Wednesday, June 1, 2016

NBA Finals Prediction

First Round Record (6-2)
Semi Finals Record (2-2)
Conf. Finals Record (2-0)

NBA Finals Prediction

Cleveland Cavaliers Vs Golden State Warriors

It’s rematch time bitches!! I kind of feel like both teams are happy to be facing off again in the NBA Finals for the second consecutive year. Last year the Cavs were decimated by injuries and LeBron was basically his entire team, and from the mouth of a LeBron hater I gotta say I was very impressed with what he did in last year’s Finals, but because of that the Warriors have had to deal with a lot of naysayers throughout the season questioning their title as Champions. So far their response has been a ginormous middle finger to all of the doubters! They made basketball look so EASY throughout the regular season and at the beginning of the playoffs people were still questioning whether or not this team was legit or not?! They were tested in the Western Conference Finals by the Oklahoma City Thunder and they needed that test more than anything! Down 3-1 in the series is when EVERYONE counts you out and while we all know they can still win the series, the chances are so small. The Warriors won three straight games, they were tested in every single game all the through game 7 and they came out on top.

The Cavaliers have been good for an Eastern Conference team, but still have yet to really be tested in any way this postseason. Don’t get me wrong they are a good team and obviously deserve to be here, but they have yet to impress me in any way at all this season. The Eastern Conference just sucks and it was even worse this season! There wasn’t even one team in the East that could even compete with the Cavaliers and make things interesting for us. They will finally get a test in the Finals and I expect them to make this a competitive matchup against the Warriors. The three point shooting from both teams will be out of control, so don’t be surprised to see an offensive shootout in at least a couple of these games.

The edge in this matchup, I believe will be the Warriors defense. Everyone forgets about how good they are defensively because they are so great on offense, but this is what will help them complete this insane run they have been on this season. The Warriors defense will need to lock it down on Kyrie Irving and the rest of the Cavaliers and put all the pressure on LeBron to do all the work. They need to force him to throw up shots outside the paint where he has been awful from this season. The Warriors actually did a decent job defensively on LeBron in last years’ Finals matchup so it’s not like they don’t know what to expect. You have to remember Andre Iguodala was the MVP of the Finals last season and that’s because of how well he defended against LeBron! It’s tough to pick against the Warriors because every time they are doubted they overcome and I feel this will be no different. The Warriors are on the verge of making history, they have a job to do and they have their eye on the prize.

Warriors over Cavaliers 6 games