Saturday, February 3, 2018

Super Bowl LII Prediction

Wild Card Record (3-1)
Divisional Round Record (1-3)
Championship Round Record (1-1)

Super Bowl LII Prediction

Philadelphia Eagles Vs New England Patriots

Well here we are with another Super Bowl that includes Tom Brady and the Patriots playing for yet another championship! Just when you think this team is done, they kick you in the crotch, laugh, and win a championship! I am so sick to death of seeing this team win, but at the same time I respect the game of football so much that their dominance is something to marvel at. I’m actually pretty shocked the Eagles were able to make it this far after Carson Wentz was injured earlier in the season, but they’ve been able to maintain and still win games. The Eagles have the type of defense that can actually make things uncomfortable for Tom Brady, but they are going to have to get at him the ENTIRE game! That is much easier said than done, especially since you can’t ever count the Patriots out at any point in the game, even if you have a lead on them.

For some odd reason some teams get super cocky when they get a lead on the Patriots, but don’t realize they haven’t actually WON the game yet. This idiotic arrogance has cost so many teams over the years and it happens consistently EVERY single season! The teams that are actually able to get to the Patriots play the entire game and beat it down there throat and then celebrate AFTER they have won. This happens very rarely and I don’t expect this Super Bowl to be that time. This is the Super Bowl and I don’t dare pick against the Patriots in the postseason when they are playing like this. The Patriots should walk away winners again! I’d like to think it will be the last time, but that’s what I’ve been saying for years now and here they still are! P.S. the Eagles suck (I’m a Cowboys fan I had to do it).

Patriots over Eagles 28-13

MVP: Tom Brady