Monday, June 11, 2012

NBA Finals Prediction

1st Round Record (6-2)

Conf Semi Record (3-1)

Conf Finals Record (1-1)

Miami Heat Vs Oklahoma City Thunder

I am so fucking pissed off I have to see Lebron James stupid face playing in The NBA Finals, I mean I am going to love when he loses again, but man the ass kissing from ESPN and the rest of the media is going to be even more annoying! This will be a fun matchup to watch though, these two teams matchup very well against eachother and I'm expecting high scoring games in the majority of the series. We are going to see the top two players of the season, Durant and Lebron, go one on one against eachother and do what they can to carry their team to a Championship. The deciding factor in this will be whose bench will step it up when they need them to and I think that Oklahoma City plays team ball, where as The Heat like to play a lot of individual ball and get flustered easily. The Thunder also have an edge with their coach Scott Brooks, Erik Spoelstra doesn't do well under pressure and tends to make dumb decisions and overthink things kind of like with Chris Bosh and his minutes when he came back from his injury. Home court is also helpful for the Thunder since they are undefeated at home in the playoffs, their fans are much better and louder too because they are REAL fans unlike the majority of the bandwagon fans in Miami! In the end I've had The Thunder winning it all from the start and I can't jump off the bandwagon now, I think they're the better team and we all know Lebron chokes in the end!

Thunder over Heat 6 games

MVP: Kevin Durant