Friday, January 31, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII Prediction

WildCard Record: (3-1)
Divisonal Record: (4-0)
Championship Record:  (2-0)

Super Bowl XLVIII Prediction

Denver Broncos Vs Seattle Seahawks

This right here is going to be the ultimate matchup! These are no doubt the two top teams in the league, not only in their conference but also we will have the top defense in the league (The Seahawks) facing off against the best offense in the league (The Broncos). Peyton Manning has had the best season of his career and that says a lot given he already has 4 MVP awards and looks to win yet another this season. Right out the gate the first game of the season he threw 7 touchdowns on the Super Bowl Champion Ravens and never looked back, Manning has meticulously picked apart every offense he has faced this season and has made every player on his offense better and has carried this team straight to The Super Bowl.  The Seahawks are such a complete team it’s hard to find any kind of flaw in them, on defense they just absolutely dominate and have the best secondary in the league, on offense they have Marshawn Lynch who makes some of the most explosive plays on the ground as well as Russell Wilson who knows how to make the big plays when they need him to the most, and they also have a great coach leading the way with Pete Carroll. Nothing about this game is going to be determined by the weather, it might snow or be cold or whatever but this is still in equal playing field for both teams, the stupid media just has to make a big deal out of something stupid and this is it the fucking weather….SHUTUP! I feel like the difference in this matchup will be on how Peyton Manning plays in this game and I feel like he has had too great of a season to let it end on a sour note, even though we all know he loves to choke this time of the year!  I also picked The Broncos before the season started to win The Super Bowl (you can reference back in my blog for the picks) so how can I turn on them now?!

Broncos over Seahawks 28-23

MVP: Peyton Manning

Saturday, January 18, 2014

NFL Conference Championship Predictions

WildCard Record: (3-1)
Divisonal Record: (4-0)

NFL Conference Championship Predictions


New England Patriots Vs Denver Broncos

Well here we are again ESPN’s dream Peyton Manning’s Broncos Vs Tom Brady’s Patriots battling it out for a chance to play in The Super Bowl. Don’t get me wrong these matchups have turned out to be pretty epic for the most part, but we all know the media gets way too hard up about this kinda shit, especially when it comes to these two particular quarterbacks! This game is going to be all about the offense because defensively both of these teams can get lit up and both Manning and Brady have been on fire all season. I have a feeling this is going to be a shootout between Manning and Brady going back and fourth driving down the field and whoever has the ball last will come out on top. There are other players on these teams playing this game though, but unfortunately for Tom Brady all the good ones are playing for Denver. Once again Tom Brady has literally had to carry his entire team to this point and this is quite possibly the worst team and choice of offensive “weapons” that he has ever had in his career and yet here they are in The Championship game. But I feel like this advantage will be big for Denver in getting this win, on offense Manning has numerous weapons to not only throw to but he has a solid ground attack and while the defense has been beat up they are still able to maintain and do a decent job. Football is a team sport and while Tom Brady is a great quarterback, I don’t believe he will be able to do it all and that’s where I think Denver will have the edge in this matchup due to an all around team effort.

Broncos over Patriots 42-41


San Francisco 49ers Vs Seattle Seahawks

I guess third time is going to be the charm between these two division rivals. In the regular season they split their matchups, the first matchup Seattle absolutely dominated The 49ers and in the second matchup it was tough fight throughout the game and The 49ers ended up with the win. Seattle has been one of the most dominant teams at every position, they play smart, they play fast and they get the job done and make it look easy! Pete Carroll has transformed this team into a powerhouse and the crazy thing is they could be even better, but Percy Harvin has been injured all season. The most impressive thing about The Seahawks is their secondary, it is probably the best secondary in the league hands down! They are ALL over that field, they have every receiver on lock down, force turnovers and on occasions have been known to score a touchdown. The 49ers have had an up and down season, but ever since Aldon Smith came back the defense has looked better than ever and seem to be back to their form from last year. Colin Kaepernick had a great game against The Panthers continuing his dominance in the playoffs and the one thing about this 49ers team is they can go on the road into hostile environments and win! I feel like this is going to be an epic battle until the very end and I think defense is going to dominate. I have a feeling we’re going to see a bunch of turnovers and whoever takes advantage of those mistakes will come out on top. This is where I think The Seahawks will have the edge because like I said before their defense is out of control, they have kept The 49ers offense in check in both matchups and I think they will do the same thing in this matchup, the defense should set their offense up in some good positions to ride Marshawn Lynch all the way into The Super Bowl.

Seahawks over 49ers 17-14

Friday, January 10, 2014

NFL Divisional Round Predictions

Wildcard Record: (3-1)

NFL Divisional Playoff Predictions


San Diego Chargers Vs Denver Broncos

It’s kind of hilarious how the media actually thinks that this is going to be a good game since The Chargers played The Broncos well in Denver during the regular season and yeah sure Peyton Manning has been known to choke in the playoffs, but come on let’s not kid ourselves The Chargers are not a good team and are not even a legitimate Super Bowl contender. I have a feeling The Broncos are going to come out the gate scoring and just dominate The Chargers from the start. The Broncos are a better team from top to bottom and are coming off of a bye week where they had plenty of time to put together a good game plan to beat The Chargers. I really don’t think this game is going to be close at any point except for the coin toss.

Broncos over Chargers 45-10

Indianapolis Colts Vs New England Patriots

The Colts have more than over achieved this season especially considering one of their leaders, Reggie Wayne, has been injured for the second half of this season. Andrew Luck has proven he is a leader and never quits playing until the clock hits zero. The problem with The Colts is their defense, they can get lit up and that is not a good thing when you are playing Tom Brady at home. The Patriots once again dominated on offense this season and also overcame numerous injuries, but Tom Brady has kept the offense going and here they are back in the playoffs ready to compete for another Super Bowl. I don’t think The Colts are a team that is mentally tough enough to go into New England and beat them in their house and try to contain Tom Brady. The Patriots defense is going to have their eyes on T.Y. Hilton all day and I believe will take him out of the game forcing more pressure on Andrew Luck who has been prone to turnovers lately. I think this game will start off close but The Patriots will start to run away with it after halftime and win in a landslide.

Patriots over Colts 35-17


New Orleans Saints Vs Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks, by far, are the best team in The NFC if not the entire NFL, they have dominated all season long on offense and defense and play great at home! The Saints have been up and down this season and have played horribly on the road. The Saints defense is improved, but has been known to give up some big plays! Earlier this season New Orleans played in Seattle and got stomped into the ground, Seattle owned The Saints from start to finish in that game. This is the playoffs so what happened earlier in the season does not matter, so I do not expect this game to be an ass kicking at all like the previous matchup. Russell Wilson has been the leader for the Seahawks this season and has only improved upon what he accomplished last year and the defense is just as dominant, they know how to frustrate quarterbacks and cause turnovers for points and that is where I think Seattle will have the edge because the key to beating The Saints is making sure Drew Brees is uncomfortable and forcing him into turnovers. The Saints defense is not good enough to shoulder the load and I feel like The Seahawks offense will pick them apart all day long.

Seahawks over Saints 35-21

San Francisco 49ers Vs Carolina Panthers

This matchup will be showcasing two of the most athletic quarterbacks that we have in the league. Kaepernick’s season has not been as impressive as last season, but he is still capable of going off whether it be through the air or on the ground. The 49ers defense has been getting better every single week and I think will step it up big against Cam Newton this weekend. Cam has had a great season, but the 49ers defense is just the type of defense that can shut him down and force him to make mistakes he wouldn’t normally make. The Panthers defense has been tops in the league and I think will keep Kaepernick in check, but I think the 49ers will be able to take advantage of what little opportunities will be given to them over The Panthers. This game I believe will be more about the defense than the offense and it should be close the whole way through and will come down to who makes the least amount of mistakes. The 9ers are looking for payback and this game is the perfect game to serve it to The Panthers!

49ers over Panthers 24-21

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 BCS National Championship Prediction

Florida St Vs Auburn

When the season began nobody expected either of these teams to be in this position. Florida St was a ranked team and had high hopes, but to start the season not many picked them to dominate like they have this season. The Freshman quarterback Jameis Winston has been the ultimate leader for this team as well as a big and smart play maker. The defense is also tops in college football and has been a big reason as to why this team has dominated all season. Auburn on the other hand was one of the worst teams last season and now here they are beating up on powerhouse teams and facing off in The National Championship. The Auburn Tigers season has been more about keeping the game close and making the big play in the end to win, while Florida St has just flat out owned every single opponent they have played thus far. The SEC is a  much better conference than The ACC which is going to be helpful for Auburn, but to me Florida St has just been too good for anyone to beat. Winston is the real deal and this team does not let the moment outshine them. I think this game will start out close, but Florida St will run away with it in the end. The Seminoles are better at each and every position compared to The Tigers and I think it will show in The Championship game.

Florida St over Auburn 48-21

Friday, January 3, 2014

NFL Wild Card Round Predictions


San Francisco 49ers Vs Green Bay Packers

This is probably going to be the best matchup in The Wild Card Round, over the past couple of seasons whenever these two teams face off against eachother it is always a hard fought game. The Packers have spent this entire season trying to make it through all of their numerous injuries and it’s been tough but they’ve made it work and Aaron Rodgers is back and healthy just in time for a playoff run. It’s obvious the team is nothing without Rodgers considering they are lucky to even be in this position with how terrible they played in his absence. But outside of Rodgers The Packers aren’t much of anything else and this could be huge against a team like The 49ers. The 9ers have had an up and down season but still have continued to dominate and win games. Kaepernick is having a down year compared to last year, but he’s still making it work and seems to be catching on with Anquan Boldin. The 49ers defense is also carrying the team this year and they will be needed to try and contain Rodgers. The Packers are completely hobbled on the defensive side right now and I think that will be the key to this game and I think Kaepernick has a big day and dominates The Packers.

49ers over Packers 28-27

New Orleans Saints Vs Philadelphia Eagles

This is going to be an interesting matchup only because it is going to be played in Philadelphia. The Saints are horrible on the road especially when the weather is cold, but if this were set in New Orleans I think The Saints would absolutely obliterate The Eagles because The Saints are a much better team than The Eagles. It’s amusing to me how the media has just completely fallen in love with Nick Foles like he’s the greatest thing since Joe Montana, sure he’s managing the game well right now but other than that there isn’t anything special about him or The Eagles. The Saints on the other hand are back to being good with Sean Payton coming back from suspension last season, the offense is once again electric and the defense is much improved from last year. Now like I said before this game is probably going to be a lot closer since The Saints play like shit on the road and in cold weather, but I just don’t see The Eagles beating The Saints and my hatred of The Eagles just won’t let me pick them to win either!

Saints over Eagles 28-14


Kansas City Chiefs Vs Indianapolis Colts

All season the one team I never bought into was The Kansa City Chiefs, don’t get me wrong what they accomplished this year compared to last season was huge, but in no way shape or form do I think this team has any chance of actually winning The Super Bowl! For the most part during their big win streak at the beginning of the season they beat mediocre teams and you could tell towards the end of the season when they played better teams they couldn’t keep up. The Colts on the other hand I think were legit up until the point Reggie Wayne got injured. He was their team leader and a big part of their offense and he’s obviously been hard to replace since The Colts haven’t been the same team since his injury. The offense seems to have been able to finally start to find an identity without him and seem to be putting it together at the right time. Andy Reid has always been consistent at one thing throughout his career and that is during the regular season he can have the best team, but once the playoffs roll around his teams choke hard and I expect nothing different from him this time around. Alex Smith is a mediocre quarterback and The Chiefs defense is beat up, I give the edge to The Colts in this matchup. But if this was an eating contest all my money is in on Andy Reid!!!

Colts over Chiefs 28-20

San Diego Chargers Vs Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals have had a really good season on offense Andy Dalton lit up just about every defense he faced, but the big surprise was their defense. This team dominated on the defensive side of the ball and I believe is the big reason why they are here in the playoffs. The Chargers on the other hand basically just backed their way into the playoffs, they had yet another mediocre season and just happened to catch a couple lucky breaks along the way to get into the playoffs. The Bengals have been dominant at home and I don’t believe there is any question that they should continue that trend into this game!

Bengals over Chargers 35-20