Sunday, April 30, 2017

NBA Semi Final Playoff Predictions

First Round Record (7-1)

NBA Semi Final Playoff Predictions

Western Conference

Utah Jazz Vs Golden State Warriors

The Jazz literally have no chance in this matchup, and what I mean by that is I don’t believe they will even be able to get ONE win in this series, let alone win four games in the series. The Warriors are playing the best basketball in the league right now and are pretty much unstoppable. Everything about the Warriors is perfect too, the way that they pass, the way that every player is in the exact spot he is supposed to be in at all times, and they just can’t miss a shot. We can’t forget about that defense either! This should be another quick one for the Warriors like it was against the Blazers in the previous round!

Warriors over Jazz in 4 games

Houston Rockets Vs San Antonio Spurs

Here it is! This is the first big test for the Rockets to prove whether or not they are contenders or pretenders in the post season. Houston has lived off of their lights out offense with a little touch of defense and have been able to make it work, but I’ve been skeptical of them all season. The Spurs are doing what the Spurs usually do just keep playing fundamental basketball and keep on winning. Kawhi Leonard has continued to play at a crazy level this season not only on the defensive side, but also he has turned into the clutch shooter and go-to guy when the game is on the line! The Spurs do have an old lineup, but I believe the bench of is deep enough to outlast an entire series against the Rockets. I expect the Rockets to wear the Spurs out, but overall the Spurs depth is one of the many reasons why they are so good. Like I say with every team in every sport, I can’t pick you in the critical moments until you have proven you can overcome the critical moments. While this Rockets team has no history of losing or really any history of any kind, I do know the history of Mike D’Antoni coached teams and so far what history has shown is his way of coaching doesn’t win Championships! On the other side of the court is Gregg Popovich one of the greatest coaches in the history of the sport who has proven time and time again he knows what it takes to win when it matters the most.

Spurs over Rockets in 6 games

Eastern Conference

Toronto Raptors Vs Cleveland Cavaliers

The thing about the Raptors is you can’t believe in them, ever! They prove time and time again that they can’t win in the post season, so naturally I expect this matchup to be a Cavaliers blow out! I’d love to see a team out in the Eastern Conference actually be able to beat the Cavaliers in the Playoffs, but that won’t be happening, at least in this round. The Cavaliers should have no problem moving onto the next round against the choke artist Raptors!

Cavaliers over Raptors in 5 games

Washington Wizards Vs Boston Celtics

At least there will be one halfway decent matchup in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals! During the regular season all four matchups between these two teams were a heated battle to the bitter end. There is already no love at all between the two and I expect the hatred to grow with each and every game they play against each other in this round! Both teams matchup very well against each other, especially at the guard position, either team can kill you with their back court on the offensive side of the ball. I believe the Wizards will have the edge in this matchup because they play better on the defensive side of the ball and they have also found a great chemistry with this team and seem to really be flying high right now! I was never sold on the Celtics this season as a real competitor in the post season and it showed in the last series. While they may have won that matchup I really think they got lucky with the injury to Rondo, had Rondo not been injured we may be talking about the Bulls right now. The Celtics don’t really have anyone who can step up beyond Isiah Thomas or Al Horford, who are both playing excellent basketball this year, but it’s been a struggle to get the rest of them team to step it up when they are down. I think the Wizards are ready to take the next step towards becoming a legitimate contender and they will come out on top in this matchup!

Wizards over Celtics in 7 games

Friday, April 14, 2017

NBA First Round Playoff Predictions

Western Conference

Portland Trail Blazers Vs Golden State Warriors

The only person who actually believes the Trail Blazers have a chance in this matchup is Damian Lillard. I don’t even think they have a shot at one win in the entire series! I think we all know that this will be a quick and easy series for the Warriors!

Warriors over Trail Blazers in 4 games

Utah Jazz Vs Los Angeles Clippers

I never know what to think of the Clippers anymore? They are coming into the Playoffs strong, but will it last? Will they be able to compete with the legitimate teams in the Western Conference? I guess we won’t find that out just yet though because they will be playing against the Jazz. The Jazz are a young team who are playing very well, but they aren’t that impressive. I don’t believe they will have what it takes to withstand an entire series against the Clippers. The Clippers have depth, and both Chris Paul and Blake Griffin finally seem to be healthy and playing at a high level. I believe the Clippers shouldn’t have a difficult time getting past the Jazz and moving on.

Clippers over Jazz in 5 games

Oklahoma City Thunder Vs Houston Rockets

This is going to be interesting to see the top two MVP candidates face off against each other in the first round of the Playoffs. Russell Westbrook and James Harden have both been putting up insane numbers from the start of the season and have maintained this high level of play consistently throughout the entire season. Westbrook has obviously had one of the greatest seasons an individual player can have since Oscar Robertson, but Harden has been on a team that also consistently wins. Overall the Thunder are an exceptionally mediocre team and are lucky to even be in the Playoffs. Westbrook’s amazing season has covered up the majority of their flaws that will be exposed in this round. The Rockets have been at the top of the Western Conference all season long and have an unstoppable offense. I don’t believe this is going to be a difficult series for the Rockets to win because they have a much better team that can score at will, and we all know teams win Championships, not individuals.

Rockets over Thunder in 5 games

Memphis Grizzlies Vs San Antonio Spurs

These two teams always end up facing each other at some point in the Playoffs over the past couple of years and surprisingly it ends up being a good matchup for basketball fans! The Grizzlies are not the same team they’ve been in the past. They are now an old team with guys who are continuously getting injured. Once they get one guy back from injury another guy goes down and that’s always tough to overcome. Tony Allen has already been ruled out indefinitely and he plays a big role on this team, especially on the defensive side of the ball. The Spurs are also pretty old, but they still play at a high level and have a lot of depth! Kawhi Leonard has really taken over as the leader of this team and has played at an MVP level throughout the season and I expect him to carry that on into the post season. The Grizzlies should give the Spurs all they have in this matchup, but in the end I believe the Spurs will win the series.

Spurs over Grizzlies in 6 games

Eastern Conference

Chicago Bulls Vs Boston Celtics

The Bulls shouldn’t even be in the Playoffs because they are such a horrific team, but here they are, ready to get beat by the Celtics! The Celtics aren’t the greatest team either, but they shouldn’t have a problem moving onto the next round!

Celtics over Bulls in 5 games

Atlanta Hawks Vs Washington Wizards

This should be an interesting matchup because the Wizards will be showcasing one of the best backcourts in the league on offense and the Hawks dominate on the defensive side of the ball. The problem for the Hawks is I don’t believe they have anyone who is capable of taking over offensively. The Wizards will be tough to keep up with if Beal and Wall go off and start scoring at a high pace, the Hawks won’t be able to keep up. I give the edge in this matchup to the Wizards because they have been more consistent than the Hawks this season, and also Dwight Howard plays for the Hawks the floor is going to get pretty slippery with him out there since he’s such a big ass vagina! You can’t win with that crybaby on your team that’s already been proven time and again!

Wizards over Hawks in 6 games

Milwaukee Bucks Vs Toronto Raptors

The Bucks are a young, up, and coming team, who have surprised all of us and made the Playoffs. The Bucks are a decent team, but not a team anyone should be afraid of. The Raptors on the other hand have actually been one of the most consistent teams this season! DeMar Derozan and Kyle Lowry have continued to excel on the court and look poised to carry this team deep into the Playoffs. The Bucks are building a foundation and are on their way to becoming a strong team, but the Raptors are already there and should be able to take down this young squad easily!

Raptors over Bucks in 4 games

Indiana Pacers Vs Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavaliers are playing like absolute garbage these days, but lucky for them they’re in the Eastern Conference and they are sure to face a chump team in the first round! The Pacers barely made the Playoffs and I don’t expect them to be much competition against the Cavs. They may steal a game, but other than that I think this should be a breeze for the Cavs no matter how terribly they are currently playing.

Cavaliers over Pacers in 5 games