Saturday, January 31, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX Prediction

Wild Card Record (4-0)
Divisional Round Record (1-3)
Conference Championship Record  (2-0)

Super Bowl XLIX

New England Patriots Vs Seattle Seahawks

Well here we are, at the end of the season and the top two teams in each conference are the last ones left standing. This doesn’t happen often either and I think it’s going to end up being a really good matchup. First off we have Tom Brady who is now the only quarterback ever to play in six Super Bowls, that feat alone says a lot about this dudes career among many other accolades! By the way, I will not be an idiot hater and start talking about how he cheats blah blah blah. You’re dumb if you think deflated balls helped The Patriots get to The Super Bowl and you should probably just do the World a favor and not talk sports with anyone except for lemming, moron, losers like yourself! You know nothing about the game and you are literally reaching as far as humanly possible to make up reasons as to why a player or a team that you hate are not good when they are. The facts of the matter are The Patriots have been the best team in The AFC consistently ALL SEASON, whether it be on offense, defense or special teams. BY THE WAY I personally cannot stand The Patriots and Tom Brady, but I am not an idiot and can actually look at the game from an objective point of view so thanks to you idiots I am left here STICKING UP for a team I personally hate!!

Now that I got that off my chest…let’s turn to The Seahawks! The Defending Champs! This team is so damn good just from a football fan perspective I really enjoy what they do! On the defensive side there isn’t one weakness, they can get you up front, they have all your receivers covered and they come running right at you and want that ball! They show no mercy and I think will be one of the biggest advantages they have over The Patriots. The Patriots offense runs through Tom Brady, if you can slow him down they can’t do anything because overall the offense is a bunch of no names outside of Gronkowski. The Seahawks offense has shown even if it struggles they won’t let up and if Marshawn Lynch gets going watch out! Lynch is easily one of the top backs in the league, if not the best in the league. He runs hard and even if 11 guys are on him he will keep moving as long as humanly possible. Russell Wilson is also a very resilient quarterback who has the trust and confidence of his offense and coaching staff even when he throws for four interceptions. I think The Seahawks overall at every position are a better team than The Patriots which is why I think they will get the win.

Seahawks over Patriots 24-21

MVP: Marshawn Lynch

Saturday, January 17, 2015

NFL Conference Championship Predictions

Wild Card Record (4-0)
Divisional Round Record (1-3)


Green Bay Packers Vs Seattle Seahawks

This is going to be a great matchup! The top two teams in the NFC, who dominated the entire season will be facing off for a chance to play in The Super Bowl! The Seahawks are such a good team it’s hard to even find any type of weakness that they have. I mean did anybody see Kam Chancellor straight up hurdle over The Panthers offensive line last week TWO times in a ROW??? Then he made the game sealing interception return for a touchdown to help his team get the win. It’s just crazy because The Seahawks seem to win a different way every week and a different guy is the one who steps up. They have so much talent and are coached so well that they will be tough to beat! The Packers on the other hand are driven by one man and one man alone, Aaron Rodgers. He was able to beat The Cowboys last week on one leg and did a great job at it, but I don’t believe that’s going to work against The Seahawks defense. The Seahawks defense was already able to shut a healthy Aaron Rodgers down earlier this season so imagine what they will do with a one legged Aaron Rodgers. Even if Rodgers was completely healthy I still would take The Seahawks in this matchup, they look way too good and are playing great football at the right time.

Seahawks over Packers 21-13


Indianapolis Colts Vs New England Patriots 

This is a very unexpected matchup because The Colts have been a Jekyll and Hyde type team where you just don’t know  what you’re going to get from them on any given game. One week they will kick your ass and the following they get their asses kicked, but last week they played a complete game and dominated The Broncos from start to finish to end up in The AFC Championship. The Colts are a good team, they have a great attitude, they are coached well and have a great leader in Andrew Luck, but I just don’t see them winning The Super Bowl just yet. The Patriots were up to their old tricks again last week and were able to overcome a couple of deficits in the game and walk away with a big win against a good team. The hilarious part about this matchup is how awful both of these ground games are, The Patriots had only SEVEN rushes attempted last week and still won that game in a shootout! That should NEVER happen! The Colts traded for Trent Richardson last season and so far that dude has been a complete bust and beyond him they have been battling through injuries at the running back position, so no need to worry about this being a big deal for either team this week! The Patriots defense I believe will be the deciding factor in this game, if they can contain Andrew Luck and cause some turnovers then Tom Brady will have no problem taking advantage and getting some points. The Colts rely too much on Luck and have nothing if you take him out of the equation. The Colts have too many holes in their defense and Brady should be able to exploit that.

Patriots over Colts 24-17

Sunday, January 11, 2015

National Championship Prediction

Semi Final Record (1-1)

Ohio St. Vs Oregon Ducks

This is exactly why College Football needed a playoff system because we would have never got this matchup if it was up the stupid BCS! Oregon has been flying high all season long and they stayed dominant in their matchup against Florida State. The entire team is playing at a high level and they all have their eyes on that ultimate prize. Well except for Darren Carrington the second leading receiver on the team, he decided hitting a blunt was way more important than one of the biggest games of his life and now he’s suspended, letting his teammates down. But I believe Oregon is a team that can overcome that kind of distraction and find someone else on offense to fill in. Ohio State on the other hand has been balling on another level and all credit goes to Urban Meyer he doesn’t let his team give up no matter the circumstance. They have had multiple starting quarterbacks throughout the season due to injury and that has not held them back, as a matter of fact Cardale Jones the third starting quarterback who hasn’t played much looked kind of like a bulldozer when he was on the run. He didn’t look phased at all by the situation and was able to manage the game, maintain composure and get the job done. In this matchup I still can’t pick against Oregon, like I said they’ve been on point all season offensively and defensively. They don’t have much of a weakness, but they should expect a tough fight from Ohio St.

Oregon over Ohio St. 41-30

Friday, January 9, 2015

NFL Divisional Round Playoff Predictions

Wild Card Record (4-0)


Dallas Cowboys Vs Green Bay Packers

What a matchup this is going to be! The Cowboys are undefeated on the road this season and The Packers are undefeated at home so something’s gotta give! Aaron Rodgers is the entire offense for The Packers, hell he’s really the only reason why they get the majority of their wins! But guess what sucks for The Packers…??? HE’S HURT!! He’s playing with a bum calf and you can tell from the last game he played that it’s bugging him and this should be a major advantage for The Cowboys. On the defensive side there isn’t much going on for The Packers, it’s decent but The Cowboys offense should have a field day with them. Romo and Dez should have no issues lighting up their secondary and Demarco should have a much better performance against this defense than he did against The Lions. The Cowboys need to ride to Demarco and run that clock to keep Rodgers and The Packers offense off the field for as long as they can! This game should more than likely be an offensive shootout, but Aaron Rodgers calf injury is a huge weakness and if The Cowboys defense can take advantage and hold The Packers offense off just enough for The Cowboys offense to out score them, then My Boys got this!!

Cowboys over Packers 35-31

Carolina Panthers Vs Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks started the season off looking very shaky, but they seem to have everything back in order now just in time for the playoffs! I don’t think this is going to be that great of a game, more like a warm up for The Seahawks. The Panthers aren’t the worst team ever or anything like that, I actually like what they’ve got going on but there’s no way in hell I believe for one second this team will beat Seattle. I hope they surprise and make it a good game, but I think this one will be a run away! Seattle is stacked, they’re the Defending Champs and they look better than last years’ team!

Seahawks over Panthers 35-13


Baltimore Ravens Vs New England Patriots

I am so excited about this matchup! Over the past couple of seasons The Patriots and Ravens have had some epic battles on the field and I will expect no less from this one! The Patriots are once again one of the top teams in the league, the big improvement for them this season has been the defense. They have a solid secondary led by Darrelle Revis and the big guy up front Vince Wilfork is crushing quarterbacks.  The offense overall has been fairly mediocre and the offensive line is not strong at all, Tom Brady has had numerous frustrating games because of it. The Ravens are the one team in The AFC I felt before the Playoffs began that could go into New England and beat them. One reason why is going to be the matchup between the defensive line of The Ravens and the offensive line of The Patriots. The Ravens defense has been balling hard this season especially up front and they should have Brady on his ass for most of the game. Another reason why I feel like The Ravens can win is because this is the time of year they know how to step it up, Joe Flacco tends to play flawless football in Janaury and in The John Harbaugh Era for the most part this team just knows how to win in the Playoffs, no matter the circumstances.

Ravens over Patriots 17-10

Indianapolis Colts Vs Denver Broncos

He’s not going to say it, but I think we all know Peyton Manning is ready for this game. I know he comes prepared for every game he’s ever played since grade school, but this one means something whether he admits it or not! He’s facing off against his old team, whom he won a Super Bowl with and helped build that nice new fancy stadium back in Indianapolis. The Colts offensively are out of control, Andrew Luck is one of the craziest quarterbacks in the game and I mean that in a good way! He has grit and determination and can carry his team even when they are down in the dumps. But The Colts defense is what kills them and Peyton Manning is going to have a field day with them! The thing about Denver is what a silent killer their defense is, Demarcus Ware and Vonn Miller have had quarterbacks running for their lives this season and the secondary can take advantage and cause turnovers. I have a feeling this game will start out close, but The Broncos will start to run away with it because they are the better team from top to bottom. 

Broncos over Colts 37-20

Friday, January 2, 2015

NFL Wild Card Playoff Predictions


Detroit Lions Vs Dallas Cowboys

When the season began I was hoping The Cowboys could be halfway decent and make the playoffs, but they have completely out done any expectations I had at the start of the season. The Cowboys are finally a complete team and are so much fun to watch. They have overcome a ton of adversity throughout the season and finally killed the December curse, hell as a matter of fact Tony Romo had a record setting December and that’s the complete opposite of seasons past! The Lions for the most part are a good team, but have a lot of flaws that I feel can be exposed if The Cowboys stay on their game. The Lions defense is one of the best in the league and are ranked first at stopping the run and Demarco Murray is the league leading rusher, so this should be an interesting matchup to keep an eye on. The Lions offense on the other hand has been very mediocre, Calvin Johnson is still a beast but outside of him the offense has been weak! The Cowboys are rolling right now and came into the Playoffs playing some great football on offense and defense, they are mentally tough and will be tough to beat throughout the Playoffs…I hope!

Cowboys over Lions 35-20
Arizona Cardinals Vs Carolina Panthers

I can’t believe we have to start the Playoffs off with this shit show…I mean hey congrats to The Panthers for winning their division and backing their way into the playoffs, but come on we all know this team ain’t winning no Super Bowl. Neither are The Cardinals, they are on their third string quarterback and have been free falling for the past month. There isn’t much I can say about this matchup because this is essentially a waste of our time matchup, but you know my fat ass will still be watching! I’m picking The Panthers in this matchup based solely upon the fact that Cam Newton is fine as hell!

Panthers over Cardinals 21-13


Baltimore Ravens Vs Pittsburgh Steelers

This right here is a classic grudge match! I always look forward to when these teams play eachother, especially in the Playoffs! Division rivals who know eachother well and play eachother well! Ben Roethlisberger has once again carried this offense with the help of his league leading receiver Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell has been a breakout for them in the ground game. The unfortunate thing is Bell won’t be playing due to injury. I think this is a huge blow to The Steelers and could effect the outcome of this game. The Ravens always step it up come playoff time, Flacco knows how to win this time of year and makes the big plays and with the addition of Steve Smith at wide receiver I feel that makes their offense even more of a threat. You can’t count out this defense either, led by Terrell Suggs, Elvis Dumervil who had a quietly monstrous season on defense with 17 sacks and they also will be getting the big guy in the middle Haloti Ngata back from suspension. Without a healthy Bell and an aging defense I don’t feel like The Steelers have enough fire power to beat The Ravens.

Ravens over Steelers 17-13

Cincinnati Bengals Vs Indianapolis Colts

So here we are, it’s playoff time and time for Andy Dalton to prove he is worth the money he got from his big contract this past off season. He’s not a horrible quarterback, but I don’t think he’s the guy who will take The Bengals to the promise land. AJ Green is banged up and they can’t afford to lose his offensive production, especially against The Colts high powered offense. It’s very possible this game could turn into a shoot out as neither defense is really impressive, but I think The Colts will win it because Andrew Luck is a beast of a quarterback who is less prone to choke in the big moments. History says The Bengals suck, especially in the Playoffs what’s going to change this season? 

Colts over Bengals 31-17