, such as injuries, the free agent market, trades, and new coaches trying to get their system implemented into their new teams. I have a feeling this season will start off slow for the majority of the teams and it will be a tough battle up until the playoffs in both conferences, there probably won't be a strong front runner team until it gets closer to the end of the regular season. But there are already tons of story lines for the upcoming season, obviously first off is how are The Dallas Mavericks going to defend their title? Will they be one hit wonders and flop or will they come back and dominate The NBA again? What about “The Big 3” what's girlfriend Lebron gonna do this year? Choke....? Probably, that's what Lebron does best, but hey I'm just glad basketball is back so I can go back to laughing at his failures like the cunt I am HAHA! I am going to enjoy watching them not get a ring AGAIN this year! What about my Lakers they got a new coach in Mike Brown who knows how they are going to look in a completely different system! And get ready to hear nothing but trade rumors and new team destinations for both Chris Paul and Dwight Howard! Both of them are in the final year of their contracts so they are the next big guys on the move and it won't surprise me if both players are on new teams by the trade deadline. There are many storylines in the NBA this year and I cannot wait to see what happens!

I really hope all these owners and players can keep the peace in ALL of my sports because if I ever have to go through another lockout its possible I could slit someones throat! My life is sports and I don't want to see countdown clocks on Sportscenter saying how many days we have been stuck in a lockout. I'd rather see Lebron James choke hard in the playoffs, or see Kobe Bryant hit the game winning shot, or see The Lakers win their 17th Championship, and you know I'm dying to see The Cowboys finally win another Super Bowl! Whatever is going on with sports good or bad, it's better than a mother fucking lockout!