Tuesday, October 27, 2015

2015 World Series Prediction

Division Round Record: (4-0)
Championship Round Record: (1-1)

World Series Prediction
New York Mets Vs Kansas City Royals

When the Playoffs began I planned on picking the Royals every round because I thought they were the best team in the Playoffs. That all changed after the Championship Series. Don’t get me wrong the Royals are an excellent team playing some great baseball, but they are going to be facing off against a team who basically mirrors the team that beat them last season (if you forgot my SF Giants beat them last year)! The Mets play Championship baseball, they have dominant pitching, play small ball and Daniel Murphy has been outstanding in every game he has played during the playoffs so far! If you’re a baseball fan we all know how the old saying goes, “pitching wins Championships” and it couldn’t be a more true statement which is proven every year come playoff time. You can have the most dominant batting line up in the league (the Royals do), but that does you no good if you can’t score against great pitching. I expect this to be a great matchup between the two teams, but the Royals weakness is their pitching staff. They have some solid starters, but on any given start you really never know what you’re going to get. The Royals bullpen is strong but they won’t matter if the starters give up too many runs. The Mets on the other hand have a deep starting rotation along with a deep bullpen and they can score at will. This should be a good series to watch overall, but I think the Mets will end up with the Championship.

Mets in 6 games

Friday, October 16, 2015

2015 MLB Championship Series Predictions

Division Round Record: (4-0)


Chicago Cubs Vs New York Mets

I definitely did not expect this to be the matchup for the NLCS when the season began! The Cubs batting lineup cannot be stopped and has been on fire all season long. Led by Kris Bryant, Kyle Shwarber and Anthony Rizzo the Cubs are an offensive power house! They have been a really exciting team to watch so far. The Mets have been winning with more traditional baseball with dominant pitching along with playing small ball on the offensive side. The Mets starting pitching should be able to slow down the Cubs batting lineup a bit, but can they do it for an entire series? Against the Dodgers in the previous round the Mets starting pitching seemed to let them down, but their batting lineup picked them right back up. By playing small ball stealing bases and making sure they take advantage of everything that is given to them on offense. Where I think the Cubs have the edge in this matchup is with the power they have in their lineup and how they can basically score at will. I don’t believe the Mets pitching will be able to contain them for an entire series and I also don’t believe their offense will be able to keep up once the Cubs get going. Like I said the Mets play small ball on the offensive side, but the Cubs can light you up and once they get started it’s tough to come back. The Cubs pitching is somewhat of a weakness for them outside of Arrieta, but I believe their offense will keep them above water and carry them on into the World Series!

Cubs over Mets 6 games


Toronto Blue Jays Vs Kansas City Royals

No one could have asked for a better matchup then what we have here coming up in the ALCS! Both of these teams matchup against eachother very well. They have two of the best batting lineups in the entire league and can score at will! Even if they’re down you cannot count either team out, so I expect some epic battles between these two! The Blue Jays pitching hasn’t looked as strong during the post season as it did during the regular season. David Price has yet to even have a halfway decent game in the playoffs, even when he comes in as a relief pitcher he stinks it up! The Royals pitching has been up and down, but it’s looking like the addition of Johnny Cueto is going to pay off. Cueto has been very strong so far in the playoffs and I think will play a big role as to what happen in this series and how it’s decided. The Royals have looked like a team on a mission all season long and have carried it on into the playoffs, so I’m going to be hard pressed to pick against them in a series against any team that’s left in the playoffs. It should be a battle, but I think the Royals got this!

Royals over Blue Jays 6 games

Thursday, October 8, 2015

2015 MLB Divisional Playoff Predictions


New York Mets Vs Los Angeles Dodgers

At the beginning of the season I would have never thought the Mets would be in the playoffs. So far they have been a huge surprise this season and have looked good throughout. They have done it with some dominant pitching with a deep rotation that is actually six pitchers deep rather than the typical five, so this rotation definitely makes them a threat in the playoffs. Speaking of great pitching the Dodgers have two of the most dominant pitchers in the league with Kershaw and Greinke, both guys have been on fire this season and are the main reason why the Dodgers are in the playoffs. But here is my favorite thing about the Dodgers over the years…THEY ARE CHOKE ARTISTS!!! I know, I know, my orange is showing (I’m a Giants fan) but seriously the Dodgers have been known to dominate the regular season and roll into the playoffs and lay a complete egg…including Mr. Cy Young Clayton Kershaw himself! So until the Dodgers prove otherwise chokers are what they be! With that being said I’m taking the Mets in this matchup simply because the Dodgers are chokers and the Mets overall are a better team. The Dodgers lineup has been lacking the second half of the season and the Mets are having the opposite problem, so good luck with that Kershaw!

Mets over Dodgers 4 games

Chicago Cubs Vs St. Louis Cardinals

Well what do ya know? It’s playoff time and of course the Cardinals made it, when the fuck do they not?!?! It seems like no matter what happens to the Cardinals good or bad they always overcome and continue to play on! I mean their ace pitcher was lost for the entire season due to injury and they still managed to dominate and now he’s healthy just in time for a playoff run! The Cubs have been a fun team to watch this year. The pitching from Jake Arrieta has been lights out all season, nobody can score on him and he continued to shine in the Wild Card playoff game against the Pirates. The Cubs batting lineup is strong and they have one of the smartest managers in the league. Joe Maddon had a good tenure when he was in Tampa and has turned this Cubs team into a team that is very similar to what he had in Tampa. This should be a good series because these two teams know each other very well since they are in the same division. It’s a heated rivalry so it will be extremely competitive and I expect a fight for every game until the end. The Cubs are playing some great baseball right now and even though the Cardinals are known to dominate the playoffs, I think the Cubs will continue to play well and edge the Cardinals out in a tough series.

Cubs over Cardinals 5 games


Houston Astros Vs Kansas City Royals

I think this is going to be the most interesting matchup to watch in this round of the playoffs! The Astros have gone from being the worst team in the league last year to a playoff run this year. The starting pitching has carried this team through the season and the batting lineup can usually do enough to keep up with their opponents. The Royals are just continuing on with what they started last season, injuries have really kicked their ass this season, but they still keep on winning. Their batting lineup has been crushing their opponents all season long, scoring nothing but runs and the pitching has been solid for the most part. I think where the Royals have the edge will be with the experience they gained from last years’ playoff run. I’m sure that tough loss (HAHA GO GIANTS) in the World Series is going to be in the back of their head until they get back there and win it all. The Astros are just starting to show us what their future holds, but the Royals have proven what a mentally and physically tough team they are and I think they will keep it moving on into the next round!

Royals over Astros 4 games

Texas Rangers Vs Toronto Blue Jays

These are probably the two least talked about teams coming into the playoffs. They both quietly kept winning games from the start of the season throughout and now here they are. The Rangers lineup is really something else! Prince Fielder and Shin Soo Choo are finally earning those big contracts they signed, both guys are hitting out of their minds! The Blue Jays have been one of the most solid teams from the start of the season and made some major trades midway through the season that have really paid off. I think the Blue Jays are the most complete team in baseball this year and have a great chance of winning it all! Their pitching rotation is strong and has become even stronger with the addition of David Price, one of the most consistently good pitchers since he entered the league. He has been known to struggle in the playoffs, so we’ll see how it goes for him with a new team. The Blue Jays are even more dominant with their batting lineup, every guy is capable of big things when they are at the plate and they have been known to score A LOT! The Rangers have some bright spots on their team, but the Blue Jays have too much fire power for them to overcome. 

Blue Jays over Rangers 4 games