Monday, October 20, 2014

World Series Prediction

Division Series Record (1-3)
Championship Series Record (1-1)

World Series Prediction

San Francisco Giants Vs Kansas City Royals

I would have never guessed that this would be The World Series matchup when the season started or at any point during the season, but here we are! Of course I’m thrilled because The Giants are once again back in The World Series for the third time in the last five seasons so if they get this win then they will be considered a dynasty, a word I never thought I would ever be able to associate with The Giants! This is going to be a great matchup because both teams are very similar, they dominate with pitching and can score the critical runs when needed. They have  both taken numerous games throughout the postseason past nine innings and been able to win on the road under pressure. These teams have it all starting pitching, lights out bullpen, strong defense and smart hitters, but when it’s all said and done The Giants have Bruce Bochy who knows how to make all the right decisions when the game is on the line. I think that will be the edge in this matchup, I have respect for what The Royals have done this season and I know everybody is pulling for the underdog, but come playoff time under Bruce Bochy, The Giants know how to get the job done!

Giants over Royals 6 Games

Friday, October 10, 2014

2014 ALCS & NLCS Predictions

Division Series Record (1-3)

2014 MLB ALCS & NLCS Predictions


Kansas City Royals Vs Baltimore Orioles

Who would have thought that this was going to be the matchup in The ALCS at the beginning of the season? It’s nice to see some new teams up in this bitch! This is going to be a fun matchup to watch, The Orioles are a team that wins with Homeruns and The Royals are more of a small ball team, neither team is really going to dominate you with their pitching. Where I think this matchup will be won will be with the Managers, Buck Showalter is a great manager who is not afraid to take risks and knows how to make the tough decisions when under pressure. Ned Yost is a pussy, truthfully this dude is lucky his team is really good because he has made some questionable decisions and luckily they have not cost them because the rest of the team still steps it up. That will usually catch up to in the playoffs, especially when you’re going up against a team like The Orioles who will take advantage and pounce on any weakness that you have! If you give their lineup an inch they will take a mile and run with it, the batting lineup can get out of hand and I don’t think a manager as soft as Yost will be able to handle it!

Orioles over Royals 5 Games


San Francisco Giants Vs St. Louis Cardinals

Ever since Bruce Bochy has taken over The Giants as their Manager The Giants have finally learned how to win when it matters the most. Growing up The Giants were an awful team and the years they were actually good they would choke in the playoffs, so I grew to have very low expectations for them, but Bochy has changed all of that. Now when The Giants are in the postseason they are a legitimate contender and usually dominate opponents. The Cardinals seem to always be in the hunt no matter who is on their team, even if it’s the nobody squad like this season. Both of these teams are equally matched so this should be a fun series to watch, but like I said before these days The Giants get into the playoffs and all of a sudden they get on a tear and just know how to win. The pitching has stepped it up so far and really dominated their opponents, and the batting lineup has been able to get the critical hits and runs to win the close matchups. I mean is there really even a question on who I’m taking in this matchup??

Giants over Cardinals 6 Games

Thursday, October 2, 2014

2014 MLB ALDS & NLDS Predictions

   2014 MLB Divisional Series Predictions


Kansas City Royals Vs LA Angels

It’s crazy that this is the first time The Royals have been in the playoffs since the year I was born! It was nice to see them get that win in The Wild Card Round in a thriller against The A’s, but now I think it’s time to snap back to reality. The Angels have been one of the best teams through the second half of the season, they have a great batting lineup led by Mike Trout and Albert Pujols who is finally healthy and playing well. The pitching staff finally got it together and now are looking solid from top to bottom. The Royals have been kind of flaky coming into the playoffs, where as The Angels have been playing some great baseball for months! This is where I think The Angels will have the edge, momentum coming into the playoffs is huge as well as a solid pitching staff, their batting lineup is just a bonus that takes them over the top and if they keep it up they will be tough for anyone to beat!

Angels over Royals 3 Games

Detroit Tigers Vs Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles have been one of the biggest surprise teams of the season, they owned their division for most of the season and really haven’t let up at all. Nelson Cruz has had a great season batting .271 with 40 homeruns, he was the leader of this lineup along with Adam Jones. The Tigers lineup can score a lot of runs and keep up with a team like The Orioles, led by Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez. The Tigers had a slow start to the season, but are back to their old form. Where I think this matchup will be won will be with the Starting Pitching, The Tigers have one of the best pitching staffs in the league and Verlander is starting to pitch well again at the right time of the year. The Orioles pitching staff was fairly mediocre and had their moments during the season, but I don’t believe they have enough to beat out a team like The Tigers.

Tigers Over Orioles 5 Games


San Francisco Giants Vs Washington Nationals

I love when The Giants are in this position because the last two times it’s happened they’ve won The World Series! There’s something about this team that just know how to win when the playoffs roll around, so even though The Giants barely made it into the playoffs this year I still believe they are going to be a tough matchup for anyone. The Nationals have had a great season, the pitching staff has just been absolutely dominant and are the reason why they are here! But I’m a Giants fan and there’s no way I’m picking against them, especially with the way they played against The Pirates in The Wild Card game, they keep that kind of play up then they got this! The Nationals have yet to prove they can live up to any expectations they have set over the years and The Giants have done the opposite!

Giants over Nationals 4 Games

St. Louis Cardinals Vs LA Dodgers

The Dodgers have had a great season starting with Clayton Kershaw, the guy has been one of most dominant pitchers over the past few seasons and had yet another amazing season. He should not only be receiving yet another Cy Young Award, but also an MVP because he has carried this team the whole way. The Dodgers lineup is stacked with talent and the rest of the pitching staff, along with the bullpen makes them a very tough opponent for anyone they face. The Cardinals are just their usual quiet selves, back in the playoffs and I’m not even sure how? They obviously know how to build a great team since they always seem to get back into the playoffs every year with a team of no names. Unfortunately for them The Dodgers are playing too well for me to pick against them in this round, but if anyone can surprise us and beat The Dodgers, it’s gotta be The Cardinals they’ve done it before!

Dodgers Over Cardinals 5 Games