Friday, January 31, 2020

Super Bowl LIV Prediction

Wild Card Record (1-3)
Divisional Round Record (2-2)
Conference Championship Record (1-1)

Super Bowl LIV Prediction

Kansas City Chiefs Vs San Francisco 49ers

This year’s Super Bowl is going to be one hell of a matchup between two excellent teams! The Chiefs started the season off a little shaky and things looked bleak once Patrick Mahomes dislocated his kneecap, but they stuck to their game plan and once the team got healthy they became unstoppable. The defense was questionable at the beginning of the season, but has turned into a brick house the second half and has played a big part as to why this team is in the Super Bowl. This Chiefs offense can score at will and cannot be counted out until the game is over, but the team they are up against may just be the team to contain this beast.

The 49ers have had one of the greatest turn arounds in NFL history because they ended last season with only four wins and here they are the most dominant team in football. Kyle Shanahan is such a great play caller on offense. He calls the most old school type game plan, but yet this offense can still light you up and keep pace with any team they face.  The ground game is the best in the league and they don’t even have a true starting running back, it’s a running back by committee with three very skilled and elusive backs. The 49ers greatest strength is their defense. This front seven has been tops in the league with every guy up front sacking the shit out of everyone and if they don’t sack you, they will disrupt the play in some way. The edge in this matchup is the 49ers defense because they are the best in the league and have proven it all season long. They have faced some great teams with some great quarterbacks and have passed the test each time. Even if they didn’t get the win, they still were able to play a solid game and give themselves a chance to win it. They have one more test with another great quarterback in Patrick Mahomes and while I expect him to still have a solid day, I expect the 49ers to make the big plays and get the win in the end.

49ers over Chiefs 35-31

MVP: Richard Sherman

Saturday, January 18, 2020

NFL Conference Championship Predictions

Wild Card Record (1-3)
Divisional Round Record (2-2)

NFL Conference Championship Predictions


Green Bay Packers Vs San Francisco 49ers

This matchup right here is what the playoffs are all about! The top two teams in the conference face off for a chance to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl and I expect this to be a battle until the end. When these two teams played each other during the regular season the Packers got completely embarrassed on the field and had their worst game of the season, but it was also the turning point for them as a team and I think they learned a lot from that loss. If anything they know what NOT to do this time around. The 49ers defense had a dominating game last week against the Vikings, but they are facing a much better quarterback this week who can absolutely handle the pressure. This game is perfectly setup for Aaron Rodgers to get some revenge on the 49ers. If you don’t remember many years ago the 49ers stupidly passed up on drafting Aaron Rodgers and went with the garbage can Alex Smith. Rodgers fell to the Packers which was a blessing for them, but Rodgers was basically embarrassed on national television because he was expected to be taken early in the draft, but ended up being left to kick it by himself for quite some time in the green room and just wait until his name was finally called. I think that’s always stuck with him and this game is the perfect opportunity to show them what they missed out on. I think this will be a much better game this time around with a back and forth battle until the bitter end. The edge in this matchup is Aaron Rodgers he can take over a game at any time and if you need one quarterback to win you a game even if it ends up being a hail mary with a second left on the clock he has proven time and again that he’s that guy! If this game ends up as close as I think it will and Rodgers has the ball on the final drive it’s all over with and I think this dude is hungry for his second Super Bowl and would love nothing more than to take the 49ers down along the way.

Packers over 49ers 28-27


Tennessee Titans Vs Kansas City Chiefs

It has been so much fun to watch the run that the Titans have been on during the postseason. They have been playing old school, smash mouth football and that to me is the best kind of football to watch. I know everyone jerks off all over themselves with all this offense, but not me! I love to see a running back like Derrick Henry dominate behind this great offensive line and the defense has held it down. This should be another big game for Henry because the Chiefs defense does not play well against the run and this guy is coming in having a historic postseason. The Chiefs are also coming into this game hot and playing some great football. The offense is firing on all cylinders and can score at will. The defense has had its moments, but has really stepped it up when they need to the most. These two teams couldn’t be more different because the Titans like to run the ball and dominate the line and run the clock, while the Chiefs like to score fast and score a lot of points! While I like what the Titans have done this postseason, I’m still not a believer. The Chiefs offense is tough for even the best defense to attempt to stop and while the Titans took care of an amazing offense last week in the Ravens, I still think the Chiefs will be far too much for the Titans defense to handle and the Chiefs will be moving onto the Super Bowl!

Chiefs over Titans 31-21

Sunday, January 12, 2020

College Football National Championship Prediction

Semi-Final Record (1-1)

College Football National Championship

Clemson Vs LSU

Clemson did not make as much noise as they usually do during the season, but here are they yet again to defend their title as champions! They will have their hands full with the LSU Tigers, but they should give them a run for their money. This is basically the same team that won the championship last year and Trevor Lawrence seems to be even better so I’m expecting that type of experience to make them a tough opponent. LSU is by far the best team in the league and this is exactly where they belong. The offense is lights out and extremely difficult to contain which is why I’m expecting this game to be a shootout. I believe both quarterbacks will be poised and make the big plays when it counts and this game will more than likely come down to whoever has the ball last. While I’m not expecting a whole lot of defense in this game I would not be surprised if the LSU defense is able to cause a couple turnovers to help gain the edge in this matchup. LSU has been the team to beat since the beginning of the season and keep proving it and I expect more of the same in this matchup. It should be a great game with two evenly matched teams, but LSU has been on a mission and I don’t see them losing this one.

LSU over Clemson 54-51

MVP: Joe Burrow

Friday, January 10, 2020

NFL Divisional Round Playoff Predictions

Wild Card Record (1-3)

NFL Divisional Round Playoff Predictions


Minnesota Vikings Vs San Francisco 49ers

When the playoffs began I really didn’t think much of the Vikings. I just assumed they’d be demolished right off the bat, but not only did the Vikings show up, they kicked the Saints ass! The Vikings are a tough team to believe in because while they are overall a good team with tons of talent, they tend to lay eggs when they are faced with adversity. Last weeks’ win has given me a much different perspective on them this week, meaning I actually think they have a shot. The 49ers have dominated the regular season with one of the best defenses in the league. Nick Bosa their first round pick has been a beast and has been pretty much unstoppable against every offense he has faced this season. Offensively they are a bunch of no-names aside from Jimmy Garappolo and George Kittle, but the play calling is on point and it gets everyone involved when necessary. While both of these teams have a lot of firepower on offense, I believe this matchup will be all defense. These are two of the best defenses in the league with some excellent pass rushers and lock down secondary’s who can cause turnovers at a moment’s notice. I don’t believe in either quarterback from either team. Kirk Cousins and Jimmy Garappolo have proven absolutely nothing when it comes to the postseason and I expect both of them to have mediocre games at best. The edge in this matchup I believe will be the Vikings ground game with Dalvin Cook and their defense. The Vikings have been playing some great football the last month and are coming off of a big win in New Orleans. If this defense can make Drew Brees look like an average quarterback, I wonder what they will make Jimmy G look like?

Vikings over 49ers 17-13

Seattle Seahawks Vs Green Bay Packers

The Packers have been a silent, but deadly team this season. Overall the Packers haven’t really blown anyone out of the water this season with stats and they have won games in multiple different ways with different players dominating. Usually, Aaron Rodgers carries this team and is typically an MVP candidate, but for once he has a consistent rushing attack with Aaron Jones in the backfield. The Packers receivers are a bunch of no-names, but know how to make the big plays when it counts the most. The biggest surprise with the Packers this season is their defense. The defense has had opposing quarterbacks running for their lives and caused nothing but confusion on offense. The Seahawks have battled through injuries this season and once again Russell Wilson has to shoulder the load. That’s not a bad thing considering he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, but at some point this weak ground game and battered offensive line is going to cost them and I think this will be the week they find that out the hard way. As I mentioned before the Packers defense is tough and while Russell Wilson is extremely effective on the run I think they will be able to contain him and make it a rough day for him to find anyone to get the ball to. This should be a fun game given these are two good teams, but I think the Packers defense will be the deciding factor in this game and will get them the win.

Packers over Seahawks 24-21


Tennessee Titans Vs Baltimore Ravens

The Titans are coming off of a huge win in New England and I hope they enjoyed that win because it’s about to get REAL this week against Baltimore! The Ravens have been one of the most dominant teams this season led by Lamar Jackson who is having an insane season and should end up with the league MVP award when it’s all said and done. While Jackson has been the main attraction for the Ravens, their defense is who is really killing their opponents. Overall the Ravens are just stacked and will be difficult for any team they face on the way to the Super Bowl! I don’t think the Titans have a chance in this game because the Ravens are a far superior team. Outside of Derrick Henry the Titans offense is weak and won’t be able to handle what the Ravens will bring on defense. In contrast, I also believe the Titans defense is going to have a lot of trouble trying to contain Lamar Jackson. This game is going to get out of control for the Titans and the score will keep climbing, I don’t believe this game will be close at any point.

Ravens over Titans 38-13

Houston Texans Vs Kansas City Chiefs

Well, I thought last week was when the Texans were going to have their playoff chokefest, but apparently they wanted to save that for this week! If you can’t tell by my sarcasm my opinion remains unchanged on the Texans. I don’t think they have a shot in hell at beating the Chiefs this week. I’m fully aware that the Texans beat the Chiefs earlier in the regular season, but the Chiefs were beat up then and are a much different team this time around. The Chiefs have been playing some really solid football and the defense has only got better in the second half of the season. The Texans defense is not that great and is going to have a difficult time containing the multiple ways that this offense can score and since the Chiefs defense has really started to come together I feel like DeShaun Watson is going to be running for his life, and not in the good way for him, but with a day where he will probably be on his ass quite a bit. The Chiefs defense is going to be the deciding factor in this matchup.

Chiefs over Texans 28-14

Friday, January 3, 2020

NFL Wild Card Playoff Predictions


Minnesota Vikings Vs New Orleans Saints

The NFC is so stacked with great teams this season that the Saints went 13-3 and will be playing in the Wild Card Round of the playoffs! In my opinion the Saints are the best team in the league this season. They have all the pieces to win a Championship from the great coach, to the hall of fame quarterback, to a top five wide receiver, to a diverse running back, and capping it off with a solid defense. The Saints are going to be a tough team to beat for anyone, but especially for the Vikings. Minnesota had a solid regular season and even gave Green Bay a run for the Division title, but they fell short. The Vikings overall are a very good team the offense can be dynamic and the defense is tough to score on, but there are also times where you watch this team and you’re like “who the fuck is this team?!” I have a feeling that will be the team that makes an appearance this week. The Vikings have not played well against some of the better teams this season and they are about to go up against one of the best teams in the league. I think the Saints have a bad taste in their mouths from the way the last two seasons have ended for them, one being two years ago against the Vikings on a last second play by Stefon Diggs. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long day for the Vikings.

Saints over Vikings 35-17

Seattle Seahawks Vs Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have been such a horrible team this season, but since they’re in the worst division in the league this season, they ended up backing their way into the playoffs! The Eagles have been dealing with a ton of injuries this season, but so have the Seahawks and they still look like a legit team. Russell Wilson has had a great season and once again carried the Seahawks offense who have lost all of their running backs to injury. It’s so bad they had to hit up Marshawn Lynch and get him out of retirement to give the offense a boost. I don’t expect him to be a huge difference maker, but it will help to take a bit of pressure off of Russell Wilson. I don’t think the Seahawks will have a problem this week because the Eagles are just awful! The Seahawks are a great road team and should be able to take care of the Eagles without much of a problem.

Seahawks over Eagles 28-13


Tennessee Titans Vs New England Patriots

Well it’s the postseason and of course the Patriots are here to haunt our dreams! The Patriots are not the same dominant force we’re used to seeing this season, but they’re still the Patriots and they know how to win in the postseason. They’re in luck too because their first opponent is not that great. The Titans had a Jekyll and Hyde season where you didn’t really know what you were going to get from them. On defense they are solid as a rock and difficult to score on. Offensively is where they have been very inconsistent. Derrick Henry has had a phenomenal season and has just about ran over every defense in his way, but the quarterback position has been shaky. They started the season with Marcus Mariota who was just flat out awful and then switched to Ryan Tannehill who has been solid, but I don’t trust this guy under pressure situations and this week is going to be the biggest test of his entire career. The Patriots defense has been the driving force for them this season and Bill Belichick is the master at taking out his opponents’ strongest player and forcing the rest of the team to beat them. This is a recipe for disaster for the Titans because if the Patriots defense is able to lock down Derrick Henry then the Titans will be in for a long day! While I’d love to see the Patriots lose this early in the playoffs, I don’t actually believe the Titans are going to be the opponent to grant that wish! Patriots should win this one in a landslide!

Patriots over Titans 42-10

Buffalo Bills Vs Houston Texans

One of my favorite things is when the Texans make the playoffs because I know I’m going to get a good laugh! Throughout their entire history of the postseason they are notorious chokers and I love it! This season the Texans have been pretty good, but nothing to brag about. DeShaun Watson is a good quarterback and I like what he brings to this squad, but apparently the Texans front office has no interest in providing him an offensive line to prevent him from being pummeled by the opposing defense. He has been under constant pressure all season, and while he is great on the run, he is even better when given time to throw in the pocket. The Bills defense has been a dominating force and is the main reason why the Bills are in the playoffs. Offensively the Bills have firepower, but can be anemic at times, which is why they rely heavy on the defense. The edge in this matchup I believe will be the Bills defense. If they are able to get at DeShaun Watson and make him ineffective in the passing game then the Bills should be able to do just enough on offense to get the win. I will never believe in the Texans until they actually prove something to me and I don’t believe they will prove anything in this matchup other than the same old chokers!

Bills over Texans 17-10