Wednesday, June 4, 2014

2014 NBA Finals Prediction

1st Round Record: (6-2)
Conf Semi’s Record (2-2)
Conf Finals Record (2-0)

2014 NBA Finals Prediction

Miami Heat Vs San Antonio Spurs

Here we are again, Heat Vs Spurs the same matchup from last year and we all know this is exactly who The Spurs wanted to face in The Finals to try and avenge their gut wrenching loss from last year! The Spurs are looking better than ever, they have kicked ass all season throughout the playoffs and look pretty much unstoppable. Even with the injury to Tony Parker I don’t think they have much to worry about, he is a major part of their offense, but so far his injuries in the playoffs and this entire season really have not held them back. The Heat on the other hand are only in The Finals because they’re in the weak ass Eastern Conference, I mean shit has this team played anybody legitimate yet?? I’d like to answer with a big fat NO on that one! In the first round they played The Bobcats, in the following round The Nets and in the last round The Pacers. Every one of those teams is an actual joke, with a garbage squad for a team and if they were in The Western Conference they would not have even made the playoffs! So this right here is the first good team The Heat are facing in The Playoffs! The Heat looked like garbage towards the end of the season and really haven’t done anything to impress me during the playoffs. If Tony Parker’s injury holds him back significantly then this will be tougher for The Spurs, but they should still win the series. They are better on defense, they have a better coach, they have a deeper bench and have been playing much better basketball than The Heat. If Tony Parker can play at a high level in this series than The Spurs should win this series easily! Either way my pick is The Spurs they’re the overall better team and……. fuck The Heat!

Spurs over Heat 6 Games