Tuesday, May 19, 2015

NBA Conference Championship Predictions

First Round Record (7-1)
Semi Finals Record (2-2)

NBA Conference Finals Predictions

Western Conference

Houston Rockets Vs Golden State Warriors

The Warriors have been kicking some serious ass this season and have continued to dominate all through the playoffs thus far. The Rockets made an impressive comeback down 3-1 in the semi-finals over the Clippers, that showed they can overcome an immense amount of adversity against a really good team. The Clippers did choke, but you still can’t take away a comeback like that away from the Rockets! In this matchup I feel like it will end up being a shootout, you have the league MVP Stephen Curry going up against the runner up for the award, James Harden. The Warriors have the edge on the defensive side of the ball and I feel they will work to take James Harden out of the game and force his teammates to try and step up in his place. The Warriors are also a much deeper team on the bench and have other guys who can take over scoring if Curry is not having a good game. Right now I cannot pick against the Warriors, they have maintained a high level of play from start to finish this season. It really looks like they are going to win it all when everything is said and done.

Warriors over Rockets 6 games

Eastern Conference

Cleveland Cavaliers Vs Atlanta Hawks

I feel like analysis on this matchup will be a waste of time because it’s quite obvious that the league is going to make it as easy as possible for Lebron and the bitches to get into the NBA Finals. But since I only have two matchups to discuss I’ll just go ahead and do it! The Cavs are such a garbage team, there is nothing impressive about them and their “coach” is just hilarious! Dude runs onto the court calling timeout (when they didn’t have one) at the end of a tight matchup in the previous round and magically the refs don’t see it. This would have been a penalty and could have changed the outcome of a game that ended up with a Cavs win. The Hawks are also unimpressive as a team. They had a spectacular regular season, but since the playoffs began they have looked like a different team. Their threat this season was their lights out shooting and so far they have looked awful on that end. Even Kyle Korver can barely knock down a three and that dude was on fire all regular season! In general I think the Hawks are a much better team than the Cleveland Lebrons on the offensive and defensive side, as well as deeper on the bench. But I don’t see the Hawks winning in this big of a matchup and it’s obvious the league wants Lebron back in The Finals with the way the refs call all of their games.

Cavaliers over Hawks 6 games

Sunday, May 3, 2015

NBA Semi Final Predictions

First Round Record (7-1)

Western Conference

Memphis Grizzlies Vs Golden State Warriors

The Warriors are looking like a really solid team right now. The came out shooting in the first round and took care of business easily! The Grizzlies ain’t no chumps though, they dominated the Blazers in the first round and moved on without an issue. The problem now is they lost Mike Conley to a facial fracture and there is a possibility of him playing in this round, but I don’t believe he will be as effective even if he does get playing time and that will have a huge effect on this matchup. The Warriors are playing so well you can’t be missing your top point guard, especially when you have Stephen Curry on the other side playing some of the best basketball of his career. I would give the Grizzlies a better chance if Conley were healthy in this matchup, but even then I still don’t think they’re good enough to get past Golden State. The Warriors are extremely confident with their shot and their defense is underrated because they kill everybody with their offense, this should be a nice test for them.

Warriors over Grizzlies 6 games

Los Angeles Clippers Vs Houston Rockets

After the first round of the Playoffs I am now more convinced that the Clippers are not that great of a team. Even if Chris Paul didn’t injure himself coming into this series I’d say the Rockets are a far superior team. We should have some shoot outs in this series because both teams can catch fire on offense, especially from three point range, but the Rockets play as a complete team and tend to stick with their game plan. The Clippers tend to start throwing up desperation shots for no apparent reason and then get all sloppy when things start getting out of hand. Yes, I know they beat the defending Champs in the previous round, but let’s all keep it real the Spurs gave that series up, twice. All in all like I said when I started this off, I don’t believe in the Clippers and this injury to Chris Paul doesn’t help. I think it should be a good series, but I have a feeling the Rockets will win this one without a problem.

Rockets over Clippers 6 games

Eastern Conference

Chicago Bulls Vs Cleveland Cavaliers

Finally we get a worthwhile matchup in the Eastern Conference! The Cavs have had an up and down season and haven’t really been able to gel as a team. They don’t look in sync at all and it’s obvious their coach is a complete moron and it doesn’t help that Kevin Love is out for the remainder of the playoffs with a shoulder injury. The Cavs really only look “so amazing” because they’re in the mediocre ass Eastern Conference that has only about 3 to 4 DECENT teams compared to the West. The Bulls were finally able to keep the same starting lineup intact for the first round and looked really good at times. They still have some kinks to work out, but overall the Bulls are starting to catch fire. Derrick Rose is back and playing well alongside a sharp shooting, risk taking guard, Jimmy Butler. Where I think the Bulls will have the edge in this matchup will be in the paint. I don’t believe the Cavs have anybody who can compete in the paint with Joakim Noah and Pau Gasol, and they aren’t the only threat in the paint working against the Cavs. Quite frankly I think the fact that the Cavs coach is so awful at his job that even if they weren’t missing Kevin Love this team can’t win a Championship, let alone beat a halfway decent team catching fire at the right time ready to take advantage of an ailing team in the lowly ass Eastern Conference!

Bulls over Cavaliers in 6 games

Washington Wizards Vs Atlanta Hawks

I’m more excited about this matchup than I thought I would be before the Playoffs began. Both of these teams are young and fresh and should match up quite well against eachother. John Wall is really starting to emerge as one of the top point guards in the league and has shown a ton of growth this season. Paul Pierce was the driving force in the last round and I have a feeling he will keep it moving into this round. The Hawks showed in the last round that they are not that dominant, they are a good team, but they have plenty of flaws that were exposed against the garbage can Nets. This leads me to believe that they do not have what it takes when pushed to the limit and right now the Wizards are playing “push you to the limit” type basketball. The Wizards are coming into this with confidence and the leadership of Paul Pierce only makes them more of a threat on this series. I think the Wizards are going to surprise us this round and take this series.

Wizards over Hawks 7 games