Saturday, February 6, 2016

Super Bowl 50 Prediction

Wild Card Record (4-0)
Divisional Round Record (4-0)
Conference Championship Record: (2-0)

Super Bowl 50 Prediction

Denver Broncos Vs Carolina Panthers

Out with the old and in with the new should be the slogan of this year’s Super Bowl! The Carolina Panthers come into this game as the most dominant team throughout the season. They have not waivered at all when put to the task and have stayed true to themselves the entire way through. They are the most complete team from top to bottom on offense, defense, special teams and coaching staff, with some of the most mentally tough players in the league. The Broncos defense is flat out amazing, but they get absolutely no help from their mediocre offense. The Broncos offense is such garbage, but has been able to get by from the play of the defense. Everybody’s favorite loveable loser Peyton Manning is back in the Super Bowl again and I’m sure he’s ready to throw plenty of interceptions like he has been most known to do at this time of the year. Unlike most everybody I am not hoping Manning goes out on a high note, nor am I reminiscing on how amazing he is and do you want to know why? It’s because during the post season he has had some of the most epic collapses while having exceptional players surrounding him and he still sucks it up when it counts the most! He is 13-13 in the post season…NOT IMPRESSIVE! He is 1-2 in Super Bowls…NOT IMPRESSIVE! If he loses this Super Bowl (which he more than likely will) those numbers will look even more pathetic! But since everybody thinks he’s just “the nicest guy in the World” everybody creates every excuse in the World as to why we are supposed to think he is the best football player of all time when he really is just the ultimate display of the participation trophy!

The great thing for me is that not only does Manning choke hard in the playoffs, but The Panthers as a team are head and shoulders above the Broncos! If you watched the NFC Championship game or the last two Super Bowls Peyton Manning has LOST, then you should expect this game to look similar to those games. The Broncos have no ground game, an awful offensive line and a broken down Peyton Manning. The Panthers defense is going to have a field day with the Broncos offense they should be able to cause some turnovers to set their offense up in great position to run up the score. The Broncos defense will get too worn down as the game moves on because their offense will keep them on the field too long and before you know it the Broncos will be down and won’t be able to fight back. I don’t believe the Broncos have a chance in this game and I will be surprised if this is even a competitive matchup.

Panthers over Broncos 41-10

MVP: Luke Kuechly