Tuesday, December 30, 2014

College Football Playoff Predictions

Sugar Bowl

Ohio St Vs Alabama

I’m really not excited about this matchup in the least, not just because I absolutely hate both of these teams but because it’s going to be a one sided matchup. Alabama is a much more complete team than any team in the first ever College Football Playoff, especially Ohio State. The Buckeyes are in one of the weakest conferences’ around so if you have even a halfway decent team you look really good until Bowl season rolls around and you blow it! Coming into this game The Buckeyes will be starting their THIRD quarterback of the season due to injuries. Yes, what Ohio State has done this year is impressive, but I don’t in any way think that The Buckeyes have a chance in hell at beating Alabama. As always Alabama has a stacked team on offense and defense. On offense they are led by Heisman Trophy Nominee Amari Cooper who has been lighting up just about every defense they have faced this season. He is a game changer so if you’re going to stop this offense you start with him, but that is no easy task because he always seems to make the big plays when he needs to. This is where The Crimson Tide thrive and should make a pretty big statement to start off the College Football Playoffs.

Alabama over Ohio St. 42-14

Rose Bowl

Florida St. Vs Oregon

Between these two playoff matchups I think this one will be the best matchup. Florida State is the defending Champ, but they are nowhere near as good as they were last season. This year they have overcome a lot of adversity and managed to stay undefeated, but overall this team is very sloppy especially on the offensive side. Jameis Winston has really put his team in some bad positions with the amount of turnovers he has caused this season, but the rest of the team has been able to step up and overcome it. Oregon on the other hand has been lights out all season. On offense they have the top quarterback this season Marcus Mariota, who took all the top honors including The Heisman Trophy. The big surprise with this team is the defense, they have been tops in college football and will be tough to score on, even though their top cornerback will not be in the game due to injury. Overall I think Oregon is the more consistent team and if Florida State gets behind against this team like they have others this season, I don’t believe they are good enough to overcome The Ducks if they let them get too far ahead.

Oregon over Florida St. 35-24