Wednesday, June 3, 2015

2015 NBA Finals Prediction

First Round Record (7-1)
Semi Finals Record (2-2)
Conference Finals Record (2-0)

NBA Finals Prediction

Cleveland Cavaliers Vs Golden State Warriors

Well another year with Lebron in the Finals and I am not excited about it! Don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed his losses in the Finals, they definitely put a big smile on my face, but damn can we just get someone different from the Eastern Conference?? I know that’s fairly impossible since Lebron’s entire career the East has, for the most part, been garbage! The Eastern Conference is lucky if they even have two competitive teams in the playoffs, whereas the West has a solid five to six teams that could legitimately compete for the Championship. But for once I am not going to go on an “I hate Lebron” tirade, this year my hatred is directed right at the one and only whiny little cunt owner of the Cavaliers, Dan Gilbert. I want to see this little bitch lose yet again because there is no bigger hypocritical bitch ass owner than that dude right there! Oh and if you’re wondering just why it is I can’t stand this little bitch you can google “Dan Gilbert’s letter to the commissioner about the Chris Paul Trade to the Lakers” and you will find one of the MANY reasons I can’t stand him and root for the demise of everything that involves him ESPECIALLY his team!

Now that I’ve established that my schadenfreude is showing let’s talk about this matchup! I gotta give it up to the Warriors this season, when they fired Mark Jackson at the end of last season I did not think they would recover and figured that would be a huge mistake for them in the long run, but they have obviously proven me wrong on that one! Steph Curry has played at a consistently high level throughout on the offensive side of the ball, but what goes unnoticed is how dominant he is on defense. He has made some huge plays in some big moments this season and a lot of those moments have been from his defense. Now I may have already mentioned I am not much of a fan of Lebron, but I ain’t gonna lie dude has been balling and has legitimately carried the Cavs through the Playoffs. Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving have been injured, so it’s the chump squad out there playing with Lebron and he has had to do EVERYTHING! Now while this is impressive, one individual does not win a Championship, teams do. 

The Warriors are a complete team from top to bottom, they took James Harden out of his element and I believe they will do the same to Lebron. The Warriors bench is deep and if you have ever watched the NBA Finals you know there is at least one game where the bench takes over and wins the game, also coaching is a big part of this and we have two rookie coaches facing off against eachother. I’m taking Steve Kerr easy in that one, he has plenty of rings from his time as an NBA player so he knows what it’s like being in this moment. David Blatt on the other hand doesn’t know what he’s doing, as a matter of fact Lebron is doing yet another job on his team and that’s coaching because Blatt is so incompetent.  NOBODY looks more confused than David Blatt on the basketball court during a game, he constantly is just throwing up signs and yelling stuff but yet not one player is even acknowledging his existence! It is both sad and hilarious all the same time, at least to me it is! Overall the Warriors are the better team and if they continue to play at the high level they have maintained throughout the season then they should walk away with the Championship!

Warriors over Cavaliers 6 games
MVP: Stephen Curry