Monday, April 30, 2012

NBA 1st Round Playoff Predictions

Eastern Conference

Chicago Bulls Vs Philadelphia 76ers

I feel so bad for the reigning MVP Derrick Rose, he has been battling injuries all season long and then in the first game of the playoffs dude tears his ACL! But with that said The Bulls have been able to still play dominant basketball without their star player. The Bulls play smothering defense and spread the ball around on offense. At some point I think being without Rose is going to kill The Bulls in the playoffs, but I think they are a much better team with our without Rose, than the 76ers. The 76ers have been a surprise team this year and they play really good ball so they could make some of these games interesting, but I don't expect them to even have a shot at winning this series.

Bulls over 76ers 5 games

Miami Heat Vs New York Knicks

A lot of people are calling The Knicks a surprise team to beat The Heat. Well not me, even though I'd love nothing more than to see The Heat knocked out in the first round, The Knicks are not going to be the team to do that. The Knicks are definitely headed in the right direction, but The Heat are a much better team than them right now. The Knicks have no shot.

Heat over Knicks 5 games

Boston Celtics Vs Atlanta Hawks

This is probably going to be the best matchup in this round of the Eastern Conference. Both teams matchup well against eachother and have also been playing well the second half of this season. The Celtics are a bit beat up right now which has kind of been the theme all season for them so that can hurt them in a few of these games. But for some reason I just don't see The Hawks winning a seven game series against The Celtics. The Celtics are a bunch of scrappy vets who know how to get it done, while every year The Hawks choke in the playoffs.

Celtics over Hawks 7 games

Indiana Pacers Vs Orlando Magic

The Pacers have been the surprise team out in the East. They have played consistently well from the get go and have been doing it against legitimate teams. The Magic have had the complete opposite season, it's been full of nothing but drama and now they lost Dwight Howard to injury and he won't play in the playoffs. If Howard was playing this would be a much better series to watch, but I don't think The Magic have a shot without him. The Pacers are too fast, they can keep up in scoring with The Magic and also will dominate them in the paint.

Pacers over Magic 6 games

Western Conference

Los Angeles Lakers Vs Denver Nuggets

The Lakers have finally got their shit together at the right time. They started the season off up and down, but it looks like they finally put it all together. The defense has been great and the bench has finally started to step it up. Bynum has been having a monster season and was able to dominate even when Kobe was out due to injury. The only thing I'm not happy about is Ron Artest (I refuse to refer to him as Metta World Peace) his suspension is something that could hurt The Lakers in a few games in this series because he also has finally stepped up his game and been playing some of his best basketball the second half of this season. The Nuggets are a team that have always played The Lakers well especially in the playoffs so this should be a good series and it won't be no cake walk for The Lakers. But when you have Kobe Bryant you don't worry too much about the first round of the playoffs he won't be letting them lose this early!!

Lakers over Nuggets 6 games

San Antonio Spurs Vs Utah Jazz

The Spurs have been one of the most dominant teams all season long. Most people had them written off at the start of the season but even when they had injuries and Popovich resting his top 3 players because of the shortened season, they are still dominating. They kill people with their 3 point shot and they also play great defense. Tony Parker has had an MVP calibur season and has literally been carrying this team on his back. Everybody has been calling Tim Duncan old but the dude can still ball and he's a leader, oh yeah he also has four rings so he knows what it takes to win! The Jazz backed their way into the playoffs and I don't think they have a shot!

Spurs over Jazz 4 games

Los Angeles Clippers Vs Memphis Grizzlies

I am probably one of the few people who has not fallen into this stupid trap with The Clippers. Everybody has been acting like this is one of the greatest teams of all time when they have accomplished NOTHING!! Yes they can be a fun team to watch but dunks do not win Championships! The Clippers are nothing but a highlite reel and at some point they will have to step up the defense. The Grizzlies picked up right where they left off in the playoffs last year. They are tough on the defensive side and are hard to beat in the paint with Randolph and Gasol in there. They did blow their wad in the first game to The Clips, but I still think they will take the series.

Grizzlies over Clippers 7 games

Oklahoma City Thunder Vs Dallas Mavericks

The Thunder are probably so happy they get The Mavs in the first round so they can avenge the loss from last years Western Conference Finals! Durant has been having an MVP calibur year, Russell Westbrook has been playing the best basketball of his career, and James Harden is most definitely the 6th man of the year because he has also played lights out. Also don't count out Derek Fisher, the man may be old but he does have 5 rings and he's played alongside some of the greatest players in the game and his leadership alone is big especially in the playoffs, the man is clutch! The Mavericks season has been the exact opposite. They haven't been able to get it together at all this season and I don't see them getting it together in the playoffs. They have Dirk so he's always going to keep The Mavs in it as long as he can, but the rest of his team will let him down.

Thunder over Mavericks 6 games

Sunday, April 1, 2012

NCAA Basketball National Championship Prediction

Kansas Vs Kentucky

Kentucky has been one of the most dominant teams all season long, they are very talented and John Calipari is a good coach, but for some reason I never really saw them as The Champion when it was all said and done. When The Tournament started I had a feeling a not so obvious team would be the winner and Kansas is a team that can do it. Kansas has dominated teams on the defensive side of the ball, but they have also had their ups and downs throughout the seasons and lost some close games. But the same can be said about Kentucky. Earlier in the season when they played it was a close game until the end when Kentucky pulled away with the win and I expect this game to be similar in many ways, except this time around I think Kansas will walk away with the win. John Calipari teams seem to choke in the big games, remember when he coached for Memphis and they went to the National Title game and lost to none other than Kansas back in 2008? His Memphis team was almost identical to this team, they were dominant all the way up until The Championship and blew it. Bill Self has been in this position before and knows how to get the job done and has his team prepared for this matchup. This should be a good game overall and I'll enjoy it no matter what happens because Thomas Robinson is playing for Kansas and he is fine as hell!

Kansas Over Kentucky 66-63